LinkedIn has more than a billion members worldwide, making it the largest professional networking site.

While this provides countless potential to improve your business network and career, it also presents the issue of sticking out among so many users.

That's why we've prepared a list of the 10 best AI tools for LinkedIn that can help you reach that goal, covering everything from enhancing content to planning and improving client interaction.

Let’s start!

Why LinkedIn Profile Quality Matters and How AI Tools Can Help?

The quality of your LinkedIn profile matters because potential employers and clients frequently use it to find applicants.

They can use LinkedIn to evaluate abilities and experience, and make hiring decisions.

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile can:

💯Showcase your strengths

💯Make you stand out from the competition

💯Increase your visibility to potential employers and clients

On the other hand, poor-quality profiles can turn recruiters and companies off, resulting in missed opportunities.

This is exactly what AI tools can help you with. Some of them can:

💯Analyze your profile and provide recommendations on how to optimize it

💯Help you personalize your profile to specific job requirements

💯Assist you with content and image generation

💯Help you with lead generation

10 Best AI Tools for LinkedIn

Let’s check out the 10 best AI tools that you can use for LinkedIn!

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform known for its automated content creation capabilities.

Not only does it help you in writing content, but it also makes many everyday tasks easier.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can write LinkedIn posts much faster

🚀Get ideas for content

🚀Create images

🚀Easily research the topics you want to write about

Key Features

Here are some of the key features:

Zeno chat - Get both long and short content in a few seconds, and answer all your questions.

Digital persona - Create a digital persona that sounds and writes just like you, by providing background info and text samples. Also, you can choose from some pre-created personas.

Rewriting tools - Rewrite your text exactly how you want, including summarizing, paraphrasing, expanding sentences, or simply enhancing it.

Tone changer - This tool offers you 10+ tones in which you can rewrite everything you write.

Image generator - Simply describe what kind of image you want and TextCortex will create it in a few seconds.

Web search - Search web, news, patents, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and more

Knowledge base - In one convenient place you store all your articles, documents, and ideas


TextCortex offers you:

  • “Free”
  • “Premium”
  • And “Enterprise” plan

2. Zopto


Zopto is a cloud-based software tool that is designed to automate the LinkedIn lead generation process.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can gain valuable insights and statistics regarding your lead generation campaign.

🚀It can help you with finding new clients.

🚀Get detailed, up-to-date reporting on all channels and campaigns, and quickly evaluate performance to improve results.

Key Features

Find Prospects - Discover, target, and grow your network by connecting with your desired audience, driving sales, and sharing content effectively.

⚡Insights - Determine how effective you are in establishing, engaging, and developing connections.

⚡Analytics dashboard - Access critical data with Zopto to improve your lead generation strategy and do market research with ease. Plus, you may easily export the data you need for further research.

⚡In-App LinkedIn inbox - Reply to messages directly within the Zopto platform without switching between Zopto and LinkedIn.


You can choose from 4 paid tiers:

  • “Basic”
  • “Pro”
  • “Agency and enterprise basic”
  • “Agency and enterprise pro”

3. Jasper


Jasper is an AI tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create interesting and well-structured content.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can benefit from Jasper AI by simplifying your content creation process.

🚀Its quick content-generating capacity allows you to efficiently meet client requirements without compromising quality.

Key Features

Brand voice - Jasper’s Brand Voice feature blends the power of AI with your brand's distinct tone and style, allowing you to create consistently on-brand content.

Art generator - Describe what kind of image you want and Jasper can generate it for you

Languages - Create content in 30+ languages.

AI chat - You can interact with Jasper in a conversational manner.


Choose between 3 plans:

  • “Creator”
  • “Pro”
  • “Business”

4. Buffer


Buffer is a social media management tool that gives you the tools you need to schedule posts, analyze outcomes, and engage with customers.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You may increase your audience by effortlessly distributing content on various platforms.

🚀Save time by scheduling posts.

🚀Get insights into your strategy using reports.

Key Features

Publish feature - Plan and publish your content from a single dashboard.

Analytics - Measure social media performance, generate reports, and receive suggestions to increase reach, interaction, and revenues.

Engagement tool - Easily find and navigate through posts with unanswered comments, while crucial comments are highlighted in a user-friendly dashboard.

AI assistant - Easily craft engaging posts, seamlessly convert LinkedIn posts into Twitter threads in seconds, and receive instant suggestions for generating engaging content.


Besides the free plan, you can choose:

  • “Essentials” plan
  • “Team” plan
  • Or “Agency” plan

5. Writesonic


Writesonic is an AI assistant that is designed to produce quality written content.

It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to interpret user input and create relevant and entertaining text.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can make content production easier for yourself

🚀You can explore topics more easily

Key Features

AI article writer - Get SEO-optimized content by providing your topic, choosing keywords; it learns from competitors to produce optimized articles for you.

Chatsonic - Research any topic, chat with your PDF files, or summarize a web page.

Photosonic - Generate any form of art faster and in various painting styles.

Audiosonic - Transform your writing into human-like voices in many languages. 


Along free plan, Writesonic offers you:

  • “Chatsonic” plan
  • “Individual” plan
  • “Standard” plan

6. Dux-Soup


Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn AI tool that automates targeted connection requests to your audience based on their skills and interests.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀It makes it easier to extend your network on LinkedIn and save time while doing so.

🚀You can easily enhance your conversion rates by filtering your LinkedIn contacts into lists and sending them relevant material.

Key Features

Auto Tagging - You can tag up to 5 profiles when you are visiting them with Dux-Soup

Download your data - When you visit a profile, Dux-Soup will save the information for you. The “Pro Dux” plan lets you download your 'scan' or 'visit' data.

Revisiting Data - You can capture and download profile data without LinkedIn recognizing it as a profile visit.

Auto-endorsing - After you create your LinkedIn list, choose the number of skills to endorse, and easily activate it.


Dux-Soup provides you with 3 plans:

  • “Pro Dux”
  • “Turbo Dux”
  • And “Cloud Dux”

7. SmartLinked


SmartLinked is an AI tool for LinkedIn that helps you to transform and optimize your profile for better readability, keyword integration, and clarity.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can improve your profile much faster.

🚀Get a complete overview of all changes made, allowing you to track your actions with precision.

Key Features

Account search - With a username, this program will search for your account and obtain all the publicly available information.

Suggestions - It will put the current data through an artificial intelligence network to create recommendations for improvement.

Previous LinkedIn - You can easily access and evaluate the prior updates to your profile that have been made with SmartLinked.

Individual Refresh - If you don't like the suggestions, you can refresh specific areas or retry suggestions for the full account.


SmartLinked offers you a “Starter Plan” for free.


8. Buzzli


Buzzli is an AI-powered tool created to make it easier to create interesting content for LinkedIn profiles.

With various features available, it helps you create engaging posts and improve your presence on the platform.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can benefit by fixing not only your writing but also the performance of your LinkedIn profile in one place.

🚀Also, you can save time by scheduling posts to publish.

Key Features

Content planner - Plan all of your LinkedIn postings in the calendar.

Profile updation - Improve your LinkedIn profile by completing missing information. Just upload your LinkedIn profile's PDF and see the changes happen.

Write posts - Create organized LinkedIn articles with eye-catching hooks, expert information, clear calls-to-action, and SEO-friendly hashtags, then publish, save, or schedule them all from a single platform.

Carousel generator - Choose a design and craft a carousel.


This tool offers you a slightly different way of payment. It offers you three pre-set plans with a certain number of credits:

  • “Essentials”
  • “Pro”
  • “Premium”

You can also purchase credits separately, regardless of your subscription plan.


9. Crystal


Crystal is an AI tool for LinkedIn that allows users to better understand and communicate with potential clients.

It includes features such as meeting scheduling and automated data entry.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀You can have a personalized conversation with your clients.

🚀It allows you to increase the effectiveness of your meetings.

Key Features

AI analysis - Examine a variety of publicly available characteristics, including job titles, industry experience, talents, interests, and other information available on a profile page.

Writing assistant - Customize your message to reflect your recipient's distinct personality.

Enrichment - Gain a better grasp of your contact base by using bulk personality insights.

Hiring tool - Determine which personality types are best suited for the positions your organization is hiring for.

Virtual meeting - Integrate with online meeting platforms to display personality data directly into the meeting video.


In addition to the free plan, you can select one of 3 paid plans:

  • “Premium”
  • “Business”
  • “Enrichment”

10. Taplio


Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn content creation platform that allows you to generate post ideas, create custom posts, and carousels automatically.

How can you benefit from this tool?

🚀With this tool, you can save a ton of time while creating content

🚀Create a streamlined publication strategy

🚀Maintain organization effortlessly.

Key Features

AI-powered content creation - Get personalized AI-generated posts tailored to your preferences.

LinkedIn carousels - Turn YouTube videos and article links into LinkedIn carousels.

AI-generated post replies - Create relevant comments to post to the people you want to be seen by.

Post-scheduling - Set your own publishing plan.

⚡Analytics - Easily measure your progress, analyze what works, and improve your performance with data-driven insights.


You can choose between 3 paid plans:

  • “Starter”
  • “Standard”
  • “Pro”

To Wrap Up

When choosing a tool for LinkedIn, it all boils down to what exactly you want to improve on your profile.

Also, it is important how much money you are ready to set aside for this type of help.

One cool thing about TextCortex is that when you sign up, you get 100 creations and then receive 20 more each day once you've used them up.

Another reason why TextCortex stands out is that from one place, you can:

🔥Write LinkedIn posts

🔥Generate images for posts

🔥Do the necessary research

🔥Create and translate content in 25+ languages

🔥Get content that is error-free

🔥Upload your files and ask questions about them

🔥Create tables

🔥And much more

Sounds helpful?

Sign up and enhance your LinkedIn profile today!