Hey Everyone,

We want to celebrate International Women's Day with a new feature update and show you the new capabilities of ZenoChat.

Web Search Feature

Today we have reached a new milestone with this new addition to ZenoChat: Web Search. This feature will enable Zeno to gain a deeper knowledge about the recent events of our world and shape its responses accordingly to cate your needs. Zeno now knows that today is the International Women's Day.

Why is "recency" important?

Many of you might already be aware that GPT-powered AI systems have limited knowledge up until September 2021. Therefore, many of these AI systems have no information about the most recent events beyond that particular date. If you were to ask ChatGPT "Who won the World Cup 2022?" it won't be able to answer that question properly or hallucinate plausible answers.

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Capabilities & Limitations

Web Search toggle was essentially designed to give you the most recent information on the internet. When you type your requests or instructions, Zeno will search the Internet for information relevant to your needs, sort through it, then organize the findings and present it to you in an orderly fashion along with corresponding references.

While this process may cause some longer delays in responses during the dialogue, we believe that it will enhance your experience when searching for an information even further when compared to looking it up on a traditional search engine. Last but not least, always fact-check the results you get from Zeno. In its essence, it is an AI system which can still hallucinate some of the answers that might appear plausible at first sight.

How to use ZenoChat's Web Search Feature?

Keep in mind that Web Search is an optional feature. All you have to do is enable the Web Search toggle and start experimenting with your prompts.

Open up TextCortex sidebar at the bottom right corner of your screen and start chatting with Zeno right away! Learn how to make use of ZenoChat here.