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  • 1 creation counts up to 125 words.
  • Some features like GPT-4 and Web Search charge extra creations. (i.e. GPT-4 charges 2 * output words.)
  • You can change the customization settings anytime. Your creation balance will change accordingly.
  • If you run out of monthly creations on your Lite plan, you still have your free daily creations. Earn more here.
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Why customers love aI Writing with textCortex (3:00)

Stephanie P.


Wow, so happy I discovered the magic, and power, of TextCortex. Being able to have support on writing effective, concise and engaging content, across so many forms/platforms, is such a helpful tool, and helps me best engage with my audience, community and clients.

Theresa S.


Unique and custom-fit texts for marketing and other usages. TextCortex was a great help for me, creating marketing texts for product descriptions on a homepage I am working on recently. Besides that I really like the idea of the pricing model, offering the service for free to young start-ups.

Ivan David


I've been using it for copywriting on work and university. Extremely powerful tool. The most genius  thing is you can unlock premium features by completing objectives. Very entertaining and rewarding.

Jeff Barnette


This tool is amazing and makes overcoming writers block a breeze. I have also been able to improve my creative writing ability through the suggestions generated by the AI. This is certainly an extension worth trying out because it may just save you hours of work and frustration.

Kristen Travison


I've been using this for a short time, but already it's made writing emails faster. I don't have to spend forever thinking of the best way to say something. I can drop my ideas and TextCortex helps me clean them up and simplify quickly. Game changer!

Javier Chico


Is there a way to rate this with 10-20-30 full stars? I cannot believe how good this is. It is a game changer for my work environment. Thanks a lot for envision, developing and create this in a tremendous and useful delivery for us users.

Gul D.


TextCortex helps me a lot with my school projects requiring me to write long essays. In such a short time, I could create long-form essay bodies from my bullet point ideas. Truly a life-saver for my studies. I also benefited from the Student Program.

Orlaith Hartnett


Great tool to aid all your copywriting task! I especially enjoy using the Chrome extension, it's simple to use and the results are amazing!

Brian K.


This tool is amazing and makes overcoming writers block a breeze. I have also been able to improve my creative writing ability through the suggestions generated by the AI. This is certainly an extension worth trying out because it must just save you hours of work and frustration.



I used this tool to generate a blog post using its AI capacity and I was so impressed with the results. Even more so after I performed a deep plagiarism check on the output and a got a no-plagiarism pass score of 94%.

Precious O.


I like the fact that I can generate long-form content and product descriptions in minutes. Textcortex or nothing! It gives me accurate content that is relevant to the topic I'm writing about. I tried out all the features and I love them.

Raviraj Alva


TextCortex AI is a very good tool that generates Blog Articles with more than 90% unique content always. Helps me a lot generating my blogs on a daily basis.

Wilvia Dsouza


This is a really great extension as it helped me a lot in my late night writeups. I used to have difficulty in writing some sentences that this extension helped me in covering it up. I am thankful for the creator of this tool as it saves a lots of time and energy.

Rachel Patterson


This extension has a lot of potential; however, I feel it is in the beginning stages of development. The developers constantly add new features though. The AI writing ability is very good, just needs a few little tweaks worked out before it is perfect.

James William


Dude... stack this with other content writing apps and you've got near perfect blog posts for pennies. I've made over 6 figures using this extension, good stuff!

Kai K.


It's like DeepL but for writing and verbal content creation! Seamless setup, intuitive UI, and high quality outputs. Really recommend this to anyone trying to become more efficient.

James Musau


Certainly a useful resource. It's something you should use frequently. TextCortex can help make your writing sound more natural and genuine. The ability of Textcortext to read and comprehend conversational context improves content output.

Pau Gaillard Lanao


I have tried a few NLP tools for creating texts, and Textcortex is one of the ones that writes the most coherent and meaningful texts. So if you need a tool to generate content.

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Questions?  Answers.

How is the text created by TextCortex AI?

We specialise and train our AI writers on various different topics, formats and text structures. To understand your instructions, they have been trained on more than 3 billion sentences. This specialisation helps them to better create according to your needs.

In general, our AI writers think similarly to humans and create a sentence word by word by deciding which word is the best following fit in the context.

Is the created text unique and plagiarism-free?

Our AI writers learned how to write from more than 3 billion sentences. They have done their homework and their creations is just like human creation, they are very close to being completely unique.

However, fact-checking is something which still requires a human approval.

Which languages does TextCortex support?

TextCortex supports more than 20 languages including English, Dutch, German, Ukranian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian.

How does the Free Plan work?

It is easy. When you sign up you receive 25 creations to your account, which you can use however you like. If you have used those initial 50 credits you will receive 10 creations every day.

This helps you get accustomed to how it is to create with an AI writer on your shoulder. If you have higher needs for creations you can review us on Capterra, G2, Trustreview to get additional single usage creations or refer friends to get additional daily creations.

Does TextCortex offer Text Generation API?

Yes, we have a Text Generation API, please talk to us directly to implement it. You can reach out to us at contact@textcortex.com

I have an account for single person, can I share it with my friends?

Account sharing is not allowed. If you have a need for more than 5 seats for an account, you can directly contact us at contact@textcortex.com

Which templates and features does TextCortex offer?

TextCortex AI has a variety of templates and features ranging from paraphrasing tool to text summarizer to youtube description generator. We have more than 60 templates catered for your needs.

How are TextCortex's reviews on G2, Trustpilot, Capterra, and other platforms?

Overall, TextCortex AI has over 200 five-star reviews on reputable review sites such as G2, Trustpilot and Capterra.

How does TextCortex's pricing compare with Jasper (Jarvis), Writesonic, Copy AI and others?

When compared to Jasper (Jarvis), TextCortex is a lot cheaper because users can generate unlimited content with our cheapest paid plan. TextCortex offers a fairer deal than Simplified, Copy AI, and Rytr.

I cancelled my subscription, what happens to my account?

Your premium features will be available until the end of your subscription date, then your account plan will be set to Free plan.

General Questions

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