About us

Our vision for the future

We are helping AI become more like you and me.

Envisioning a future where AI seamlessly integrates into everyone’s life and their every workplace. Reimagining how tasks are accomplished with ease and ingenuity, and paving the way for a new era of smart, efficient, and creative work in collaboration with artificial intelligence as our trusted partner.

About us

At TextCortex, we are committed to delivering the most personalized AI experience. Our experience is one that adapts and immerses collaboration between humans and artificial entities, deeply based on matching style, knowledge, values, and access. Whether for individual projects or complex team collaborations, TextCortex tailors itself to your specific objectives, solidifying its role as a true partner for efficiency and innovation in the workplace.

Who is Zeno?

We chose "Zeno" (pronounced /ˈziːnoʊ) to give a name to who we are building.

To weave a thread of warmth into the strange feeling fabric of technology, turning a sophisticated system into a friendly presence in your daily life.The name "Zeno" is derived from the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea. Zeno's most famous paradox involved of motion and time, suggesting that motion is an illusion because one can always divide the distance to a destination.

The process of learning for human and AI, is a parallel in the sense that the process can seem endless, always evolving and improving, never quite reaching a "final" version because there's always something new to learn and adapt. Welcome to a partnership with Zeno, where technology meets human touch, curiosity sparks creation, and every interaction is a leap towards extraordinary possibilities.

Charter of values

Writing is thinking: We believe that everything starts with a narrative. Every product we design, every team we build, and every milestone we aim to achieve is a product of ambitious storytelling.

Value for customers first: At our core, we are value creators, driven by the aspiration to make a difference in our customer's lives. Our foundational belief is to put our customers first, to place their needs, their challenges and their aspirations at the center of all we do.

Humble overdelivery: We are humble to our core and constantly aim to overdeliver on expectations. We let our results speak for themselves.

Actionable results: We believe that the core of progress lies not only in the grandeur of our vision but also in the tangible results we can grasp, measure, and improve upon.

Ambition is a rocketship: We believe that true impact is born from the audacity of ambition–the courage to dream big, the tenacity to persist against all odds, and the resilience to weather the storms of uncertainty and change.

One team, one unit: In this dynamic world, we understand the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and agility. We choose to stay lean, work in small teams, making sure every voice is heard, every idea counts.

Optimistic leadership: In this paradigm shift of productivity, we are determined to develop into leaders. As leaders, we radiate unwavering optimism, fostering an environment that encourages our teams to take calculated risks and explore new horizons.

Innovation through creation: Our dedication to creating products that matter is unwavering. We do not merely accept the world as it is, but strive to reshape it into what it could be. Our commitment to rethinking the fundamentals is not about reinventing the wheel, but about seeing the unseen, about imagining the unimaginable - it's about creating the future today.

Data-driven experimentation: We are growing with honest feedback. This is a key mantra for our product and each of us to become a better version of ourselves.

Continuous learners: We are driven to become better every day. Even small steps of incremental learnings and have great compounding effects.

Obsession about retention: We build to last which means that we need to be obsessed about retention. We understand that the true value of any business lies not only in acquiring new customers, but in retaining them for the long term. This is why we prioritize creating exceptional experiences for our customers, building strong relationships with them, and continuously improving our offerings to meet their evolving needs.

Scaling in frugality: In our pursuit to revolutionize how humanity is interacting with machines, we embrace the principle of Scaling with Frugality. We believe that the most powerful transformations stem not from the abundance of resources, but from the intelligent and efficient use of what we have.

Known from

Recognized as one of the top 200 generative AI companies in Europe.

According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of the top 200 European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.


Our investors & supporters

TextCortex is backed by some of the best early stage VCs in Europe including b2venture, Speedinvest and Entrepreneur First.

Google for StartupsAWS ActivateEntrepreneur FirstTextCortex is part of the NVIDIA Inception Program