Our vision.

Bring generative AI in every text box there is online.
Because everyone needs inspiration for creation.

About TextCortex.

TextCortex is a Berlin-based AI startup founded in 2021 on a mission to simplify, accelerate, anddemocratize written communication and information.

The company built an AI coworker platform integrated in over 2000+ web platforms. Based on their own proprietary technology, TextCortex achieves natural sounding language, which in blind tests is difficult to distinguish from human writing. The solution is used by freelancers, marketers, and SME businesses to personalize and scale their communications and marketing efforts.

More than 100,000 unique articles have been written with the help of TextCortex. DT2 Invest, a project backed by the European Commission, recognized TextCortex as one of the hottest early-stage AI companies in Europe just 6 months after being founded.

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Recognized as one of the top 200 AI companies in Europe.

According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of 200 hottest European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.


Why we exist?

Every day 10 million SEO optimized blogs are published. The best digitally performing businesses have on average 40 optimized landing pages. A business which wants to matter in SEO rankings requires more than 500 short articles describing what their company is about and why customers should buy their products and services.

TextCortex was born out of the observation that businesses are struggling to chase after the sheer amount of text which needs to be created to participate in the game of digital marketing.

Remember the argument that a website is your best sales agent, always up and running for you? But who is filling all these pages with persuasive content? That’s where we enter the game helping cutting 70% of the work involved with text creation.

Our Investors and Supporters

TextCortex AI is backed by some of the best early stage VCs in Europe including b2venture, Speedinvest and Entrepreneur First.

Google for StartupsAWS ActivateEntrepreneur FirstTextCortex is part of the NVIDIA Inception Program

Our mission: Smaller and task specific AI copywriting assistant for everyone!

Human creativity is something beautiful and we do not want to miss it. We want to accelerate writers and enable businesses to create more opportunities with intelligent creativity. Text is a first principle in digital marketing. It is everywhere. In the paid ads you encounter while checking on your friends on your phone in the subway. In the SEO optimized blog you read on how you make the best pizza for your date. In the product description of the drone you want to buy.

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Let's bring your text contentcreation to the next level

Our mission is to provide an easy to use platform for everyone to leverage this natural language generation AI technology. Make it easy to build small AI writing assistants. Make it easy to teach them your writing tone, voice, and style. In the end, make it the easiest for writers and businesses to deal with the stress of creating masses of texts to communicate, launch and market their products and services.

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Our Team

We are a team of AI enthusiasts / engineers who are eager to bring recent developments in natural language generation to the masses. A technology which still hasn't found its way to the creative users, even though they are the ones most benefitting from it.

Cofounder of TextCortex - Dominik Lambersy

Dominik Lambersy

Cofounder of TextCortex - Ceyhun Derinbogaz

Ceyhun Derinbogaz


Simon Sisay

Software Engineer

Abreham Gezahegn

Software Engineer
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a true rockstar

Join us we are hiring!

Based in Berlin with a remote-first setup, Text Cortex AI is on it's way literally write the story of the future.

Benefits for You

We equip our employees with industry-leading benefits, including remote work, competitive compensation, generous vacation time, and other perks to support their work.

Value Driven

We are determined to create value and help our customers to create more opportunities, this starts with creating opportunities for our team.

Thriving Passion

Our massive vision needs a team of inspiring personalities who can build and achieve true greatness together.

Questions?  Answers.

How is the text created by TextCortex AI?

We specialise and train our AI writers on various different topics, formats and text structures. To understand your instructions, they have been trained on more than 3 billion sentences. This specialisation helps them to better create according to your needs.

In general, our AI writers think similarly to humans and create a sentence word by word by deciding which word is the best following fit in the context.

Is the created text unique and plagiarism-free?

Our AI writers learned how to write from more than 3 billion sentences. They have done their homework and their creations is just like human creation, they are very close to being completely unique.

However, fact-checking is something which still requires a human approval.

Which languages does TextCortex support?

TextCortex supports more than 20 languages including English, Dutch, German, Ukranian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian.

Is TextCortex free?

Yes, TextCortex offers a free plan. When you sign up, you receive 50 free creations. Then you will receive 20 recurring creations every day on the free plan.

This helps you get accustomed to how it is to create with an AI writer on your shoulder.

If you have higher needs for creations you can visit our reward center to unlock premium features.

Does TextCortex offer Text Generation API?

Yes, we have a Text Generation API, please talk to us directly to implement it. You can reach out to us at contact@textcortex.com

I have an account for single person, can I share it with my friends?

Account sharing is not allowed. If you have a need for more than 5 seats for an account, you can directly contact us at contact@textcortex.com

Which templates and features does TextCortex offer?

TextCortex AI has a variety of templates and features ranging from paraphrasing tool to text summarizer to youtube description generator. We have more than 60 templates catered for your needs.

How are TextCortex's reviews on G2, Trustpilot, Capterra, and other platforms?

Overall, TextCortex AI has over 200 five-star reviews on reputable review sites such as G2, Trustpilot and Capterra.

How does TextCortex's pricing compare with Jasper (Jarvis), Writesonic, Copy AI and others?

When compared to Jasper (Jarvis), TextCortex is a lot cheaper because users can generate unlimited content with our cheapest paid plan. TextCortex offers a fairer deal than Simplified, Copy AI, and Rytr.

I cancelled my subscription, what happens to my account?

Your premium features will be available until the end of your subscription date, then your account plan will be set to Free plan.

General Questions