ZenoChat is a cutting-edge AI companion that furnishes clients with an involvement that is helpful and fun. Powered by means of natural language processing, it has the ability to perceive meaning in discussion and provide relevant answers.

With this article, we will give you an introduction about ZenoChat, explain how it works and provide you some brilliant prompt ideas to make the most of it. 

We will also guide you through its main features and options so you can make sure to use it according to your specific needs. 

If you’re curious about Zeno, let’s get started!

What Is ZenoChat?

ZenoChat is the gateway to your personal AI companion. Zeno uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand and respond to users in an intelligent way. ZenoChat is unique because you can tailor Zeno to your unique style and needs — meticulously crafted from your unique inputs and style to revolutionize the way you create, communicate and collaborate

How Does ZenoChat Work?

ZenoChat uses an advanced deep learning algorithm that allows it to understand the context of a conversation and produce relevant responses based on what has already been said or asked of it.

Zeno can also consider user's individual tastes and preferences in issues it presents as solutions, thus creating a tailored encounter for every person chatting.

In addition to using deep learning algorithms, ZenoChat also incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques such as sentiment analysis so that it can better detect user intent when responding to questions or requests from users.

How was ZenoChat Trained?

Zeno learned how to write from more than 3 billion sentences. Zeno has done its homework and its creations are just like human creation, they are very close to being completely unique.

Zeno was also trained using human feedback (a technique called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback) so that the AI understood what humans were expecting when they posed a question.

Risks & Limitations

As with every technology, it’s always wise to proceed with caution. First of all, ZenoChat can be wrong: it can come up with answers that sound good enough to feel plausible but that are inaccurate. Do not choose to completely rely on it without doing your own research, therefore we advise you to fact-check everything. Also do not use ZenoChat for biased or offensive content.

ZenoChat Core Features

Now that you have a clearer comprehension of how ZenoChat operates, let’s take a look at some of its main features.

Web Search

This feature enables Zeno to gain a deeper knowledge about the recent events of our world and shape its responses accordingly to cate your needs. Web Search toggle was essentially designed to give you the most recent information on the internet.

When you type your requests or instructions, Zeno will search the Internet for information relevant to your needs, sort through it, then organize the findings and present it to you in an orderly fashion along with corresponding references.

zenochat web search

While this process may cause some longer delays in responses during the dialogue, we believe that it will enhance your experience when searching for an information even further when compared to looking it up on a traditional search engine. Last but not least, always fact-check the results you get from Zeno. In its essence, it is an AI system which can still hallucinate some of the answers that might appear plausible at first sight.

Multiple Data Sources

Previously, our Web Search was limited in scope, but now you can customize it to suit your specific needs with more data sources.

chatgpt with web browsing

You can add your own data sources, switch between data sources such as News sources, Google Scholar, Twitter, Reddit, or custom URLs that you can add. This makes it easier for you to find the information you need, no matter where it is located on the web.

Keep in mind that while this process may cause some longer delays in responses during the dialogue, we believe that it will enhance your experience when searching for an information even further when compared to looking it up on a traditional search engine. Last but not least, always fact-check the results you get from Zeno. In its essence, it is an AI system which can still hallucinate some of the answers that might appear plausible at first sight.

Learn more about the search here!

Customizations & AI Personas

Imagine tailoring Zeno to be your virtual twin and act like you do? Introducing the customization of AI, because nobody wants generic interactions.

Your persona can imitate whomever you want it to imitate. After entering all the introductory fields for your persona, you can then insert 3 text samples to provide further context for your persona. This is quite important as your AI will imitate the style, the tone and the general structure of the given input to meet the standards of your persona.

Go to Customize Your AI tab on the menu to start modifying your custom personas or add new ones.

Once you are done, you can set a default persona for your writing style and/or change it on the fly. We are offering 1 additional persona slot for our Free users, and unlimited number of additional personas for our Business users.

You are completely free to construct your own persona using the input you choose to provide. Eventually, you can create a Travel Guide, your virtual twin or whomever else you want to create.

Learn more about Individual Personas here!

Knowledge Bases

This powerful addition to our platform will allow you to upload your own documents and retrieve information from them directly within ZenoChat, making your AI companion even more versatile and useful.

You can even upload a 200-page PDF document and fetch information from it in 3 seconds.

knowledge bases

Here's a quick guide on how to start using Knowledge Bases:

1. Navigate to the Customizations section. From there, click on the "Knowledge Bases" tab and hit "Create your knowledge base" button.

Also keep in mind that if you have any uploaded files that you haven't added into any knowledge base yet, you will find them in the "Upload History" tab.

knowledge bases textcortex

3. Give your knowledge base a cool name and set access settings if you like. You can keep it private or share it across your team.

Knowledge base textcortex

4. Once you've created your knowledge base, you will see a drive-like view where you can upload connectors (documents, custom URLs etc.)

textcortex connectors

5. You can choose to upload documents or add custom URLs to your knowledge base. We currently support PDF, CSV, PPTX and DOCX file formats. Keep in mind that all files are processed by TextCortex without the use of third parties.

Refer to our article "How We Handle Data at TextCortex" for more information.

Pro tip: You can also insert several files to allow mass-upload.

TextCortex upload documents

6. Once your files have been uploaded, head over to ZenoChat and locate the "Enable Search" button. By toggling this on, you'll be able to select between multiple knowledge bases as the base information for AI responses.

That's it! You're now ready to harness the full power of our new Knowledge Bases feature. Go ahead and create multiple knowledge bases for a variety of purposes.

Here's a small example of what you can do with it! ⬇️

Upload Documents Directly on ZenoChat

With this new small addition, you will be able to upload single documents without having to create a knowledge base first. Once uploaded, you can go to your "Upload History" and assign them to one of your knowledge base later on.

After uploading your files, start inserting your prompts immediately. With this, you can access data from documents or the custom URLs you've added.

chat with pdf

Pro Advice

Make sure to be very specific when asking questions to your AI. Remember, your AI is as capable as your guidance; the more specific instructions you give, the better results you will get in return.

For instance, instead of saying: "Rewrite the whole file.", it's much more efficient to say "Rewrite the introduction section of my British History paper". That way, you will achieve more quality results and outputs.

Learn more about Knowledge Bases here!


1. Do uploaded documents remain confidential?

Answer: Your knowledge base is bound to your TextCortex account. Data within your knowledge base is also not used for AI retraining. When you delete it, it's gone forever.

2. What benefits does my AI assistant have with my documents?

Answer: Despite having access to large language models, most of the AI systems remain largely limited as they are not aware of details related to single entities or compact companies. We are bridging the gap to provide you with a more personalized experience.

Custom Templates

With custom templates, you will no longer have to repeat the same AI prompts when interacting with ZenoChat, thus making the process of generating content much more efficient and personalized.

Get Started with Custom Templates

Creating a custom template is easy.

1. Simply navigate to the "Custom Templates" tab under Customizations

2. Click on "Create Template".

From there, you'll need to fill out some basic information, such as the name and description of your template, but the most important aspect of your template is the "Template Prompt".

Template Prompt is the pre-built recipe for your template to work. You'll define what your AI should do, how it should do it, and provide some dynamic input fields that can be filled out later by the user.

Custom Template Example

For example, let's say you want to create a "Caption Generator" template for your social media posts. Your Template might look like this:

  • Template Name: Caption Generator
  • Template Description: This template is used to create social media captions for posts.
  • Template Prompt: Act as a caption generator for social media posts. Create a social media caption for [Topic Name] and make sure to write the caption in a [Tone] way for [Target Audience].

The inputs in square brackets mean that they are dynamic input fields that can be filled in every time you start a new interaction with this template.

custom template creation

As you start configuring your template, you'll see that the "Preview" modal adapts in real-time, allowing you to test how it performs based on your prompt and provided inputs.

Custom Templates in Action – saving time as usual.

Now that you've created your custom template, let's apply it to a real life case.

  1. Simply go to ZenoChat and click on "Browse Templates"
  2. Select the template you have just created.
  3. Fill in the input fields you have set.

And finally, you will get the result from Zeno in no time. With Custom Templates, you don't have to repeat the same prompts over and over again. Hope you will enjoy our new feature. Please let us know if you have any feedback so that we can improve your experience even further.

Learn more about Custom Templates here.

Question & Answer

The main purpose of ZenoChat is to provide answers to any given questions.

The technology behind it enables Zeno to understand complex queries in natural language and provide accurate responses within seconds.

chatgpt prompts

Text Related

Well, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that ZenoChat can produce written content in seconds: this includes blog posts, scripts, academic articles and more.

Additionally, you are presented with quite a few options to make your content flow better. You can summarize and detect keywords, come up with original songs and speeches, and even ask Zeno to add a touch of elegance to content you may have already written. All happening in your browser, wherever you are.


Did you know that ZenoChat can also explain words, topics and offer interpretations on the content you present it with?

This will be likely to have a huge impact on the education tech industry: many educational technology firms can now instruct the basics of any subject and deploy ZenoChat to give students a service that lets them ask questions and sort out their doubts.

chat gpt prompts

How to Use ZenoChat? [Prompt Ideas]

Whether you’re planning to use ZenoChat to write your next essay or an appealing blog post, we have some advice on how you can make the best of it.

Compose a Love Song

Compose a love song in the style of Robert Frost
chatgpt prompts for marketing

Act as a Social Media Manager

I want you to fill the role of a social media manager. You will need to design and put in motion promotional activities across all related sites, react to inquiries and comments from consumers, conduct supervision of conversations utilizing appropriate technologies for administration, evaluate achievement through analytics and create dynamic material which necessitates recurrent postings.
chatgpt prompts for social media

Write a Blog Post

Write an entry paragraph for a blog post titled “Introduction to the UK’s constitutional law” the outline should include an introduction, four main points, and a conclusion.
chat gpt prompts for blog writing

Write Product Descriptions

Write a 50-word product description for a white sweatshirt for men. Write in a joyful and informative tone.
chatgpt prompts for product descriptions

Write an Instagram Post Caption

Write 3 instagram captions that are 75 words each, for a lifestyle influencer account. Write in an intimate manner and an upbeat tone.
chatgpt prompts for instagram captions

Write Youtube Video Scripts

Write a YouTube video script for a video titled “How to Complete 1000 Piece Puzzle” where the key points are as follows: 1. BUILD THE FRAMEWORK, 2. SCALE THE WALL, 3. COMPLETION. The overall tone should be entertaining and informative with regards to the chapters.
chatgpt for youtube video scripts

Write a Website Copy

Write 15 concise headlines for an ecommerce website that sells decorative paintings for young people between 18-24 age group.
chatgpt prompts for website copy

Write Email Newsletters

First prompt: Create an outline for a weekly newsletter for indie developers creating digital products. The outline should have 3 parts, an intro, a main point, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Second prompt: List 5 main points that are important for indie developers while building products as solo founders and give examples for their challenges.
chatgpt for email newsletters

Write Sales Emails

Write an email as a part of a sales funnel. The first paragraph will tell the recipient more about outsource content writing services and how problematic it can be. The second paragraph will tell the recipient how we solve this problem by automating our workflow and save 10x time. And the third paragraph will encourage the recipient to purchase our service. Then add a closing paragraph thanking the recipient for their time.

Conduct an SEO Research

Write a list of keywords about the recent developments happening on generative AI and come up with catchy titles for blog posts.
chatgpt prompts for seo

Write a Mobile App Description for App Stores

I am building a note taking app for a specific user persona. They are focused on being as productive as possible, taking regular notes and work effectively. They spend on average seven hours at the work. They like following entrepreneurs and taking productivity advices from them. Generate an immersive app description template of innovative app features that will set my application apart from its competitors.
chatgpt prompts for mobile app descriptions

Write a Narrative

Write a narrative on a war from perspective of a cat. Also highlight the feelings of the cat within the narrative.
chatgpt prompts for writing short stories

Write a Lengthy Poem About…

Write a lengthy poem about some stairs inside a car manufacturing plant. It should rhyme.
chatgpt prompts for poems

Act as a Screenwriter

I want you to act as a screenwriter. Develop an appealing and inventive screenplay for a film that can fascinate its audience. Get going by devising compelling characters, the setting of the plot, dialogues between the characters. Once you're done building your characters - devise a thrilling narrative full of unforeseen events to keep audiences entranced until the very finish.
chatgpt for screenwriting

Act as a Poet

I want you to act as a poet. Craft poetry that instills passionate emotions and resonates deeply with people's hearts. Take on the subject of love but ensure your words reflect the attitude you desire to showcase through elegant but impactful expression. Similarly, consider crafting short lines that still grasp readers' imaginations.
chatgpt for poetry

Convince me to...

Convince me to invest in a Sandcastle Hotel.
zenochat prompts

Act as a Novelist

I want you to act as a novelist. Come up with a creative story that can engage readers for long periods of time. In this novel, dragons are taking over the world and humans are trying to fight back - the aim is to write something that has an outstanding plotline, engaging characters and unexpected climaxes.
ai short stories

Write a Story About…

Write a story about the first person to discover onion and to figure out how to use it as an ingredient for preparing dishes.
ai writing for short stories

Act as a Stand-up Comedian

I want you to act as a stand-up comedian. I need you to write me some jokes about sensitive topics revolving around politicians, feminists and about vegans. Utilize your wisdom, versatility, and observational talents to devise a pattern based on those topics. Furthermore, to cause it to be more down-to-earth and captivating for the punchline, make sure to involve some individual memories.
chatgpt prompts for jokes

Act as a Songwriter

I want you to act as a songwriter. You will come up with the lyrics of a song about streets of New York City. You are the best rapper in the world and your lyrics are inspiration for many  people. Include deep and meaningful emotions within the words for people to relate to the song and get them emotionally attached to it.
chatgpt prompts for songs

Expand the following sentence: [Insert sentence here] (for Midjourney Prompts)

Expand the following sentence: "A dragon taking over the world"
chat gpt prompts for midjourney

Ecommerce Prompts

What are the first steps to take when starting an e-commerce business?
chatgpt ecommerce prompts
How can you create a customer-friendly checkout process that minimizes cart abandonment?
ecommerce chatgpt prompt
How can you research the market and identify a niche for your e-commerce business?
chat gpt ecommerce prompts
What are the essential elements of a successful e-commerce website?
chatgpt prompts for business owners
What are some effective strategies for building a brand identity for your e-commerce business?
chatgpt prompts for ecommerce owners
What are some effective marketing and advertising strategies for e-commerce businesses?
ecommerce prompts for chatgpt
What are some ways to optimize your website's user experience to increase conversions?
ecommerce business prompts for chatgpt
How can you analyze data and metrics to track your e-commerce business's performance and make informed decisions?
ecommerce prompts for chatgpt

210+ Prompts for ZenoChat

Our new All-in-One Resource Pack for ZenoChat is out with 210+ ZenoChat prompts for various occupations and purposes! Get your own copy for free here.