Generative AI has the capacity to create indeed unique and unusual artwork and visuals. Unlock the creative potential of Generative AI - explore the power of AI image generators to create unique and unusual visuals. From text or visual inputs to high-quality outputs, find out how this technology is revolutionizing image creation in this article.


  • AI image generators are AI models that generate images or artwork using textual prompts.
  • Using AI image generators can be a great way to increase productivity while saving time and money.
  • There are lots of AI image generators that can be used to generate artwork/images of any style, such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, NightCafe and Fotor.
  • Use ZenoChat to effectively generate descriptive image generation prompts for Art Generators.

AI Image Generator 101

AI Image Generators, in the simplest terms, are generative AI models that are developed to produce visual outputs from text inputs. These generators use parameters to convert text into images and have facilitated the work of many professions, as well as enabled the creation of new occupational groups. By doing so, they have had a great impact on image creation and other fields.

How does it work?

AI Image Generators are capable of analysing text and visual inputs using neural networks, which then process the data to create unique images. The models used for this include natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning – all of which can take as little as a few seconds.

AI Image Generators may seem simple to use and can complete the entire generating process in a few seconds, but they are difficult to develop. This is because they require thousands of images and data for training before reaching the desired level. As such, the initial outputs you get when using most AI image generators can be far from what you had in mind. To get the result you want, it is necessary to train them with new prompts and commands and work around until you reach your goal.

What can AI Image Generators Produce?

AI image/art generators can produce output in various styles and forms. In fact, they can even produce outputs suitable for art movements. For example, Midjourney, one of the most popular AI image generators, can generate output in various styles such as isometric anime, analytical drawing, colouring book, diagrammatic portrait, pixel art, 2D illustration, futuristic style, dark fantasy, and ink art.

The variety of outputs from AI image generators makes them highly useful in different business areas. With AI image generators, you can get whatever visual material you need for your projects.

Who Can Use AI Image Generators?

AI Image Generators are a useful technology for those in various industries. For example, blog writers can add engaging and high-quality images to their content using AI image generators. This allows them to create original visuals that can be used to enhance their posts.

If you're an indie game developer and have budget problems for visual material, you don't have to worry! Because AI image generators can generate images/artwork in the styles and forms you need. For example, if you need visual concepts for your character designs, you can use Midjourney!

Advantages of AI Image Generators 

AI image generators come with several advantages for many professions. The main advantages include automating repetitive work and being able to create basic prototypes in artwork creation. As such, anyone who needs visual materials can take advantage of AI image generators.

Cost Efficiency

One major advantage of AI Image Generators is the ability to save on artwork design. Because they can produce output in seconds, images and artwork can be obtained quickly and easily. This means that hundreds of artworks can be acquired with a fraction of the usual budget – making them perfect for start-ups with limited funds.

Increase Productivity

AI image generators offer the advantage of saving time when producing artwork. Without an AI image generator, it can take at least 6 hours to produce an average artwork; this time may vary depending on various factors such as the type of artwork (landscape, portrait, etc.). However, thanks to AI image generators, you can get prototypes in minutes – reducing the amount of time spent sketching and designing and ultimately increasing productivity.

Most AI image generators can generate a dozen outputs in seconds and each output is different from the others, allowing for a variety of design prototypes. Additionally, many AI image generators are capable of generating variations of the chosen image.

Improved Quality

To increase the quality of a piece of artwork, you need to use dozens of different graphic design programs. Moreover, each one has different interfaces and shortcuts which can make them difficult to use and reduce productivity and quality. However, you don't need to spend hours learning these programs. Using AI image generators is easy; all you need to do is write out a descriptive and extensive prompt.

How to Write Detailed Prompts?

If you want to get high-quality and detailed outputs from AI image generators, you should make sure to use a detailed prompt. You can use ZenoChat by TextCortex to get a high-quality and well-written prompt.

ZenoChat is a conversational AI assistant designed to accompany users on 2000+ websites. It also can write high-quality prompts for you. You can use the "Expand the following sentence to form an image generation prompt: [write a sentence or just throw words]" command to get a prompt using ZenoChat.

Best AI Image Generators

When searching for a suitable AI image generator, there are many tools to choose from. Among these, some stand out due to their capacity and ease of use – making them the better choice. Let’s take a look at them.


DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator developed and released by OpenAI that generates visual output from text prompts. It has features like generating multiple outputs and editing the generated image, making it perfect for those new to AI art generation who don't want to deal with complex interfaces.

dall e 2 image generator

Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio)

Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI image generator that stands out from its competitors due to its complex use and hyper-realistic outputs. If you are looking for an advanced-level AI image generator, then Stable Diffusion is the perfect choice.

stable diffusion dream studio


Fotor is an online image editing and art creation platform featuring a built-in Artificial Intelligence engine. Fotor can generate art in 3D, realistic, painting, anime, illustration, and cyberpunk styles; just enter a prompt and hit the "Generate" button.

fotor image generation


NightCafe is a text-to-image AI model that allows you to use five different AI art generation models. While generating images with NightCafe, you can make advanced settings and get more compact outputs. If you are looking for an AI image generator where you can apply detailed settings, NightCafe is designed for you.

nightcafe image generation


Midjourney is an AI art generator that can analyse and produce consistent output from simple words to complex prompts. With its V5 model, it has improved its understanding of prompts and started producing higher-quality outputs – making it a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use AI image generator with high-quality output.

midjourney v5 prompts

Using ZenoChat for AI Image Generator Prompts

If you need help writing a prompt for Midjourney or another AI image generator, then TextCortex's ZenoChat is the perfect tool. Through ZenoChat, you can get detailed and high-quality prompts by giving commands. Additionally, you can edit the prompts you receive and streamline your prompt-writing process.

zenochat prompt

ZenoChat has personas designed for various purposes. One of these personas is Enigma, the prompt engineer. Enigma allows you to generate consistent and high-quality prompts for all AI image generators. Click here to shorten your prompt writing time and increase your productivity by using ZenoChat's Enigma persona!