AI art generators enable any user to create visual output by entering a prompt. As users' understanding of AI art generators increases, they produce more impressive and beautiful output. The method of obtaining top-notch outputs using an AI art generator involves using related and detailed prompts. If you're new to AI art generators and don't know where to start, no worries, we've got you covered!

In this article, we will explain how you can find the best prompts that you can use and get inspired by for different AI art generators.


  • AI art is the visual output that users create by entering text input into AI art generators.
  • AI art generators work with technologies such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), machine learning and natural language processing.
  • AI art generators are a time and cost-efficient solution for users as they complete repetitive tasks quickly and effectively.
  • To generate AI art, you need detailed and well-written prompts.
  • You can visit TextCortex Marketplace, PromptHero and PromptBase to review the best prompts for AI art generators that will inspire you.

What is AI Art?

AI art is the visual output obtained by individuals through entering text input into AI image generators. AI image generators enable users to acquire visual outputs by simply describing, without requiring any technical knowledge or drawing skills. The most popular AI image generators include Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E.

How do AI Art Generators Work?

AI image generators work using technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, neural networks, and generative adversarial networks (GANs). An AI image generator is trained with words, images, and learns to link textual inputs with visual outputs. It also provides a better experience to users by training on the open-source data available on the internet.

AI Art prompts

Advantages of AI Art Generators

The most critical advantage of AI art generators is that anyone can generate visual output. Thus, anyone who needs an image, logo, or wallpaper can produce the output they want using basic prompting.

Another advantage of AI art generators is that they quickly complete tedious and repetitive processes. Thus, you can edit the images you want to make minor changes with a few simple commands.

AI art generators provide cost and time efficiency to their users. While it takes hours or even days to create a "dragon" image manually, you can produce the "dragon" image you want in minutes with AI art generators. This way, you can spend your remaining time on the more critical aspects of your business.

Using ZenoChat for AI Art Generator Prompts

To use AI art generators, you need detailed, high-quality, and well-written prompts. Using ZenoChat, you can improve your existing prompts or generate prompts from scratch for any AI art generator. Moreover, you can increase your output quality by using ZenoChat's "Enigma, the prompt engineer" persona.

Example Prompts for AI Art

  1. "A quaint cabin nestled amongst verdant trees and sprawling meadows, in high-fantasy, digital art style."
  2. "An epic, high-fantasy representation of a medieval German fortress, nestled amidst towering peaks, rendered in digital art."
  3. "A castle perched precariously atop a cliff, surrealistic and fantastical, digitally illustrated."
  4. "A dwelling featuring windows, doors, and porches, set amidst the cosmos with cyberpunk lighting, hyper-detailed, 8K resolution, rendered using Unreal Engine, Octane, and V-Ray."
  5. "Post-apocalyptic planet, nature reclaiming its domain, portraying harmony and peace, earth rebalanced in 42000 resolution, devoid of text, blur, people, and pollution."
  6. "The Hierophant bathed in divine light, rendered cinematically underwater using Octane, suitable as wallpaper."
  7. "A futuristic cityscape bathed in neon lights, cyberpunk style, digital art."
  8. "A serene, high-fantasy forest at dawn, digitally painted."
  9. "An alien world with vibrant flora and fauna, surrealistic, digital art."
  10. "A steampunk-inspired flying ship, soaring above clouds, hyper-detailed, 8K resolution."
  11. "A peaceful, post-human world, lush and green, nature in harmony, high resolution, no text, blur, or human elements."
  12. "An ancient deity illuminated in celestial light, submerged underwater, cinematic Octane render."

How to Find Best Prompts for AI Art to Inspire You

Prompt writing is an effective method to increase your prompting skills because it always involves a trial-and-error method. However, if you feel stuck and are looking for prompts that will inspire you, you can visit AI prompt marketplaces and review the prompts created by users for any AI art generator. If you are ready, let's examine the marketplaces where you can find the best AI art prompts that will inspire you.

TextCortex Prompt Marketplace

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to complete a variety of text-based tasks, including prompt writing. Using TextCortex, you can edit, rewrite, or change the language of your existing text/prompts, or generate text/prompts from scratch. TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. Its browser extension is integrated with 4,000+ websites and apps, so you can continue generating prompts anywhere on the internet.

Our newest feature, "TextCortex Marketplace," allows users to share prompts designed for different experts or to review prompts shared by other users. To add a prompt to TextCortex Marketplace, simply head to our web application, click "Custom Templates" on the "Customizations" menu, and save your template as public.

ai art prompts for midjourney

The more usage count of your prompts you add to TextCortex Marketplace, the more TextCortex creations will be added to your account. Therefore, as long as your prompts continue to be used, you can use TextCortex and all its features for free.


PromptHero is a library where you can find user-uploaded prompts for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Openjourney AI art generators.

After choosing an AI art generator in PromptHero, you can start searching for prompts by choosing its model. For example, when you select Stable Diffusion, you can search for prompts designed for models such as v1.5, SDXL 1.0, XL Base 0.9, 2.1 Base and 2.768. Thus, you can get inspired by examining the prompts suitable for the model of the AI art generator you are using.

prompt hero for ai art prompts

When you select an image in PromptHero, you will be directed to a page containing information about that image. On this page, you will see the prompt used to obtain the image, the resolution of the image, the scale rate, the step count, and the sampling method. You can improve your prompting skills by trying these data sets on your own prompts.


PromptBase is a prompt marketplace where you can purchase and review written and developed prompts by users for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

PromptBase uses a detailed categorization system so that users can find prompts in the theme and style they are looking for. For example, after selecting Midjourney, you can list prompts in various categories such as 3D, Animals, Anime, Cartoons, Nature, Video Games, Clothes, Fantasy, and Fashion.

Promptbase for ai art prompts

Once you select the category, PromptBase will list the most popular, featured, and trending prompts. When you scroll down the page, you will encounter a more detailed categorization system on the left. Through this system, you can use sort options such as newest, most popular, and past 24 hours.

prompt marketplace

You can view sample printouts of the prompt by clicking on any image before purchasing. PromptBase is a functional platform for users who want to sell or buy inspiring prompts.