The development of Generative AI has led to its more frequent use and impact on daily life. In this way, people can complete their professional and daily tasks faster and with better quality by using the advantages of AI tools. However, since AI tools are a relatively new technology, most users do not use them to their full potential. If you want to use AI tools with maximum efficiency, you need well-written prompts.

If you can write high-quality prompts for an AI tool and want to make money using this skill, we've got you covered!

In this article, we will list the best AI prompt libraries where you can sell the prompts you write for different AI tools.


  • An AI prompt library is a digital platform where users can sell or buy prompts.
  • While some AI prompt libraries enable users to earn money, some work as information-sharing platforms.
  • If you want to write high-quality prompts to sell in the AI prompt library, you need to be specific, use adjectives, add details, and learn the parameters of the target AI tool.
  • The best AI prompt libraries to sell or share your prompts are TextCortex Marketplace, PromptHero and FlowGPT.

AI Prompt Libraries Overview

An AI prompt library is a digital platform that allows users to share or sell the prompts they create for different AI tools with other users. Using these platforms, you can purchase prompts created for different purposes for various AI tools. Moreover, you can sell your own AI prompts through these platforms and make money with your prompt engineering skills!

Advantages of AI Prompt Libraries

The use of AI prompt libraries has advantages for both sellers and buyers. For sellers, it can be difficult to sell the prompts they have created for different AI tools door-to-door. By using AI prompt libraries, they can reach a larger customer base faster and online, which can ultimately increase their profitability.

If you are a buyer, you can use AI prompt libraries to purchase professional prompts created for AI tools that you are not proficient in. Additionally, if you are new to prompt engineering and eager to learn, you can visit AI prompt libraries to examine prompts created by other users.

Can I sell my Prompt on AI Prompt Libraries?

Not every AI prompt library allows users to sell prompts. Some libraries are designed just to share your prompts for free. Some of them give you the right to use their own AI tools based on the usage count of the prompts you share.

Is it safe to use AI prompt libraries?

Considering that you spend time and effort creating your prompts, we recommend that you do not use AI prompt libraries that do not have high credibility. You can use libraries that have a high number of users. Additionally, you can view the reliability of AI prompt libraries by reviewing user comments.

How to write good AI prompts?

When it comes to writing a good AI prompt, there are a few steps you should pay attention to. Since each AI tool has its own pattern, we recommend that you first examine in depth the target AI tool for which you will write a prompt. If you are ready, we will give you some advice on how to write high-quality AI prompts!

Be Specific

It is important to specifically describe the output you want to produce when using any AI tool. For instance, if you want an AI chatbot to create an essay outline for you, it is recommended that you include specific details such as the topic, word limit, and heading number of your essay in your prompt.

Use Adjectives

If you are using AI art generators, we recommend using adjectives that help describe the output for the generative AI to execute specific commands. If you type "dragon" into a prompt, you will probably get a red dragon as output, but if you describe the dragon's horns, scales, and eyes in your prompt with adjectives, you can get a specific output.

Add Details

If you have written the general outline of a prompt and made it suitable for generic uses, then customization is the next step. You can complete the prompting phase by adding the details to your prompt that will put your output in its final form.

Master Parameters

Each AI tool has its own parameters and trained data. If you want to use an AI tool effectively, you need to learn these parameters and the limitations of the AI tool. Thus, you can increase the overall efficiency of your outputs by using more specific and purposeful words when writing prompts.

Best AI Prompt Library You Can Sell Prompts

If you know how to create prompts for AI tools and want to take advantage and earn real money by selling your own prompts, we have listed the best AI prompt libraries for you!

TextCortex Prompt Marketplace

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to cater to users' needs in various text-based tasks, including prompt writing. It is available as a web application and browser extension. TextCortex browser extension is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so you can use it anywhere and anytime on the internet.

TextCortex comes with ZenoChat, a conversational AI designed to help you complete your various writing and research tasks. Using ZenoChat, you can generate prompts for different AI tools, including Midjourney and DALL-E. You can also build ZenoChat as a prompt engineer using our customization options.

Prompt Marketplace

Our brand-new “TextCortex Marketplace” allows users to share their own prompt templates or review other users' prompts. When you upload a prompt to TextCortex Marketplace, you earn TextCortex creation according to your prompts' usage count. Thus, as long as your prompt is clicked you can use TextCortex and its features for free.


PromptHero is an AI prompt library where you can share or review prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and OpenJourney. PromptHero has prompts created mainly for AI art generators. If you are looking for high-quality prompts that you can use for AI art generators, you can visit PromptHero. In addition, users also share information such as the number of steps, guidance scale, randomness, and sampling method they use to obtain the shared output.

prompthero marketplace


If you want to share or sell the personas and characters you create for AI chatbots, mainly ChatGPT, with other users, FlowGPT is the way to go.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Moreover, using FlowGPT, you can share or sell your prompts in categories such as programming, marketing, academic, game, creative, prompt engineering and business.

FLOWGPT Marketplace

FlowGPT offers a feature called "Bounty" that allows users to earn money in a contest style. This feature is a competition that includes different prompt tasks, and the top three users win prizes.