Thanks to the advancement of AI technology day by day, it is now possible to produce AI-driven visuals representing any topic or action. In their most basic definition, AI art generators are AI tools that process textual or visual input and convert it into visual output. Using these tools, you can automate your repetitive image production tasks or produce images that perfectly suit your content. But which AI art generators give the best performance and output? If you're wondering the answer to this question, we've got you covered!

In this article, we will explore the 5 best AI art generators in 2024.

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  • AI art generators are software that converts text inputs into visual outputs.
  • AI art generators work with AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.
  • You can use AI art generators in various cases, from daily tasks for entertainment purposes to professional tasks for commercial purposes.
  • If you are looking for an AI art generator that you can use in both your professional and daily tasks, ZenoChat by TextCortex is designed for you.
  • In addition to AI art generation, ZenoChat also offers features such as web search, text generation, and paraphrasing.
  • You can also use Bing AI Image Creator or Canva AI to generate AI art.
  • Midjourney is another good option with its different usage styles and AI art generation capabilities.
  • If you want to have more control over the output, you can choose Stable Diffusion.

What are AI Art Generators?

AI art generators are programs that link textual inputs with visual data, using various AI technologies, and generate visual output that is appropriate to the input, based on its parameters. With AI art generators, you can produce a wide range of visuals, from logo designs to illustrations.

How Do AI Art Generators Work?

The visual creation process of AI art generators begins with users entering the prompt. AI art generators analyse the input provided by the user with technologies such as training data, machine learning, parameters and natural language processing and link it with visuals with neural network technology. Then, it generates new and unique visual output by using the data from this entire process.

To use an AI art generator, you just need to enter a prompt consisting of a few words. If you want to get the visual you have in mind, you need to detail your prompt and make it suitable for the AI art generator you use. If you are new to prompt engineering, you can check our prompt engineering video guides and level up your prompt engineering skills.

AI Art Generator Use Cases

Although AI art generators were first used for daily tasks and entertainment purposes, their development has also unlocked professional use cases. You can use AI art generators to produce license-free images that you can use on your social media accounts. Moreover, using these tools, you can edit your existing photos or convert them to themes such as cartoons, anime, cyberpunk, and pixel art.

When it comes to professional use of AI art generators, you can use them for designs such as logos, vectors, and product visuals, or you can use them to craft images that you can add to your content. For example, if you are a social media manager and want to share health-themed posts, you can create your content by producing unique and high-quality images with AI art generators.

Top 5 AI Art Generators to Boost Your Productivity in 2024 

In the world of art, AI art generators have emerged as useful tools that offer a range of benefits. These benefits include reducing workloads, boosting productivity, and saving time. While there are many AI art generators available, there are some that stand out as being particularly useful for all use cases. In this regard, let's take a closer look at the top 5 AI art generators in 2024.

ZenoChat – The Ultimate AI Assistant

ZenoChat is a conversational AI assistant developed by TextCortex that aims to boost users' performance by reducing their workload. Using ZenoChat, you can complete text-based tasks such as paraphrasing, article generation, tone of voice changing, summarizing, and text expanding. Moreover, ZenoChat can also help you with tasks such as research and literature review with its web search feature. One of ZenoChat's latest updates is its DALL-E 3 powered AI art generation feature. Using ZenoChat, you can generate a variety of images, from logos to surrealist illustrations.

Using ZenoChat's AI art generation feature is a straightforward and simple process, here is how;

  • Create Your Free TextCortex Account
  • Head to the TextCortex Web Application
  • Select ZenoChat from the Left Menu
  • Enable Image Generation

Afterwards, you can start typing your prompts and enable ZenoChat to generate DALL-E 3-powered visual outputs. ZenoChat will analyse the prompts you enter and convert them into a DALL-E 3-powered form. In other words, even if you enter a prompt consisting of a few words into ZenoChat, you can get detailed and high-quality visual outputs.

Bing Image Creator

Another useful and practical AI art generator is Bing AI Image Creator. In addition to the AI chatbot, Bing also offers its users an AI art generator. With Bing AI art generator, you can produce any image other than licensed characters. To use Bing AI Image Creator, simply follow a few simple steps:

  • Create your Microsoft account.
  • Open the Microsoft Bing AI browser.
  • Click the "Images" button.
  • Hit "Create" from Bing AI images.

Afterwards, Bing AI will transfer you to a screen where you can generate DALL-E 3 powered AI art. You can start generating new and unique visual outputs by entering your prompts on this screen. Moreover, on this screen, you can also access the images generated by other users and the prompts for those images in the "Explore Ideas" section.

bing image creator

Once you enter your prompt into the Bing AI Image Creator, after a few seconds of the creation process, it will produce four alternative images suitable for your prompt. You can download them by clicking on any of these images or edit them in Microsoft Designer by clicking the "Customize" button.

best AI art generators

If you want to explore visual content similar to the outputs you receive, you can also access related images by clicking on any image created by the Bing AI image creator and scrolling down.

best AI art generator


Midjourney is one of the first AI tools that comes to mind when it comes to AI art generators. It has managed to become a good alternative that you can use in 2024 by adapting to developing AI technologies. Midjourney has a different usage pattern than other AI art generators. To access Midjourney, you must first log in to Discord, an online communication program. This is because the Midjourney AI art generator serves as a server on Discord. To access Midjourney, simply follow the steps below:

  • Create Your Discord Account
  • Open Midjourney Official Website
  • Click “Join the Beta” Button
  • Accept Invitation

Thus, you can log in to Midjourney's Discord server. After logging into the Midjourney server, you can start typing prompts with the “/Imagine” command by clicking on any of the “newbie” channels. You can also examine the prompts of other users and the outputs obtained from the prompts in these channels.

AI art generator

Once you enter your prompt into Midjourney, it will generate four different outputs for your prompt. If you do not like the outputs, you can generate variations of the relevant output with the "V" buttons that stand for variations. To increase the resolution and quality of an output you like, you can use the "U" buttons that stand for upscale.

midjourney ai art generator

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI art generator model developed by Stability AI that offers detailed output generation to its users. The Stable Diffusion series has three different variations: SDXL Turbo, Stable Diffusion XL, and Stable Diffusion 3. Stable Diffusion 3 is the most advanced and highest-performing model of Stability AI, and it offers text-to-image. Compared to its predecessors, Stable Diffusion 3 can also complete tasks such as prompt following and multiple prompt understanding with higher quality.

stable diffusion ai art generator

The stable Diffusion XL model is a model that perfectly balances quality and speed. It is possible to complete most of your professional tasks using this model. The SDXL Turbo model is the fastest working model of the Stable Diffusion series.

Stable Diffusion is a more detailed and challenging AI art generator to use compared to other AI art generators. If you are new to AI art generators, you may have difficulty using this model. However, once you understand how to use Stable Diffusion, you can start generating the exact outputs you have in mind.

Canva AI

Designed to reduce the workload in completing various tasks from painting to presentation, Canva also offers its users an AI art generator. Canva AI uses the DALL-E model developed by OpenAI to generate visual output for its users. To use Canva AI, just follow a few simple steps;

  • Create Your Canva Account
  • Head to the Official Canva AI Website
  • Click “Generate AI Images”
  • Select AI Image Template from Canva Apps Menu
Canva AI image generator

Canva AI offers its users various AI art templates such as concept art, photos, and painting. Using these templates, you can generate AI art with the prompting method.