Our commitment to inclusivity: Supporting neurodiverse minds

We believe that everyone deserves to feel welcome and included. That's why we've developed an inclusivity program specifically for neurodiverse users.

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Creating an accessible community

Our inclusitivity program is designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with different neurological profiles. We understand that not everyone processes information in the same way, and we want to make sure that everyone can access our products and services.

Benefits of our inclusitivity program

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we provide a 40% discount code that neurodiverse users can use to access our website or app with ease.

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Simply fill in a brief form with your name and email address. This will allow us to send you the discount code via email.

Get the email

You'll receive an email from us with your unique discount code. This code can be used at checkout to receive a 40% discount on your purchase.

Activate your discount

Simply enter the code in the relevant field during the checkout process and enjoy the discounted price across our products.

Recognized as one of the top 200 generative AI companies in Europe.

According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of the top 200 European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.