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TextCortex is a Jasper AI alternative that helps you automate 70% of your work spent on writing marketing, sales, and website content. All of that for affordable and flexible prices.

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Why look for a Jasper AI alternative?

If you're tired of spending credits on generating repetitive content, rewriting it, and spending hours on training algorithms, you should consider switching to another alternative.

Tired of spending credits on repetitive content

When it comes to unique and easy-to-read content, there could be repetitive nuances in the Jasper AI output that takes your credit away. On top of that, you need to rewrite the text and spend an additional credit to get what you want. The lack of structured text, easily-spending credits, and content repetitiveness is what makes some users switch to another Jasper AI alternative.

Very limited starter plan

When it comes to Jasper AI, even though they offer a lot of templates, their starter plan is quite poor. Jasper’s starter plans are quite limited and don’t provide users with documents options, SEO mode, plagiarism checker, revision history, etc. Even though Jasper is a market leader, its starter plan rejects new users and makes them think about other solutions.

Not capable of producing long-form content without rewriting

For the users seeking a “long-form content” template, it can be daunting to create blog posts using Jarvis AI. First, using the starter plan it’s not supported, and within the boss mode, there could be a lot of repeated output and rewriting required to create a piece of content that fits your needs. The lack of text structure and content repetitiveness is what makes some users switch to another Copy AI alternative.

Limited GPT-3 knowledge

The obstacle of using already existing content from the internet and rephrasing it, which GPT-3 does, can be a bit tricky if those tools are not training their algorithms. When it comes to Jarvis AI GPT-3 knowledge your content might require more up-to-date information, so you’ll have to feed Jarvis with a bit more info, because it's trained on a model up to October 2019.

Jesper AI Vs TextCortex AI: Quick Comparison

Jasper AI is a great tool for creating your content faster and it is a market leader in this field - no doubt about it. But TextCortex AI helps you create the high-quality & long-form content you need thanks to well-structured, flexible, and use-case module-trained algorithms. Plus, you’ll get 100 trial API credits at sign-up.

$24.99 / month
$29 / month

Starting price

50 creations/day
20,000 words/month

Starting package



Long Form Article

TextCortex AI Models are specifically trained & capable of writing 3x as much as GPT-3 tools.

Outreach Emails

Write unique & engaging emails with high open rates and replies.

SEO Optimization

Create unique & SEO-optimized long-form content for Google.

Plagiarism checker

Create plagiarism-free content without getting penalized.

Previously generated content

Access your previously created content and use it anytime.


Control the level of creativity you want to include in your content.

Shopify Integration

Automatically generate descriptions for your Shopify store with native integration.


Integrate the API and create content within your interface in a matter of seconds.

Live Support

Solve your obstacles in a matter of minutes with a highly-effective support team.


Be notified about every app and knowledge-base update instantly.

Product Descriptions

Both are great. Completely opinionated, but there is nothing like going to an actual theater.

Blog Title Generator

Generate blog titles that attract your audience and increase click through rate (CTR).

Blog Outline

Structure your articles for growth with best-practice trained modules.

Autocomplete Sentence

End your writing blocks and let AI expand your ideas.

Rewrite option

Structure and rewrite your sentences to level up writing.

Email Subject Lines

Create subject lines that grab the attention and increase clicks.

Instagram Caption

Create engaging and easy to consume captions for your Instagram posts.

Youtube Description

Boost your YouTube channel by creating comprehensive & SEO-optimized descriptions.

Facebook Ads

Create high-converting copies for Facebook Ads campaigns that increase ROAS.


Brainstorm your ideas and end your writers' block.

Writing Letters

Write letters in seconds based on purpose you need.

What makes TextCortex a Great Alternative for Jasper AI?

With all the use-case-trained modules for creating unique content in one place, TextCortex relieves you from repetitive content and makes it easy to create long-form content at a fraction of the cost.

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Well-structured & unique content

With TextCortex AI you can create unique & engaging content within a click so you can deliver SEO-optimized content at scale. You will see no repetitive thoughts and ideas, and no more wasting hours & credits on rewriting generated content.

Long-form content creation

Our AI content writing models are trained using best practices and are capable of writing 3x as much as GPT-3 tools. Create articles about any topic with an expert understanding.

Create high-converting outreach emails

With TextCortex email outreach template, write unique & engaging emails that bring massive opens and replies in a matter of seconds. Write compelling email subject lines that grab readers' attention and get them to open emails.

Affordable plans

Stop wasting your budget on expensive tools. Instead, cut down costs of outsourcing content up to 18X & make the writing process faster using trained artificial intelligence models.

Don't take just our word for it.

Read why thousands of businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and writers all around the globe trust TextCortex.

Imagine you need to create a creative description for the 50th decorative product today. At one point it becomes extremely draining to come up with new words. We first tried an outsourcing agency, which let us wait for 6 weeks to deliver 400 descriptions. We delayed our product launches and the results were a disaster, and the time was wasted.

Kristin, Owner of an eCommerce

The quality of the output tends to be better than other AI Assistants, mainly because you can control the creativity of the AI. For example, setting a low score allows writing better articles when you need research and data. In those cases, and in my experience, this tool does not need as much fact-checking as others (note that I said "as much"), including Jarvis, the gold standard that, sometimes, tends to be too creative and makes up stories and data. TextCortex is good for long-form articles, and you will have usable input as raw material for your content.

Juanjo, Freelance writer

Great product with impressiv creative AI embedded in the solution. Article from key word.

Ørjan Rolness, Founder

Text Cortex AI is a very good tool that generates Blog Articles with more than 90% unique content always.

Raviraj Alva, Freelancer

Fun and easy. In few examples it could name some complex ideas as I would do that based on just few keywords and a title

Marcin G., Lead UX

What I find most helpful with Text Cortex is the various options of content that can be generated. I'm a big fan of the product description generator. I own multiple businesses so Text Cortex can be used for all of my businesses. From blog posts to product descriptions and marketing copy. It's a great tool when you're in need of ideas.

Brian K, CEO at a small business

Templates that turn your ideas into reality.

With over 30 templates in our database, you will be able to create high-quality content with ease, no matter the industry you’re working in. TextCortex AI is trained with millions of best practices to make sure to create high-converting content for your business.

Product Descriptions

Grow conversions on your eCommerce store by generating persuasive product descriptions in seconds. No matter which industry you’re in, just enter the input and pick the best-fit variation for your product page.

SEO Optimized Blog Writing

There’s no more need to spend hours on researching, editing & formatting your articles. Create well-structured, plagiarism-free & SEO-optimized long-form content using our specifically trained modules capable of writing 3x as much as GPT-3 tools.

Marketing Content

Reduce your time spent writing countless sales copies by 70% with our AI marketing copy creator. You focus on selling while we cover writing.

Story Writing

With an AI-based writing assistant, you can compose any type of content specified for your needs. Just give TextCortex AI Writing Assistant a little input, and it will create a fictional or any kind of story for you.

Shopify Integration

With our native Shopify integration, you can write fantastic descriptions in a matter of seconds. You don't have to spend time and money writing descriptions - let TextCortex write it directly in the Shopify app.

Sales Email Copy

Write memorable emails that engage your audience. We train our modules using millions of best email practices to ensure high-converting emails for your business.

Support Emails

Need efficient and fast-responding support? We call it the TextCortex Experience. Create well-phrased support emails in seconds and watch how your leads become your fiering fans.

Text Generation API

A single API call is all it takes to generate content using TextCortex AI. With just a few clicks within your interface, you can generate content instantly in a matter of seconds via our API.

Youtube Descriptions

Easily create a keyword-optimized description for your YouTube channel using our AI YouTube description generator.  Our AI algorithms are trained with the best-performing YouTube descriptions.

Instagram Captions

Incorporate engaging ideas into your Instagram and Facebook posts using TextCortex. With attractive and conversion-focused Instagram captions, boost sales on your Instagram business page.

Facebook Ads

Make your Facebook Ads campaigns more engaging & high-converting with our AI-powered Facebook ad generator. Start writing conversion-focused copies today.

Blog Title Generator

Boost click-through rates & increase your blog's visitors by creating attractive blog titles. We utilize Artificial Intelligence to optimize your website click-through rate with our blog title generator.

Recognized as one of the top 200 AI companies in Europe.

According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of 200 hottest European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.

Your AI partner is ready to (re)write content.

Save time and grow business using TextCortex. Generate marketing and website content in seconds using AI today.

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Jeff Barnette

“This tool is amazing and makes overcoming writers block a breeze. (...) This is certainly an extension worth trying out because it may just save you hours of work and frustration.”

Cyphas Solutions Ltd

“Initially I thought it was like the others tested, Jasper, CopyAI,GaryAi etc. But the way Dominik explained it and testing things one can truly see the approach is much better...”

Christine Lee

“Impressive tool! Love the rewrite feature. Easy to use. Great support from the team. Thank you team TextCortex!”

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