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Our mission is to hypercharge creation in every textbox there is.

We are building purpose-driven AI writing assistants. Making it easier for individuals and businesses to deal with the stress of creating masses of texts to communicate, launch and market their products and services.

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Why AI Copywriting?

A good blog takes on average 4h to write and has around 2400 words, descriptions need to be written in on average 3 different length formats with at least 300 words each...

Imagine the time spend on writing content. We automate and augment human creation with our AI writing tools.

Recognized as one of the top 200 AI companies in Europe!

According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of 200 hottest European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.

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A category-defining tool literally changing how the future is written.

Our customers are celebrating the automation of 70% of their work with innovation leader in AI content writing helping them with the 1000s of paid ads, 100s of blogs and 10s of landing pages they are required create.

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