TextCortex AI
Affiliate Legal Terms

It is fair to let people know that if they buy through your referral that you will earn a commission, here are some recommendations:

🌐 Example for Website Footer: "While we only recommend products and services we trust, use, and enjoy ourselves we are actively earning a commission for every referred customer coming from us to Text Cortex AI. This happens at no additional cost for you."

👍 Social Post: "I love recommending tools I love and trust. However, besides trusting in Text Cortex AI I also earn a small commission on every purchase you make at no additional cost for you."

Why you should be transparent on this matter?

  • Honesty adds Authenticity and earns trust
  • Honesty shows personality to your recommendation
  • The above will lead to more conversion
  • Last but not sure, you will comply with laws.

Please note the terms of the Text Cortex AI Affiliate Program:

  • Payouts are made on the 1st of each month.

Example: You refer a customer on the 8th July so you will have money in your PayPal on the the 1st August. Let's celebrate!

The minimum balance for payouts is $45. Payouts are made through PayPal only.

Example: No worries that means that with 3 referrals you will get the payout! All good things are three as with so many things in life.

  • Do not trick any audience or tell them that you are involved in Text Cortex AI beyond this affiliate agreement.
  • This is not a discount for self-usage.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of the Affiliate Program at any time.