Creating quality text-based content can be made easier with the help of paraphrasing tools. These tools analyse your sentences and use different words to maintain your original meaning. One of the best AI tools for paraphrasing tasks is Neural Writer. This AI tool offers three different language models, along with several other writing assistance features like summarizing and translation. 

In this article, we'll explore Neural Writer and its features in detail.


  • Neural Writer is a multilingual paraphrasing tool that can generate output in 27+ languages.
  • Using Neural Writer, you can automate your paraphrasing tasks, thus boosting your productivity and saving time.
  • Neural Writer offers features such as paraphrasing, translation and summarization to its users free of charge.
  • Neural Writer offers a prompt generator that enhances your prompts for GPT-based tools.
  • Neural Writer offers a word counter feature that allows you to learn the statistical information of your texts.
  • If you're looking for an AI assistant that offers everything Neural Writer can do and more, TextCortex is the way to go.
  • TextCortex offers ZenoChat, a customizable conversational AI designed to be your copilot for your knowledge. Connect multiple data sources and work with your knowledge.

What is the Neural Writer?

Neural Writer is a multilanguage paraphrasing tool that offers writing features such as paraphrasing, translation, and prompt generation in 27+ languages and has 3 different large language models. Neural Writer can paraphrase inputs of up to 10,000 characters in 27+ languages. Neural Writer is available as a web application and Chrome extension. You can also complete your paraphrasing tasks on different websites by using The Neural Writer Chrome extension.

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How Does the Neural Writer Work?

Neural Writer analyses the input provided by the user using three language models and rewrites it using different words while preserving the original meaning. As language models are trained in the grammar, spelling, and sentence structure of various languages, they can comprehend the user's intention and maintain the main ideas of the given texts during rewriting. Furthermore, the Neural Writer's language models reduce the number of grammar, spelling, or semantic errors in the output.

Advantages of the Neural Writer

Neural Writer aims to reduce the time spent on writing tasks with its translation and summarizing features, especially paraphrasing. By using Neural Writer, you can complete repetitive and mundane paraphrasing, summarizing, and translating tasks much faster. This will streamline your workload and increase your overall productivity.

Additionally, Neural Writer offers a feature that allows its users to automate paraphrasing tasks. By using this feature, you can automate all of your rewriting and paraphrasing tasks. This feature supports over 27 languages and can avoid AI content detectors, as claimed by Neural Writer.

Neural Writer Pricing

Neural Writer helps you complete paraphrasing, translating, and summarizing tasks in over 27 languages. It has an input capacity of up to 10,000 characters and three different large language models. The best part is that it is completely free! You do not need to pay or watch ads to use any of the features of Neural Writer.

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However, if you wish to automate the paraphrasing process, you must use Neural Writer's paraphrase API. To access this feature, you must subscribe to one of the Pro, Ultra, or Mega pricing plans.

Neural Writer Features

Neural Writer offers its users different writing features other than paraphrasing. By using these features, you can speed up your writing tasks, boost your productivity and reduce your workload. If you are curious about all the features of Neural Writer, keep reading!


Since Neural Writer is a multi-language paraphrasing tool, its most basic feature is to rewrite the texts you enter while preserving their meanings. The Neural Writer paraphrase feature can generate output in 27+ languages using three different language models. The Neural Writer paraphrase tool supports inputs of up to 10,000 characters (approximately 2000 words). The Neural Writer paraphrasing tool has three different options:

  • Light: Sentences will be rewritten with minor changes while maintaining the original meaning of the text. This option is the fastest paraphrasing option of Neural Writer.
  • Medium: The text will be rewritten with significant changes, but the original meaning is preserved. Some sentences may be completely rewritten.
  • Hard: The original text changes greatly and some words will be replaced with synonyms. Your texts paraphrased with this option have high originality. This option is Neural Writer's slowest paraphrasing option.
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Prompt Generator

Neural Writer offers a prompt generator tool to assist with your prompt engineering tasks and enable you to use GPT-based AI tools more effectively. Neural Writer's prompt generator rewrites the sentences given by the user for ChatGPT and GPT-n models. However, this tool is not an effective solution for generating high-end prompts for any GPT-n model, we recommend that you use it only for your basic prompt writing tasks.

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Neural Writer offers a tool that provides translation services between 27+ languages. Like all of its features, the translation tool supports inputs of up to 10,000 characters. Since Neural Writer's translation tool is powered by language models developed with natural language processing technology, it offers accurate, natural, and easy-to-understand outputs.

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Neural Writer summarizer tool is an AI software that reads and analyses original texts of up to 10,000 characters and generates a brief overview of the text for users. This tool preserves the main ideas and key points of the original text, making it more compact and concise. Thus, readers can learn what the text says without having to read the original text completely.

Word Counter

Neural Writer's Word Counter tool is designed to analyse statistics about your text. This tool shows not only the word count but also the number of sentences, characters, and paragraphs in your text, as well as the reading and speaking time. Additionally, this tool provides statistics that allow you to analyse your text for SEO and social media platforms.

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A Better Alternative: TextCortex AI

If you are looking for an AI assistant who will support you in all your writing tasks, including paraphrasing, summarizing, translating and prompt-generating tasks in 25+ languages, TextCortex is designed for you. TextCortex is a customizable and interactive AI assistant that supports its users in text-based tasks such as rewriting, translation, content generation, and tone of voice changing. TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. The TextCortex browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps. So, it can continue to support you in every corner of the internet.

TextCortex Features

TextCortex offers 60+ AI templates and a toolbar to support its users in a wide range of writing tasks. Using the TextCortex toolbar, you can complete tasks such as tone of voice changing, editing, summarizing, and paraphrasing in 25 + languages in seconds. The TextCortex toolbar features include:

  • Paraphraser & Rewriter
  • Translator
  • Fluency
  • Tone Changer
  • Simplifying
  • Creative
  • Expander
  • Summarizer

By using these features, you can enhance your writing such as essays, articles, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, and social media captions and maximize your productivity.

TextCortex offers Zeno Assist, an AI writing assistant that can be activated with the “Ctrl/Opt + Enter” shortcut in textboxes on 30,000+ websites, including online word processors such as Google Docs and Pages. Some of the most popular Zeno Assistant features include:

  • Create Blog Post/Essay/Outline
  • Generate Social Media Post
  • Fix Spelling & Grammar
  • Make Longer/Shorter
  • Simplify Language
  • Summarize
  • Continue Writing

Thanks to these features, you can enhance your articles in any text box with a single click and take your writing to the next level.

ZenoChat – Your Customizable AI Companion

TextCortex comes with a multifunctional conversational AI called ZenoChat. ZenoChat offers its users features such as text generation, a tone of voice changer, a paraphraser, a summarizer, a sentence expander, an outline generator, and a prompt generator in a conversational format and human-like manner. ZenoChat has three 3 large language models suitable for different tasks: GPT-4, Sophos 2, and Mixtral. Additionally, ZenoChat can generate error-free output in over 25 languages.

ZenoChat comes with a web search feature that allows it to generate output using the latest internet data. Thanks to this feature, ZenoChat can provide more accurate responses by searching the entire internet while generating output for users' input. ZenoChat's web search feature comes with seven different options: Internet, Wikipedia, News, Reddit, Scholar, YouTube, and Twitter. These options enable you to limit the resources ZenoChat uses during web search.

Customize Zeno with Your Knowledge & Style

ZenoChat is an AI assistant for your knowledge. Connect multiple data sources and work with all the data you have with a smart AI copilot. Combine it with generative web browsing experience and search the internet smarter.

You can even customize it even further with specific tone of voice so that it imitates a certain style.