Generative AI is an artificial intelligence technology that uses sound, code, images, simulations, videos, and texts to generate new content. Generative AI can generate new data using previously entered data. Unlike traditional artificial intelligence, generative AI analyses users' data and creates up-to-date and consistent outputs. Also, generative AI can develop more original data by enhancing the outputs and data it generates.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what generative AI is and how it can help users.

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  • Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that uses existing data to generate new and unique data.
  • It can be used to generate text, images, videos, and music.
  • Generative AI tools have various advantages that you can use in different areas.
  • Generative AI can be used to streamline your workload, create unique content, increase your workflow, create high-quality emails, and promote your products in different languages.
what is generative AI

Generative AI Use Cases

Generative AI is designed to be useful to humans in most fields. If you need original visual content or an email template, generative AI tools will be handy for you. In other words, with generative AI, you can create and use data that does not exist yet. If you need to improve your data, you can reach the result faster by using generative AI.

Visual-based Content

One of the most critical elements of marketing and advertising is the visual promotion of the product or brand. If you need a logo or a design for your new product, using visual tools supported by generative AI will be beneficial for you. Visual generative AI tools such as Midjourney can use all visual data on the internet to prepare a unique visual data output for you.

For example, if you want to create a digital image, you must first draw a sketch. After preparing the sketch, you need to outline using another layer. After determining the outline, you need to colour the design you want to create. Once you have sketched a design, drawing, and colouring will become a repetitive workload. It will be faster to bring your draft into final form by using generative AI tools.

Audio-based Content

Until the development of generative AI, all voices using artificial intelligence had a dull and monotonous tone. However, voice tools powered by generative AI can add instant emotion and tone to voices. A voice tool supported by generative AI can create new replies according to the answers it receives from the user during a phone conversation and pronounce these answers in the natural fluency of daily conversation.

Text-based Content

In the field of Marketing, text-based tasks are more challenging than they seem. In addition to being repetitive and tedious, text-based tasks often increase your workload. You can use generative AI tools to prepare emails, and create product reviews, product descriptions, or social media posts. Text-based generative AI tools will reduce your workload by allowing you to complete the most challenging tasks faster.

Researching to create content has always been challenging. You must spend hours researching various sources and confirming the accuracy of the information. However, with the new feature of ZenoChat, you can get the latest web information in a summarized form. If you are looking for a straightforward way to get up-to-date information, we recommend you try ZenoChat's Web Search feature.

Advantages of Generative AI

Since generative AI can generate new data from existing data, it allows you to produce original content in the field of picture, video, sound, and text. Generative AI has functions such as producing new content, improving your existing content, solving problems, providing support to users, and completing your design.

Generative AI tools have various advantages that you can use in different areas. By taking advantage of generative AI, you can make your daily life easier, increase the profitability of your business, reduce your workload, produce high-quality content, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and increase your potential customer base.

generative ai advantages

Cost Efficiency

The first benefit of generative AI is to enable businesses and entrepreneurs to save money. You can use generative AI to make decisions that will better manage your business or produce content for your business. For example, you can use support bots working with generative AI for customer satisfaction. You can use generative AI to organize your emails, reach potential customers, and promote your product.

Workflow Streamlining

You can reduce your workload and increase your productivity by using generative AI tools suitable for your business. For example, instead of spending hours answering hundreds of emails, you can use TextCortex's email templates. Thus, you can save time spent on work by working more efficiently.

Thanks to generative AI, you can automate tasks that you would have to complete manually. It can be used to create visual-based or text-based content such as blog posts and logos with minimal human input. As a result, generative AI can increase workflow by greatly reducing the time required for specified tasks.

Long-term Benefits

As generative AI models learn over time, their efficiency increases in the long term. generative AI continuously learn from the input data and uses that data to generate new outputs. Accordingly, the generative AI tool that you started to use for your business will evolve according to your use. For example, ZenoChat, your next level companion, can remember what you said earlier in the conversation, thus can update its responses and improve the outcome to match your needs.

Improved Quality

Generative AI tools is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your content. Creating quality content manually will take hours. By using generative AI tools, you can get the same results in half the time. You can use generative AI to further refine your content by examining the final version, and you can manually put the finishing touches. For example, instead of spending hours creating visual content, you can quickly reach the final content by giving commands to generative AI tools.

How Can Generative AI Help My Business?

You can use generative AI in many ways to improve your business. For example, you can use it to create new product ideas, personalized customer experience, automate progress and tasks, promote your products to the optimum customer base and increase sales, make analytical decisions for your business, and find potential threats to your business. By combining the data of your existing business with generative AI, you can go one step ahead of the competition in the market and increase your profitability.

how can generative ai help my business?

Streamline Your Workload Using Generative AI Tools

You can streamline your workload by using TextCortex to automate tedious and repetitive tasks. You can quickly generate text-based outputs catered for your needs depending on the situation: Customer support requests and create product descriptions based on given prompts.

Generative AI for Email Writing

If you want to stay productive while working, you can create high-quality emails in minutes using generative AI tools. With TextCortex – browser extension, you can create high-quality personalized emails using bullet points.

Customer Support in Different Languages

It's always a good idea to have audiences from multiple countries to increase your potential customer network and reach. However, handling all the customer support requests with in several languages at the same time can be hard to achieve.

Generative AI can help you with translations and customizing your messaging based on your customers' requests. TextCortex is smoothly integrated with over 2000+ platforms including popular Customer Support softwares such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and so many more.