We are introducing a brand new AI writing assistant for your writing workflow: Zeno.

Artificial intelligence becomes more useful when it’s integrated across the place where you’re already doing your work, storing notes & docs, and collaborating with others. No need to switch back and forth between your notes and a separate AI-powered tool. We are integrating AI capabilities into your workflow.

Your ultra-capable AI companion: Zeno Assistant

Have Zeno to create something new from scratch or summarize what’s important and actionable. No need to jump back and forth between your notes and a separate AI app.

Zeno was designed to help you automate tedious writing tasks so that you can focus more on the creative aspect of the things.

Zeno can help you with many things. It can:

- Continue writing your sentences when you are stuck.

- Fix grammar & spelling

- Create long-form content from scratch.

- Summarize long texts:- Make texts longer / shorter

How to activate Zeno Assistant?

Activating Zeno Assistant requires a simple shortcut:

For Windows: ALT + ENTER
For Mac: OPT + ENTER

Once you've activated it, you will see many templates to choose from. Some of them require some content to be already available in your document such as Summarize, Make longer / shorter,  Find action items and so on.

Why do you need Zeno? Let us show you.

Zeno is your allrounder, your white knight in a shiny armour when creativity runs low.

Create blog posts, essays, articles in seconds

Zeno can draft articles in an instant. The only thing you need to do is to give Zeno a little bit of context on what to write and click ENTER.

Summarize Long Texs down to key points

Zeno can be of assistance if you need a summary of a lengthy document to extract the most important elements.

Make longer / shorter

When you need to get rid of some fluff, or add some more text on top of what you already have, use these templates.

Fix grammar & spelling

Zeno is also capable of fixing your grammar & spelling on a document. If you need someone to proofread your essay, just ask Zeno to go over it.

You can do many more with your Zeno Assistant. Even customize your AI to make it sound much more like you.