Here is a brainer: Is it more important to have a good description of the clothing product or a good picture? 

While a picture of the product can attract a customer, a good description can convince them that it is the right product for them. 

Yet, many sellers prioritize top models and high-quality photos over well-written descriptions, neglecting their importance.

So, how can a seller craft a description that makes customers feel like the product is a "must-have" this season? 

In this article, we'll explore tips on how to write product descriptions for clothing that will bring more organic traffic while ensuring more purchases.

Let's start!

Why Are Product Descriptions Important?

A well-crafted description can effectively convey the value of your product and motivate buyers to take action.

There are five crucial benefits of creating product description:

✔️ Boost Organic Growth – Enhance your SEO performance by using product descriptions as primary keyword sources, leading to increased organic growth.

✔️ Stand Out – Seize the opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of your products in the vast world of eCommerce, making them a top pick.

✔️ Build Trust – Product descriptions set customer expectations. By meeting these expectations, you can strengthen trust with your customers.

✔️ Provide Value What is the product's color, material, size, and other relevant details? Providing essential information through product descriptions empowers customers to make informed decisions when making a purchase.

✔️ Reduce Support Needs – Detailed product descriptions address customer inquiries, improving the shopping experience and reducing the need for customer support.

5 Steps to Write Your Product Descriptions for Clothing?

With product description, you can make or break the sale.

To inspire your customers to click the "Order" button, we'll now teach you the essentials of crafting effective product descriptions for clothing.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Customer

Knowing who your audience is can help your business focus its marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

You can start by defining your target group. To accomplish this goal, a good starting point is to generate a buyer persona.

What is that?

A buyer persona is a profile of your target customer that outlines their characteristics. It provides valuable insights into your buyer’s preferences and behavior.


One method to create a buyer persona is to conduct an online survey. You can use Google Forms to create it. It’s free!

Another option is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is their profession?
  • How old are they?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are their needs?

Answering these questions will get you to the core of your ideal customer.


Use TextCortex to generate a buyer's persona. Share your ideal customer’s characteristics on Zeno Chat, and you can create a profile in a few minutes!

Step 2: Unfold The Story

If you want to effectively communicate with your customers, influence them to visualize your message

The whole point of your product descriptions for clothing is to paint a clear image in their minds.

Here are some tips on what to write about if you want to achieve storytelling:

💡 Example 1: Imagine that you are selling retro-style dresses. In this case, you can craft a story about the fashion era that inspired it. Include some anecdotes about iconic figures who wore similar styles and how that dress pays tribute to that period.

💡 Example 2: Let’s say you want to emphasize your brand’s commitment to sustainability. 

Make sure to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of your clothing. Talk about organic materials used for clothes.


The most catchy moment in this type of storytelling is to explain how choosing this piece can contribute to a greener world.

Step 3: Pay Attention To Your Words

With proper wording, you can motivate people and change their minds (both ways 😀).

To achieve more positive results for your products, choose your words wisely. 

Try these steps to improve your description:

1. Use Adjectives

When customers search for a product, they use adjectives to describe it. Thus, you should choose adjectives based on how buyers search for the item, not just describe it better.

Try these to write captivating descriptions:

💡 Chic Black Dress – Elevate your style with this chic black dress, perfect for those searching for elegance and sophistication.

💡 Cozy Winter Sweater – Stay warm and snug with this cozy winter sweater, ideal for shoppers seeking comfort and warmth.

💡 Sleek Leather Handbag – Make a fashion statement with this sleek leather handbag, designed for those in search of style and functionality.

💡 Vibrant Floral Skirt – Embrace spring vibes with this vibrant floral skirt, a must-have for individuals looking to add color and flair to their wardrobe.

💡 Durable Work Boots – Get the job done with these durable work boots, tailored to meet the needs of hardworking customers seeking resilience and reliability

2. Be Mindful of Your Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Grammar and spelling mistakes are easily overlooked. Maybe they don’t seem like a big deal to you, but how much they can cost your business?

There is a great chance that customers will focus on mistakes rather than the information you are trying to deliver. 

Besides that, failing to check your text is raising questions about your responsibility and reliability. 

3. Determine Your Brand Voice

Brand voice serves as a guide on what to say and how to say it. It depends on your target group. 

First, you have to identify the core values of your brand. Having core values will enable you to develop language and style.

For example, Nike’s brand voice is friendly, positive, and motivational. Their brand voice perfectly corresponds with their target group, fitness and sports enthusiasts.


Wondering how you can achieve that too?

Here is an example of how to create a brand voice:


💡 Pro Tip

With TextCortex ZenoChat, you have the ability to generate compelling product descriptions with minimal input.

The best part is that it allows you to create your Custom persona, that can generate text in your brand voice.

Simply provide some key details about your product in the form of a prompt.

For instance, you can include basic information such as product features, its name, and a brief description, and then ask ZenoChat to craft an engaging product description for you.

Step 4: Add Precise Product Info

Another aspect that your buyer will consider when shopping for clothes is the specific details and features.

It is vital to ensure that your description contains accurate information.

Add information about:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Length
  • Color
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Occasion
  • Sleeve
  • Neckline

Take a look at this example:


Adding precise information will help your customer to make informed decisions. Make sure to  answer all their potential questions.

💡 Tip

Bullet points can help you to organize information. 

Use them to break large blocks of text so the customer can find the info he needs without sifting through it.


Make important information obvious, and you will save their time and improve the overall experience.

Step 5: Close a Bargain

Your description should be for your ideal customer rather than a broad audience. Speak directly to your customers and resonate with their needs.

Remember, giving some fashion tips is a good idea.

In physical stores, workers can assist customers in pairing clothes and making additional purchases. 

Since that service is not available in eCommerce, seize the opportunity to showcase your products. 

By giving fashion tips, you will help your customers to visualize and combine your product. 

That will increase the chance of selling another piece of clothing.

Check out this example:


What Not to Do When Writing Product Descriptions for Clothing

Knowing what actions to avoid is just as crucial as knowing what steps to take. 

Pay attention to these big mistakes and do your best to avoid them:

🚫 Do Not Use Slang and Jargon

The use of slang and jargon is a slippery slope. It can confuse the customer.

Instead, keep it simple, and don’t waste time on anything that is not important. It is crucial to keep their focus on your product.

🚫 Do Not Copy-Paste the Description from Other Websites

Creating original content is crucial in maintaining the authenticity of your brand. 

Be unique and create content that will set you apart from the rest. 

Copying descriptions can cause your website to be penalized by Google and other search engines and damage your reputation.

It can also lead customers to question the quality of your product. 

They don’t like duplicate content, and your search engine ranking will go down.

🚫 Do Not Write Too Long Descriptions

Keep in mind that most people won’t read descriptions that are too long. 

Writing them, you can easily miss the point. They can become dull due to too much irrelevant information.

It is essential to be concise and focus on the most important aspects of your product.

Just as you can attract the customer to buy a product, you can drive him away with a bad description. 

To ensure a smooth experience, it is recommended that you become familiar with any potential issues and take steps to avoid them.

To Wrap Up

Many stores overlook the value of good product descriptions. The key is not just to list all product specifications but to persuade the customer that he needs your product.

Remember, a well-written description can make all the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. 

When a buyer clicks on the title, your role is to keep them on your page and motivate them to purchase the item.

How Can TextCortex Help You Write Product Description?

Writing can be time-consuming, but TextCortex can help you to write better and faster.

It provides a plethora of features to help you improve your writing skills, such as:

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👍 Error-Free Descriptions – Utilize ZenoChat's proofreading capability to ensure your clothing product descriptions are free from errors, presenting a polished and professional image.

👍 Seamless Integration – Seamlessly integrate TextCortex as a Chrome add-on to enhance your web browsing experience and efficiently create clothing product descriptions.

👍 Effortless Paraphrasing – ZenoChat's paraphrasing expertise allows for quick and effective rephrasing of highlighted sections in clothing product descriptions, saving you valuable time and effort.

You are just a few small steps away from creating plagiarism-free content.

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