Did you know that bloggers who use AI writing tools spend about 30% less time writing a blog post?

It’s a great time-saver, so it isn’t surprising that new AI writing tools appear almost on a daily basis, making it hard to know which one suits your needs the best.

Snazzy.AI is undoubtedly a very popular tool due to its affordable prices and templates.

Regardless of whether you already use Snazzy.AI or are considering trying it, it is always good to keep your eyes open to alternatives to see if they offer more of what you need.

To save you precious time, we’ve compiled a list of top 3 Snazzy.AI alternatives and their features, pros and cons, and pricing.

Thus, by the end of this blog, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which one to use.

Let’s get going!

What is Snazzy.AI?


Snazzy.AI is an AI-writing tool that helps you create posts, ads, landing pages, taglines, etc.

It primarily caters to businesses and marketers because it offers various templates that span from landing page templates, over digital ads templates to branding.

Snazzy.AI: Features

The main features of Snazzy. AI are its templates. There are more than 45 templates that are divided into:

Each category is divided further into multiple sections. 

So, for example, if you click on Landing Pages and Websites templates, you’ll see more templates for headlines and descriptions, features, benefits, etc.


Regardless of what type of template you use, you need to provide cues such as the topic of your writing, target audience, and the tone of voice

In a matter of minutes, you’ll get multiple options that you can further tweak or edit.


What other features does Snazzy.AI offer?

✒️A project feature - It represents a collection of information about your company or product or service. 

Snazzy.AI uses the information you share in your profile to generate relevant content while matching it to your brand and tone.

✒️A writer feature - It is a long-form writing canvas (with no character limits) where you can write, edit, and save content directly within the app.

✒️Built-in Grammarly - integrated into the Writer feature to help give you help on you with grammar, formatting, spelling, etc.

✒️A translation feature - You can get translation in 30+ languages. 

It is also important to mention that Snazzy.AI works on credits, and depending on the pricing plan, you get 40, 200 or unlimited number of credits.

Snazzy.AI: Pricing

Snazzy.AI offers three pricing plans, one Free and two Premium.


And no story about AI writing tools is complete without going through their main pros and cons.

Snazzy.AI: Pros & Cons

Snazzy.AI Pros

✅ It is easy to use.

✅ It has numerous AI templates.

✅ It is good for marketers.

Snazzy.AI Cons

⛔ It has less features than some competitors.

⛔ Only Unlimited Pricing plans works without credits.

⛔ It doesn’t have a Plagiarism checker.

Before we move on to Snazzy.AI alternatives, let’s check the Snazzy.AI scoreboard.

Snazzy: Scoreboard

As a special bonus, we’ve prepared a scoreboard for Snazzy.AI and its alternatives, and ranked them according to their features, performance, UX/UI and pricing.


Overall, Snazzy.AI is a time-saving tool that helps you generate content quickly and easily.

However, if you need to create long-form content, or need more writing features and tools, you should consider some of our Snazzy.AI alternatives.

Top 3 Snazzy.AI Alternatives 

1. TextCortex


TextCortex is an AI-powered solution that helps you generate various forms of content: blog posts, product descriptions, sales copy, emails, newsletters, etc. 

It is a robust tool that combines general writing tools with eCommerce writing tools, making it very versatile in its use.

TextCortex: Features

TextCortex offers more than 60 templates divided into the following categories:


When it comes to other features, it provides a powerful set of writing tools such as:

✒️Long-form post feature - you can generate up to 300-word blog posts in one go.

✒️Bullet to email feature - you can generate emails from as little as three bullet points.

✒️Brainstorming features - you can get a creative kick with outlining, generating ideas,etc.

✒️Zeno mode - you get an AI output based on your first drafts.

✒️Zeno chat - You can your AI-generated output while communicating with AI writers in a conversational manner.

Furthermore, with TextCortex you can:

✒️Paraphrase and summarize your content so you can keep your message relevant and to the point.

✒️Change the tone of voice and choose from more than 10 different voices.

✒️Translate your content into 10+ different languages, etc.

TextCortex: Pricing

TextCortex offers three plans, one of them Free, which allows you 10 creations per day.

textcortex pricing

TextCortex: Pros & Cons

TextCortex Pros

✅ It can help you AI-generate, write and rewrite a wide range of content.

✅ It is available as Chrome Extension and web application.

✅ Its Zeno Chat enables you to quickly generate outputs.

✅ It is available in 2000+ most popular platforms.

✅ It has a freemium plan.

TextCortex Cons

⛔ It doesn’t have an offline mode.

TextCortex: Scoreboard


Now let’s check the next Snazzy.AI alternative.

2. Copysmith


Copysmith is an AI-writing tool that caters to marketers and eCommerce store owners because its main focus is on creating sales copies.

It uses GPT-3 to help you generate content for social media, ads, blogs, product descriptions, etc.

Copysmith: Features

With Copysmith you can:

✒️Generate bulk product descriptions - you just need to enter a few keywords and you’ll get more than 10 shorter copies. 

In addition, you can generate more action-oriented copy by entering your product’s main benefits and pain points.


✒️Generate bulk content 

✒️Create a campaign by using templates,

✒️And much more.

Speaking of templates, Copysmith offers various templates to create your new product description, landing page copy, meta tag, social media caption, etc.

In addition, you can also build your own template by using a Custom Content Generator. 

Regarding integrations, Copysmith has integrations with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

Copysmith: Pricing

Copysmith has three Premium plans and each comes with a 7-day free trial.


Copysmih: Pros & Cons

Copysmith Pros

✅ It is excellent for eCommerce content.

✅ It is fast and regularly updated.

✅ It provides templates.

Copysmith Cons

⛔ It doesn’t have a free plan.

⛔ It is pricey.

⛔ It isn’t that suitable for long-form content.

Copysmith: Scoreboard


And last but not least is Jasper.

3. Jasper


Jasper is yet another popular AI writing tool that helps you generate copies for your websites, blogs, landing pages, and other social media platforms.

Jasper: Features

Jasper offers templates as many of its alternatives, and it has 50+ templates divided into categories such as:

  • Frameworks
  • Email
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Ads
  • eCommerce
  • Social media
  • SEO, etc.

When it comes to other features, Jasper can help you create:

✒️Long-form posts - you can use a Boss Mode feature and add a topic and keywords. Afterwards, you’ll get an outline that you can tweak further. 

However, we should mention that you’ll have to do lots of back and forth and editing to get a full-length article.

✒️Use Jasper.ai Chat feature - You can ask questions, generate ideas, etc., in free-form conversation and generate generate persuasive and not robotic output.

✒️Integrate SurferSEO.com and Copyscape, but they are sold separately.

Jasper: Pricing

Jasper only offers Premium plans with a 5-day free trial and 10k credits each.


And now let’s Jasper’s main pros and cons.

Jasper: Pros & Cons

Jasper Pros

✅ It can generate a wide range of content.

✅ It has a Chrome extension.

✅ It can create SEO-optimized content.

Jasper Cons

⛔ It can be pricey.

⛔ It has limited features in the Starter plan

⛔ It isn’t as intuitive as other competitors.

Jasper: Scoreboard


And before we wrap things up, let’s see Snazzy.AI and its alternatives in a comparison table.


These were our top 3 Snazzy.AI alternatives. We hope we’ve provided you with enough information to make your final decision clearer.

Wrapping It Up

Each of the Snazzy.AI alternatives we’ve presented is a robust tool that can help you enhance your writing and raise it to a new level.

Furthermore, each of them has unique advantages and shortcomings and the right choice depends on your budget and needs.

But if we were you, we’d go for TextCortex


Apart from the most robust writing tools, it offers most in its free plan. Plus, you don’t need to provide credit card info.

Furthermore, you can use the TextCortex extension on more than 2000 platforms.

And as a cherry on top, we offer great affiliate and referral programs.

Sounds enticing enough to get you started?

Download our Chrome extension today and start generating unique and targeted content.


1. Who are Snazzy.AI Top Competitors?

Apart from our top picks, the most popular Snazzy.AI competitors are: TextCortex, Jasper, Copy.Ai, Shortly.AI, and Rytr, to name a few.

2. What are The Best AI Tools to Write Content Faster?

There are great AI tools that can help you write your content faster without compromising quality. Currently, apart from Flowrite, TextCortex, Markcopy and Anyword are ranking high. For a more detailed look at each of these tools, jump to our blog 3 Best Flowrite Alternatives For Writing Content Faster.

3. Is CopyAI better than Jarvis?

Both tools are excellent in what they do and the ultimate winner will depend on your business needs. Overall, Copy.AI is good for creating Ads copies and other short-form copies, while Jarvis is better with long-form content. And if you want an in-depth comparison of both tools, our blog Copy.Ai Vs Jarvis.Ai - Which One Is Better For You is a perfect read for you.