Did you know that content writers still spend an average of 3h and 55 minutes to write a good blog post?

That is usually because they believe AI writing tools can never fully replace human capabilities of research and natural output. 

That is true, but instead of focusing on AI tools replacing writers, what if they can be assistants that make their job easier by providing pre-made templates?

Still, so many writing tools promise that they will be your best writing assistant. With so many features that come with a price, how can you know which one will suit your personal needs?

Today we will talk about Anyword vs. Jarvis, the two most popular writing tools, to help you choose the best writing assistant for you.

Let’s jump right in.

The benefits of AI writing tools for your writing

AI writing tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to help writers with their work by generating texts and offering suggestions based on your writing.

AI writing tools help you:

  • Identify grammar and spelling errors by flagging them - Saving time to proofread your texts and help you avoid putting out content with grammatical and style errors.
  • Make your writing more concise with suggestions - To make your texts more user-friendly, which will result in readers staying longer on your page.`
  • Generate content faster with one click - Allowing you to create content 8 times faster than usual.
  • Incorporate keywords more naturally by knowing the basics of SEO- Resulting in your better SEO on various platforms.
  • Write both long and short-form content - By using various AI writing tool templates, you can switch from ad copy to blog post content in seconds, meaning you can get content for various platforms quickly.

So let’s see what Anyword and Jarvis can do for you.

Anyword Overview


Anyword is a writing tool that helps you create, analyze, and find better ways to improve your texts with many pre-made templates and features.

With Anyword, you can write faster and improve your copy-writing skills by using user-friendly, SEO-optimized texts generated with this writing assistant. You can use Anyword to create:

  • Ads copies - By using Anyword’s templates for Google, Facebook, and other ads, you can save time and create ads for different platforms in minutes.
  • Social media descriptions -  With a social media description template, you no longer have to worry about writing concise and engaging descriptions for your posts.
  • Product descriptions - By creating product descriptions automatically, you can switch the focus from the copy to the product itself.
  • Headlines - Create eye-catching headlines that will grab your reader’s attention in seconds, resulting in more clicks and sales.
  • Emails - Use pre-made email templates to improve your email marketing strategy with the latest trends and create emails that get replies.

Yet, keep in mind that Anyword uses GPT-3 technology and doesn’t have a plagiarism checker, so you can’t be sure if you have generated 100% original content.

Who is Anyword best for

Anyword is best for eCommerce business owners or social media marketers who need help creating a short-form copy at scale.

Jarvis Overview


Jarvis ( also known as Jasper) is an online AI writing tool that helps you create both long-form and short-form content in seconds by using some of their 50+ pre-made templates.

You can use Jarvis to write high-quality and precise content in over 25+ languages in seconds without wasting a lot of time on research and proofreading. 

You can start writing and use Jarvis.ai to generate the rest of your text, or you can use a specific template for your copywriter’s needs.

You can use Jarvis to create:

  • Blog post introductions - After writing the main points of your blog post, Jarvis will help you make an engaging introduction in seconds by incorporating your main points.
  • Content from scratch - Eliminate writer’s block and continue where you left off. You can just start writing, and Jarvis can generate the next couple of sentences for you.
  • Article outlines - If you don’t know what your article should look like, Jarvis can help you outline it to make it easier for you to follow it and write.
  • Email Subject Lines - Focus on the body of the email and craft a perfect subject line with Jarvis that will help increase your email open rate.
  • Ads - Following the specific platform’s framework, Jarvis can help you generate numerous ads in seconds, so you can just post them immediately.

Who is Jarvis best for

Jarvis is best for business owners, companies, or freelance writers who want a writing assistant to generate their short copy or part of their blog posts.

Anyword vs. Jarvis Comparison

Now you know what Anyword and Jarvis are and what problems they solve. 

Let’s compare them, so you can conclude which one to use:

Anyword vs. Jarvis.ai -Performance

Many AI writing tools promise to create unique, valuable content in seconds.

Yet, some of them either create repetitive content or don’t create them fast enough.

How do Anyword and Jarvis perform? Let’s dive in.

Anyword Performance

Anyword can create new content in a couple of seconds, and you can easily switch from one feature to another. All of the features in the tool perform well. You will always get output according to the template of your choice.

Sometimes Anyword can create some similar outputs, so you need to check them before you use them, resulting in you getting a proper form because of the templates, but not always good content.

You can create a new output but lose credits every time you click create, which means not every creation is useful, but every creation will cost you credits.

Jarvis Performance

Jarvis performs even faster and more smoothly than Anyword, creating content in a few seconds.

Still, Jarvis uses  GPT-3 technology which may result in repetitive content and similar outputs.

After you see confusing or repetitive sentences, you can generate more, but you lose credits on the way.

Jarvis has an option to restore credits if you think that the generated text is not good. Still, you can use this option limited.

Anyword vs. Jarvis.ai - Features

The main difference between numerous AI writing tools is the different features meant for various users, platforms, and content writing needs.

Yet, many AI writing tools have features that are better for either short-form or long-form writing. 

Let’s see the main features of Anyword and Jarvis.

Anyword features

Anyword has a lot of templates for short-form copy and many features for editing your texts. Yet, it lacks long-form content writing, such as longer posts and blog posts.

You can use Anyword:

1. As an online tool for expanding your sentences or making them less complex for your readers.

You just paste your original sentence and click create to expand a sentence.

2. To craft copy according to the most popular frameworks, such as AIDA, PASS, or BAB.

To make copy, you just need to type in the brand/product’s name and product description.


3. Find templates for your social media copy, such as Instagram descriptions or LinkedIn posts.


Some of the features Anyword lacks are plagiarism-checker and long-form writing.

Jarvis features

Jarvis has many features for both short-form and long-form content writing. One of the main features is voice- recording, which transcribes your voice into text.

Also, you can use Jarvis to create your blog post from scratch when you have writer’s block and can’t start creating content.

Jarvis has features that are good for:

1. Creating parts of your blog post, such as the blog post conclusion paragraph. You just need to enter the main points of your blog post, CTA, and tone of voice. 

After that, you just click create, and on the right side, you will have output based on your previous input.

2. Rephrasing and finding grammar mistakes. Just paste your text and click on the features you want to use.

 For example, if you click on the re-phrase tool and select your sentence, you will have a rephrased sentence in seconds.

Jarvis has many more features you can try and use for your content writing. 

Just keep in mind that you need to spend a lot of money on credits because the credit system doesn’t offer unlimited words. 

Anyword vs. Jarvis.ai - UI/UX

A user-friendly interface is essential, especially for beginners who just want to get the hang of it immediately.

Yet many AI writing tools focus on the features and leave it up to the reader to navigate through the platform and self-learn.

Let’s see how Anyword and Jarvis designed their interface.


Anyword has done a very good job of making its interface easy to navigate and get to the features as soon as possible.

You just enter your email and create a free account. Then you click on the create button, and you get a blank page, and all of your tool options are on the left.

You need to use the online tool, there is no Chrome extension, but it integrates with landing pages.



Jarvis has an interface with a good and modern design, but it can be tricky for users to navigate and use it at the beginning.

Usually, beginners need to watch their guide to learn how to use the platform efficiently.

You need to create an account, choose a plan, enter your credit card and then start a 5-day- free trial.

When you get to the templates page, it is very well organized, and you can see all the available templates. Once you start creating, the interface is more well-organized and user-friendly, so you can find what you need quickly.



Many online AI writing tools offer a free trial for new users to use and test their features.

Still, many are not economical when you need to switch to a paid premium account.

Let’s compare Anyword’s and Jarvis’s pricing plans to see what fits your budget.

Anyword’s pricing plan

Anyword has a free trial with 1000 credits/words per month. It also offers two premium plans that have limited and unlimited credits:


Jarvis’s pricing plan

Jarvis has a 5-day free trial and 3 paid premium plans with limited credits/ words.



All AI writing tools have benefits and things they can improve.

Yet, some pros outweigh the cons and vice versa.

Let’s see what it is like with Anyword vs. Jarvis.

Anyword Pros and Cons


Easy to log in and use - Making it easier for beginners to navigate and test the platform faster.

✅ Unlimited free trial - You have limited words per month/, but you can use the free trial without a due date, making it suitable for those who want to test the features longer.

✅ Good for short-copy - Offers various templates that can help you create copy at scale within minutes.


❌Doesn’t have a plagiarism- checker -  You will need to switch to another plagiarism checker to make sure your texts are 100% original.

 ❌Repetitive output - GPT-3 technology recycles old patterns and texts, meaning that you sometimes get repetitive, illogical output that you can’t use.

❌Lack of long-content templates - No features can help you with longer blog posts, making it not useful for people who make blog posts.

❌No Chrome extension- Making it an extra effort to move from the tool to multiple platforms to copy and paste the content.

Jarvis Pros and Cons


✅ Has both long-form and short-form templates - You can generate content both for your website and multiple social media platforms in minutes.

✅Creates SEO-optimized content - The content you will create will be SEO-optimized. Thus, you will rank better on Google.

✅ 5-day free trial - In five days, you can test all the features for free and decide if the tool is the right for your work.


GPT- 3 technology - Recycled content can sometimes lead to plagiarised or confusing output that you need to edit and proofread after creating it.

Expensive - The premium options cost a lot, so beginners or small businesses usually can’t afford them.

Limited Credits - Even with a paid plan, you are still limited with credits/ word per month, so you have to measure your word count nonstop.

Comparison Table

If you are still not sure are you on team Anyword or team Jarvis, here is a comparison table:


Conclusion- Which writing tool works best for you

Researching about an AI writing tool before you start using it will help you save time and money. You can use the free trials to test the features and the performance and see if the tool fits your needs.

Yeah, but what if you test a tool and some of the aspects of it are good, but some don’t work for you?

For example, Anyword is nice for business owners and social media managers who want to deliver numerous short content for different platforms. 

Yet, it lacks templates for long-format writing, which can be tricky for websites.

Also, Jarvis has amazing templates that can help you in every writing situation, and it delivers sentences in seconds. 

Still, sometimes it gives repetitive output you need to edit and proofread, which costs you more time, and it is quite expensive.

What’s the alternative? Well, having all these cons in our minds, we decided to create TextCortex.

TextCortex is an AI writing tool that can help you create both long-form and short-form content in seconds. How does it work?

The difference between TextCortex and other AI writing tools is that you will never get plagiarized, repetitive, and confusing content from it

TextCortex uses user-case modules that don’t recycle content but create original ones based on the keywords you entered.

You will save time both by creating various content in minutes, but you don’t need to proofread it and check if it is original or not, making it even more efficient.

 TextCortex provides you with:

  • Various use-case modules -  Making the output more personalized and 100% original because it is created based on billions of inputs we used to train our modules.
  • Chrome extension - Allowing you to work directly within any textbox online without wasting time constantly switching tabs.
  • Unlimited free trial - You can use the free version as long as you like. You have limited monthly credits and can test the tool whenever possible.
  • Short and long-form templates - Allowing you to create both short-form and long-form content whenever you need to.
  • Easy to use -  The tool is easy to use, making it amazing for beginners who want to test it as soon as possible.

Don’t waste time and money. Download the TextCortex Chrome Extension for free, and start creating unique content that engages with your audience today.