Are you aware that you can utilize free AI writing tools without subscribing to the pricing plans?

You should put in a lot of patience if you wish to create a lengthy piece, because our ability to write well depends not just on our creativity but also on a regular writing routine.

It's safe to say that the real writing nightmare begins when you combine a tight deadline with a writer's block moment.

The good news is that a few kind souls decided to alter the course of history by developing groundbreaking AI writing tools. 

They can improve the writing process in terms of quality, time, consistency, and excitement.

In addition, you don't have to shell out a fortune to experience the freedom of writing without having to deal with boring and exhausting tasks.

In this article, you will find a list of the 7 best free AI writing assistant tools, which will allow you to write your long-form masterpiece with the confidence of a pro writer.

Let's check them out!

7 Best Free AI Writing Assistant Tools To Nail Down Your Long-Form Content

Depending on your specific writing demands, any one of these 7 best AI writing assistant tools will be an invaluable asset in helping you overcome obstacles and sharpen your writing skills.

1. TextCortex

Text Cortex is a use-case module-based AI writing assistant designed to AI-generate any writing form your business requires.

One of the most popular TextCortex abilities lies in the rewriting extension, which can enable you to experience the paraphrasing features on a completely different level.

It can paraphrase paragraphs and sentences in bulk, transform your bullets into email, create entire blog posts, and even expand your text on 30+ online platforms.

That includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Hemingway, Gmail, Notion and more.

Furthermore, the Chrome extension is fully integrated with the TextCortex browser app.

This functionality can enable you to simultaneously tweak your content — combining manual writing and rewriting features with 20+ different AI writing templates in 72+ languages.

And finally, if you need to edit your content (import pictures, adjust font, heading type, etc.), you can leverage the editable canvas and save your projects as templates for future use.

Hot Features

✅Extension’s Paraphrase feature 

The 'Paraphrase' feature allows you to quickly and easily paraphrase entire paragraphs or several sentences at once for improved clarity. 

Using this feature, you can make your content more readable and easier to understand.

Simply choose the text you want to reword, click on the logo, choose the 'Paraphrase' option, and then wait for the results. 

When using TextCortex, you'll have a few different options for the final product. You can repeatedly rewrite your text as many times as you need it.

✅Extension’s Blog Body feature

You can use the 'Blog Body' feature to generate your blog posts directly on the platform you need (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.)

Just start with a 5-word-idea, highlight it, click on the logo, and choose the long-form post option.

TextCortex will provide at least two long-form output variations on the subject for you to choose from. If you're unsatisfied with the given text, you can re-use the feature as often as you need.

Besides, within the window you are generating text, the TextCortex extension enables you to combine all available features.

✅Extension’s Bullet to Email feature

The 'Bullet to Email' feature is the type that genuinely stands out with its functionality. Instead of repeatedly writing emails or re-using email templates, you can keep them fresh and personalized for any occasion.

Simply write key takeaways in the form of bullets, select the text, click on the logo, and choose the 'Bullet to Email' feature.

As you can see, TextCortex will then generate those key points into an ideal email form ready for sending.

✅Extension’s Autocomplete (Expand) feature

The 'Autocomplete' feature is designed to extend any form of text into a longer form output. 

So, for example, if you need to write product descriptions for your products, all you need is to list the features and benefits in bullets or sentences.

Select your text, hit the logo, and choose the 'Autocomplete' feature. 

TextCortex will also provide at least two possible outcomes so you can choose which one perfectly matches the form of output you need.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫Tone & Summarizer features are coming soon.


TextCortex offers forever-free and 2 premium plans:


#2 Quillbot

Quillbot is another AI-powered writing tool most authors utilize to improve their skills.

This AI writing assistant enables you to rewrite your phrases in multiple styles and summarize and extend them.

Furthermore, Quillbot's Premium plan's users can manually edit the content and carry out tasks like summarizing, producing citations, and checking for plagiarism.

You can use it to edit any writing type you require, including articles, essays, paperwork, and more.

Quillbot is available as a stand-alone web application and add-on.

Hot Features

✅ 2+5 Paraphrasing modes — Rewrites your content in a different tone of voice.

✅ Grammar Checker — Corrects all your grammar mistakes and typos.

✅ Plagiarism Checker — Scans your content for uniqueness and originality.

✅ Co-writer — Editable canvas for editing different text forms with all available features at hand.

✅ Summarizer — Extracts a high-level summary of your text and a list of its key points.

✅ Citation generator — Generate full and in-text citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫 Quillbot is an AI writing assistant that aims to help you improve the context of your writing at no cost. Unfortunately, it lacks any capabilities that would allow it to generate AI independently.


Quillbot comes with a forever-free and 1 premium plan:

#3 CopyAI is an AI copywriting tool useful primarily for digital marketers and online business owners who want to outsource their marketing needs quickly and effortlessly.

Crowdsourced content is their forte, and their service uses AI to produce high-quality data in no more than two paragraphs for long-form content. can quickly generate various content forms such as product descriptions, social media posts, ads, website copies, etc.

In addition, it provides features to help you edit your text for better engagement and readability.

In addition, is available as a standalone browser application.

Hot Features

✅ Spelling and grammar checker — Checks for grammar errors and typos.

✅ 25+ Languages — Allows you to create content in various languages.

✅ Competitive headlines — Provides inspiration for potential article subjects.

✅ Tone checker — Assesses the affective tone of your content.

✅ Content generation — Provides engaging phrases for paragraphs based on your input.

✅ 80+ templates — Offers various AI templates for easy AI generation of content.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫 writing tool can be a little overwhelming because it provides many features for different purposes. Therefore, you might need a little time to get used to it.

Pricing comes with a forever-free and 1 premium plan:

#4 Wordtune

Wordtune is a sentence rewriting tool powered by artificial intelligence. It offers a wide range of syntactic options designed to assist writers in making their work more readable and effective.

It uses linguistic models to rapidly generate lexical and grammatical variations of original sentences by providing alternatives for a given concept.

Wordtune's primary arsenal offers features such as paraphrasing, modifying the tone of voice, and customizing the length of the text.

Hot Features

✅ Rewrite suggestions — Paraphrase words and phrases with more appropriate options.

✅ Casual rephrase option — Reduce the formality of your sentences.

✅ Formal rephrase option — Add a more official and businesslike tone to your writing.

✅ Shorten feature — Allows you to convey the same meaning in fewer words.

✅ Expand feature — Extend your thoughts with more information.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫 Wordtune AI writing tool doesn’t have the ability to rewrite sentences and paragraphs in bulk. This can be a problem if you need to modify a large portion of your text at once.


Wordtune provides forever-free plan with 2 additional premium plans:

#5 Rytr

The Rytr AI Writing Tool is an AI-powered software that allows you to quickly and easily write blog posts and other content for any niche. 

When compared to other available options, Rytr eliminates the need to create a rough draft before making any edits. 

Instead, you can craft your content straight in a website app and receive instant feedback on the spot.

Users of all experience levels can find something of value in Rytr's numerous features. 

Among these capabilities is the swift and accurate detection of sentence errors, which enables even those unfamiliar with grammar rules to get to work immediately.

Rytr is available as a web-based editor and as an app for Android and iOS devices.

Hot Features

Spelling and grammar suggestions — Checks for writing errors.

Tone checker — Takes into account the emotional tone of the content.

Plagiarism checker — The integral plagiarism detector that ensures your work is original.

Style editor — Determines whether content complies to a particular writing style's rules.

Content generation — Keyword-driven sentence and paragraph suggestions.

SEO analyzer — Helps you find optimal keywords to create brief content.

‘Batch Writing’ feature — Helps you compose multiple articles simultaneously.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫 Rytr occasionally has a tendency to repeat output, which is bad for users who only have a certain number of words per month.


Rytr offers a forever-free and 2 paid plans:

#6 Grammarly

Grammarly is an app or browser extension that checks your grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and other things in real time on Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and other platforms. 

It is an AI-powered piece of software designed by linguists and engineers to recognize patterns of good writing and give suggestions on how to improve the text.

Nowadays, Grammarly is one of the best free AI writing assistant tools, used by many students and academic writers worldwide.

Hot Features

✅Goal targets — Offers a variety of goals, including academic, formal, knowledgeable, etc.

✅Correctness suggestions — Detects grammatical and spelling errors.

✅Clarity suggestions — Accentuates unclear sentences and unnecessary words.

✅Engagement suggestions — Highlights dull words or phrases.

✅Built-in plagiarism checker — Ensures that your content is original and unique.

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫 Grammarly occasionally makes unclear and wrong suggestions. Furthermore, it cannot AI-generate your writing (all ideas are predefined, giving you no influence over them).


You can get Grammarly with forever-free plan, or by subscribing to one of the 2 paid plans:

#7 Hemingway

Hemingway is an AI writing tool that emphasizes both style and readability.

Its primary purpose is to identify perplexing sentences because they contain too many adverbs, passive voice, words with simpler alternatives, or too long labels.

In addition, Hemingway will highlight sentences that need to be edited in a different color, making it easy to spot and fix problems.

Hot Features

Editable canvas — Allows you to create and edit the text within an editable surface.

Readability score — Provides readability grade on the content you provide.

Word count — Provides information about reading time, letters, characters, words, sentences, and paragraph count.

Colorized writing suggestions — Emphasizes the sentences that need adjustments for a higher readability score. It will label hard-to-read sentences, adverbs and passive voice. 

The Biggest Disadvantage

🚫Hemingway is only available as a web interface, and you can’t save your projects for later use.


Wrapping Up

Our goal in compiling this list of the best free AI writing assistant tools is to help you find your faithful writing companion - one that will take care of the boring, repetitive parts of writing so you can focus on the more exciting parts.

But if you are looking to find a solution that will give you a solid base and help you improve the quality and consistency of your writing, we recommend that you give TextCortex a try.

By utilizing it in your writing flow, TextCortex will:

  • Raise your level of efficiency.
  • Take away 80% of your writing work
  • Assist you in mass-producing content
  • Boost your creativity
  • Improve your writing skills in the process

Get Chrome extension today and earn 15 daily creations to test our features and experience the lighter and more exciting side of writing.