Flowrite is an AI writing tool that comes in handy when writing professional sales or business emails from scratch.

Yet, many business owners and content creators don’t just work with emails but with other platforms as well. 

Flowrite can help you create emails for your email marketing campaign in seconds, but

it can’t help you if you write social media captions or blog posts, for example.

Plus, Flowrite usually generates short emails, so you have to add sentences manually for longer ones.

An all-in-one tool can help you create content on any platform, regardless of length or purpose.

But where to find that all-in-one AI writing tool?

Today we will talk about the 3 Best Flowrite alternatives you can test and use for your business so you don’t waste time creating content for different platforms every day.

Let’s dive in.

Flowrite Overview

Flowrite is an AI writing tool that can help you write sales and business emails easily by choosing one of their templates.

To use Flowrite, all you need to do is:

  • Write a couple of sentences so that the tool can catch the context of the email
  • Click on the Flowrite icon
  • Copy the generated text.

Here is what Flowrite’s output looks like:


The main feature of Flowrite is creating emails with dozens of templates for various situations.

You can change the tone of your email easily without changing the words or grammatical structures on your own.

With one click, the tone of your message can be more casual or formal.

Flowrite Pros

✅ Various templates for emails - You can create business, sales, or job offer emails in seconds, so you are prepared for any email writing task.

✅ Chrome extension -  You can generate emails directly in your email service provider, so you don’t waste time switching platforms.

✅ Tone changer -  You can easily change the tone of your message so that it fits the desired context without much effort.

Flowrite Cons

Limited features - You are limited to email templates only, so you can’t use this tool for copy or blog posts.

❌ Not available immediately - You can’t test the tool immediately because there is a waitlist.

Short output - The tool usually doesn’t generate longer emails, so sometimes you need to edit or add more text.

Flowrite Ratings


Flowrite is free, but there is a waitlist. They offer custom premium plans once you are off the waitlist.

3 Best Flowrite Alternatives

1. TextCortex 

TextCortex is the Flowrite alternative that helps you create content for various writing tasks  with pre-made templates.

With the Chrome extension, you can work on any writing task directly on any platform and create killer content in seconds.

You don’t need to worry about length. You can always extend the text with a single click, so the tool generates more sentences that fit the context.

Why is TextCortex a good option for you?

Unlike many GPT-3 AI writing tools, TextCortex uses use-case models and creates original content.

It means you don’t have to worry about plagiarism or being flagged by Google.

To create killer emails with TextCortex, all you need to do:

  • Enter and highlight the bullet points so that the tool gets the context of your message
  • Click on the “Bullet points to email” feature
  • Copy the output that fits you best


The AI writing tool has a feature specialized for creating emails from your bullet points. Still, numerous other features can help you create content faster:

  • Blog posts from scratch -  Don’t waste time brainstorming. With this feature, you can end writer’s block and create longer texts in minutes.
  • Product descriptions -  Create engaging product descriptions at scale, so you can focus on selling and not writing.
  • Social media captions -  Generate attention-grabbing captions for all of your social media profiles in one tool.

You can use TextCortex to generate texts or edit existing ones with features such as “Rephrase a sentence.”

TextCortex Pros

Multiple features - You can cover all your writing tasks with one tool and make your content marketing strategy more efficient.

✅ Free trial -  You can test the tool immediately for free, so you will know quickly if it is the right one.

Chrome extension -  You can create texts directly within any textbox online, so you don’t waste time switching platforms.

✅ Multilingual -  You can generate texts in 70+ languages, so you are not limited to writing in English only.

✅  Extend text option -  You don’t need to add extra paragraphs for longer texts. With one click, you can generate more text that follows the context.

TextCortex Cons

❌ No offline mode - For now, there is no offline mode, so you need access to the internet.

TextCortex Ratings


TextCortex has a free plan and 2 premium plans: Unlimited & Lite starting at $7.99.

text cortex pricing

2. MarkCopy

MarkCopy is an AI writing tool that can help you create content from scratch with numerous templates.

You can use templates to create copy for emails, Facebook ads, social media posts, etc.

You can create texts from scratch with their writing assistant feature. All you need to do is:

  • Start writing in the text box, so the tool gets the context of your text
  • Highlight your sentences
  • Click on “ write more text”
  • Copy the output


You can create texts from scratch with their writing assistant feature. Also, there are 2 more features:

  • Plagiarism checker - You can check if your text can be flagged by Google for plagiarism.
  • Tone changer - You can change the tone of your paragraph in one click so that it can fit a different context easily.

MarkCopy Pros

Numerous templates -  Use 40+ templates and speed up your writing no matter the task.

✅ User-friendly -  Navigate the platform easily, making it a good fit for beginners.

✅ Expand texts - Expand texts on demand, so you can always generate more sentences in one click.

MarkCopy Cons

❌ No chrome extension -  You can use the web application only, so you need to switch platforms constantly, making it time-consuming.

❌ Expensive - The limited premium accounts can be pricey for beginners or smaller business owners.

❌ Not multilingual  - You can only create texts in English and French.

MarkCopy Ratings


MarkCopy has a free trial and 3 premium plans.

3. Anyword

Anyword is an online writing tool that helps you quickly create engaging copy for ads, headlines, and descriptions.

The tool has multiple features specialized for different copywriting tasks, so you can quickly generate more copies.

However, you can’t write longer content with Anyword or extend a text. Therefore it is only suitable for shorter copies.

To create copies with Anyword, all you have to do is:

  • Enter the text in the left textbox
  • Click on “ Generate”
  • Copy the generated text in the right textbox


The main feature is rewriting your text quickly with Anyword. You can also create:

  • A blog post outline - You can use Anyword to quickly get the idea of what your blog post should look like.
  • Landing page copy -  Create copy that converts in minutes, so you don’t have to spend time finding the right words for your landing page.
  • Email subject lines  - Generate concise and engaging email subject lines quickly so you can have a higher open rate.

Anyword Pros

✅ User-friendly - Good UI/UX helps you test the tool properly without wasting time finding the template you need.

✅ Free trial - You can test the tool without paying to know right away if it is worth your time and money.

Anyword Cons

Lack of long-form templates - You can’t generate longer texts from scratch, just an outline.

Repetitive output - Sometimes, the tool generates repetitive output that you can’t use for your copy.

❌ No plagiarism checker - You have to use a different tool to check if your generated text is original, which is time-consuming.

Anyword Ratings


Anyword has a free trial and two premium ones.


We hope this list will help you find the right Flowrite alternative to make your workflow more efficient.

Flowrite is a good tool for generating engaging emails for different purposes.

Yet, many content creators don’t only create email campaigns but also content for social media, blogs, and product descriptions.

Creating content for multiple platforms can be challenging and time-consuming, so a tool that can help you in any writing situation is handy.

This is where TextCortex can help you out.

You can use TextCortex to create:

  • Unique content in seconds -  You don’t have to check texts or be afraid of Google flagging you. TextCortex is 100% safe to use.
  • Both long-form and short-form content -  Numerous templates and the “Extend text” option can help you complete your writing tasks properly.
  • Paraphrased and summarized texts - You don’t need to switch to other tools. Everything you need for editing your text is in one platform.
  • Wherever you want - The Chrome Extension makes it easier to write directly in any text box on any platform without constantly switching

Download the TextCortex Chrome extension today and save up to 80% of your writing time, no matter the writing task.