Did you know that the average email open rate is 19.8%, the click-through rate is 11.3%, and the bounce rate is 9.4 percent across all industries?

Email marketing is your primary source of better leads, practical conversions, and excellent ratings, whether you are running a small or large business.

If that is not the case with your current business, that is most likely due to your poor marketing strategy rather than the benefits of marketing emails themselves.

And we don’t blame you since, as a marketer, you already have a lot of other things to do to stay above your competition.

Marketers who deploy segmented campaigns report revenue increases of up to 760%.

To successfully head this road, we collected the 10 most effective email marketing hacks to help you drive results in scaling up conversions and higher open rates.

Let’s get into it.

What Are Email Marketing Hacks And Why Do You Need Them?

Any marketing or business hacks are a collection of the most successful techniques that assist you in avoiding the familiar pitfalls and challenges preventing you from getting the results you deserve.

They are beneficial for startups and small companies with a limited budget that needs to expand rapidly.

During 12 months, 78 percent of marketers increased email interaction once they integrated email marketing into their business.

Email marketing hacks explain and guide you to successfully grow your business, improve your marketing technique, and gain more customers and higher revenues.

Let’s check them out.

10 Best Email Marketing Hacks To Take Your Business To The Next Level

1. Collect Email Addresses From Everywhere

You can gather email addresses in various methods, the easiest of which is your blog's homepage or social networking accounts.

You can place the subscription form anywhere on your homepage, such as:


Another fantastic option is to have a registration option where the user gives their information anyway –  for example when registering for your website or placing an order.


Likewise, social media is your secret weapon for an extra boost in attracting more leads.

Depending on your industry and type of business, you're probably already on social media, engaging with your followers with amusing photos, informative messaging, and creative competitions.

Promote the newsletter and sign-up on your social media channels so the people can easily find it.


This is a good practice because potential subscribers are more likely to pay attention to your newsletter if they view it more than once.

2. Write Eye-Catching Subject Line

“A subject line is like a newspaper headline, a title on a book’s spine, or the key slogan of a print media ad. It tells the user what this is all about. And it should do so in sparkling style — seamlessly channeling your brand.”
— Win Goodbody, senior product manager, Sitka Technology Group

Writing an eye-catching subject line is one of the most effective email marketing hacks, equally important as writing an attractive blog title for your article.

It is the customer's first interaction with your email and the only thing that makes them decide whether to open it or not.

So crafting a subject line is the first and most crucial step responsible for attracting customers' attention.

Depending on your approach to the subject line, you can invoke different emotions that will trigger that necessary click on the email.

Let's have a look at a few examples:

  • "I assure you, you will not regret this." –  Trust
  • "Claim your gift before it expires." – Curiosity
  • "Last chance to get 50% off on sign-up!" - Limited resources
  • "This is how you gain more traffic on your website, my friend!" -  Narrative
  • "10 reasons you should quit smoking now." - Urgency 
  • "Your new perfect marketing assistant."- Attractiveness

You can follow these simple guidelines to achieve these emotions with ease:

  • Write in a natural-sounding tone.
  • Avoid using slogans that are easy to remember.
  • Ask questions rather than capitalizing each word.
  • Give special attention to your opening sentence.
  • Mind your grammar.

The goal justifies the means —  utilize your originality to hook potential clients to read your email.

3. Support Your Subject Line With Appropriate Body Content

To establish stable and robust communication with potential customers, you must know how to motivate them to take an interest in what you have to say.

We have already established that the subject line is the essential part of the email that is in charge of attracting the attention of potential customers.

The compelling and fearless content in the body of the email is what closes the deal.

If you don't have an intriguing story to tell or an exciting proposal, all the effort with a suitable subject line is a waste.

Here are some of the body email marketing hacks that you can use to motivate your potential customers to take an interest in your offer:

1. Include Storytelling Technique 

The story-telling technique is the most common way of writing marketing emails.

Write the emails as if you are typing exciting content for an article.

The subject line is your topic, the introduction is a short retrospective on the problem, and the elaboration of the story provides a potential solution that can fix that problem.

And last but not least, the conclusion is your offer.


A compelling tale always hits the correct target if it is well-crafted — use your imagination and ingenuity.

Remember that people enjoy hearing about other people's stories, experiences, dreams, and disappointments.

2. Include Humor

The rule is that you should be professional in your emails, but a little humor is never out of the line in the business world.

Of course, this does not mean you should force humor on every occasion, but a few funny stories and anecdotes can be beneficial sometimes.

Not only will they make your subscribers read your emails, but some of them will start collaborating with you because of them.


Humor can work wonders in marketing because laughter is the best medicine and because people genuinely adore funny brands.

Try this email marketing hack next time you want to reach out to your subscribers — you might be surprised by the results.

3. Empathize with your readers

Empathizing with your subscribers is the best form of personalization.

As people, especially in business, it is vital to know that the other party understands how to recognize potential troubles and situations that are out of the ordinary.

When crafting your marketing emails, try to put yourself in your subscribers' shoes:

  • What's bothering your targeted audience?
  • What feelings does a specific situation evoke?
  • How can you help here?

People are more willing to cooperate with you if you demonstrate empathy and compassion because it gives them the impression that they are in perfect hands.

4. Include Social Proof To Invoke Trust

The concept of social proof states that people will follow the acts of others if they believe those activities are reflective of correct behavior.

You can implement social proof in your emails in various ways, such as:

  • Telling your readers how many subscribers your emails list has
  • Include achievements and recognitions
  • Include reviews of your consumers

It is essential to be consistent with your quality and keep a good relationship with your subscribers to achieve a high satisfaction rate.

If you are socially active, you can use social media to share your expertise and knowledge with others.

People know to appreciate the excellent source of information, which can give your company a lot of boosts and gain new leads.


A trustworthy source gets its rewards through reviews and ratings — no one will dislike you for bragging about that.

On the contrary, readers will respond to your emails differently and will be curious to learn why you have so many followers.

5. Give A Reason For Forwarding

One of the best ways to move people into action is to give them something before asking for anything in return.

You can encourage your subscribers to forward your emails and help you expand your emailing list by offering referrals.

How to do that?

One of the ways is to set up referral possibilities on your website and develop a lead magnet to entice viewers.

However, if you're ready to look beyond the most basic list-building tactics, you can tap into your subscribers.

Ask your readers if they know anyone who could be interested in your content, and then encourage them to do so.

For example, if your subscribers forward your email, you might give them more credits or free trials.


The referral system opens up many opportunities for you to improve your leads, and it might be a massive step toward significant growth in your conversions.

6. Put HTML That Works Within Email’s Body

Thanks to HTML, we can achieve a far better effect with emails today.

One of the goals of using HTML in the body of the email is to make some processes more manageable, such as re-subscription or referring your offer to someone else.

Let's look at this Amazon email, which has brilliantly integrated HTML in the form of rankings, allowing shoppers to add a review and rate their purchase without leaving the email body.

This is a service that only a few companies provide, making the entire procedure much more straightforward.


When using HTML in your emails, consider every potential trick that will bring you more conversions.

7. Don’t Forget CTA Button

CTA is a well-known method of encouraging individuals to take action.

If you don't include a call-to-action in your emails, blogs, or websites, consumers won't know what to do once they've finished reading your content.

And many of us dislike reading something extraordinary and want to subscribe, follow up, or perhaps sign up, but that particular 'shortcut' is missing, and we have to search for it.

If you wonder what is so wrong with your marketing emails that your abandonment rate increases — well, this is it.

It's critical to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your emails, and one of the most innovative, visually powerful, and standard methods is with a 3D button.


When creating your call-to-action button, focus on just one that specifies the action you want your subscribers to perform for that particular type of email.

8. Offer ‘Unsubscribe’ Option

Consider the unsubscribe option as a filter that automatically screens out potential customers and eliminates those not interested in your offer.

This is a far better option than dealing with complaints about spamming emails that uninterested people see as an annoyance.

Besides, what is the point of having people on your emailing list that are not interested in your content or offer?


You can set your ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the end of each email.

Additionally, like in the example above, you can Include ‘Update Preferences’ if your users only want to adjust emails from you in a preferable way.

9. Optimize Emails To Be Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that launching a mobile-responsive email design can result in a 15% boost in unique mobile clicks?

If you want to increase your conversions big time, you should include mobile optimization when generating your emails.

That is because 58% of users check their email before checking out social media or the news.

Emails that are not optimized for mobile usually have bad formatting when people open them from the phone, negatively impacting your desired result.

When optimizing your emails for mobile, include the following tips:

  • Text before the header
  • Use device detection
  • Adjust columns to make them suitable for small screens
  • Image sizing
  • Font size

Because email service providers offer specific optimizations for mobile devices and PCs, it's only necessary to set them up for each device individually to be responsive for both.

10. Use Email Automation And Re-target Your Audience

As an email marketer, you may wonder ‘why bother with automation emails at all’?

Before we get into details, here are the top 3 stats from 2022 that can give you a little bit of encouragement about this hack.

  • Autoresponder emails have a whopping 98% open rate and a click-through rate of 37%.
  • The mapping of the customer experience (53%) and the usage of personalized messages (51 %) are the most effective automation strategies.
  • A 20% of retail, e-commerce, consumer goods, and services companies personalize emails based on gender, race, and ethnicity.

Now let’s take a look at what the email automation process looks like:


We will explain each step separately to understand better how email marketing hacks for automation can help you re-target your audience.

1. Awareness

Before making their first purchase, customers frequently provide their email addresses via newsletters or free trial versions.

Here you can initiate the contact with the first automated email and ask about their interests or offer assistance in answering any potential questions they might have.


The answer that you receive can give you plenty of information that you can use to learn more about these customers and win them over in the future.

Email alerts after an abandoned cart, for example, demonstrate how these first interactions can be incredibly beneficial in kicking off the customer journey.

2. Purchase

Many companies send a welcome email as part of the onboarding process.

Depending on the items or services you offer, this can be in the form of successful registration, purchase acceptance or order confirmation.

In this phase, you can use personalization, such as a signature from the CEO or a personally appointed contact person.

Additionally, you can share more information with your clients, such as training offers, videos, or community suggestions.


This way, you provide an optimal user experience and lay the groundwork for a long-term partnership.

3. Engage

The most important thing during this phase is to reduce the frequency of your emails to avoid the 'spam' moment.

Nevertheless, the most extended phase of the customer's journey offers potential for automated emails such as birthday wishes.

It's significant to avoid sending emails weekly or monthly in favor of responding to explicitly specified triggers - you are reminding them of your existence without any pressure.


This phase is an excellent opportunity to show good automation of customers' quality management processes.

For example, you can reduce the number of products on a customer's wishlist or sell products in groups specified by the customer to show them that your emails are more than just a 'cookie trackers.'

4. Retention

During this phase, you can use automated emails to prevent your customers from leaving

Remind your customers why they bought your product in the first place or why they should use it again. 


It is critical to understand your data to act effectively: 

  • What is the intention of your customers to churn? 
  • Are there recurring patterns that you can use to identify this phase? 

With this in mind, you can then compose emails that remind your customers why your product meets their needs.

5. Outreach

Complementary products or services, reminders to renew membership, or an offer to upgrade after the trial period expires.


You know best what opportunities are available to you during this customer journey phase – Use them!

Timing is everything —  get to know and understand your clients and their needs, to successfully convert them.

To Sum Up

If there is an issue with your email marketing, these 10 email marketing hacks will help you discover what to change.

We know that you are overwhelmed with work and that taking the time to organize your email marketing strategy better can be time-consuming.

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