Are you interested in keeping up with the latest business news? 

If so, signing up for newsletters is a good idea. 

In addition to providing the most recent data, they can also inform you of business news in various industries, useful tips and tricks, and other currently popular topics.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of some influential business people, who will share their wisdom on how they avoided common pitfalls.

In this article, we'll take a look at the 16 best business newsletters currently available that you can learn from daily.

In addition, we will provide a solution on how to make your own, just in case you want to tell the world about your business adventure.

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16 Best Business Newsletters to Check Out in 2024

1. Morning Brew


In just five minutes, users of Morning Brew can catch up on the latest developments in the worlds of business, economics, finance, entertainment, and more.

Their goal of newsletters is to give their audience accurate and actionable information about the economy, finance, and professional development.

Newsletter topics: Business, International, Economy, Finance, Tech, Education, Entertainment, Sports.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

2. Proof Galloway

Proof Galloway is a newsletter platform run by professor and best-selling author Scott Galloway.

It offers a popular blog and newsletter that cover cutting-edge developments in digital marketing, technologies, and relationships in the digital economy.

Newsletter topics: Relationships in the digital economy, technology, and digital marketing.

Newsletter schedule: Weekly.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

3. The Hustle


The Hustle is a Hubspot's daily newsletter that covers a wide range of professional fields in bite-sized, witty chunks. 

The Hustle covers business-related news of all kinds, including tech, stocks, scandals, and more, as long as they are noteworthy and have professional relevance.

Newsletter topics: Latest top business and technology stories.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

4. PitchBook


When it comes to information on the world's financial markets, nobody does it better than PitchBook.

If you need reliable data that is up-to-date and want to keep up with the dynamic financial markets and make educated predictions, then Pitch Book is an excellent choice for you.

VC, PE, and M&A industry updates are all included in the newsletters, so you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

Newsletter topics: Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: A free trial subscription.

5. CBInsights


In its capacity as a provider of data analysis and research, CBInsights aids businesses of all sizes in making more informed technological decisions. 

With the assistance of CBInsights, businesses can construct their tech strategies with greater efficiency.

Newsletter topics: Insights on tech marketers, competitor strategy, and tech vendors and partners.

Newsletter schedule: Semi-Daily.

Pricing: CB Insights offer 3 premium plans on demand.



When it comes to startups, technology, and programming, TLDR is the free daily paper for techies, providing links and short and concise news of the most interesting stories.

If you sign up for this newsletter, you'll receive a concise article containing up to ten titles covering the most important news stories.

Newsletter topics: Tech, science, and coding.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

7. James Clear


James Clear is the best-selling author of the book “Atomic Habits” which has been a runaway success.

For a while now, he has offered a different approach to business newsletters, featuring three ideas, two quotes, and one thought-provoking question on today's most discussed issues.

With 2 million subscribers, it's clear that this newsletter form takes on the hottest business issues and resonates with its readers.

 Newsletter topics: Habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement.

Newsletter schedule: Weekly.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

8. Rich Habits


Tom Corley is a certified public accountant and financial planner who is the author of the popular book "Rich Habits." 

In his daily blog and newsletter, also called Rich Habits, he delves valuable insights into the habits and mentalities that set the wealthy apart from the poor.

Newsletter topics: Investments, Crypto, Retirement, and more.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free and available in the US.

9. Robinhood


The RobinHood newsletter aims to educate its readers and make the latest financial news easier to consume to broader audiences.

This newsletter, formerly called MarketSnacks, features articles that can be read in under three minutes and are focused heavily on financial news. 

Newsletter topics: Books, gadgets, hacks, and more.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

10. 5 Bullet Friday

Tim Ferris is the owner of a website called 5-Bullet Friday. He was an early investor and advisor to companies like Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, and many more.

In his 5-Bullet Friday newsletters, he highlights the week's best articles, gadgets, and original tricks that will keep you up to date on the latest industry news.

Newsletter topics: Books, gadgets, hacks, and more.

Newsletter schedule: Weekly (Every Friday).

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

11. Entrepreneur 


A trusted authority on all industries, Entrepreneur's Newsletter covers every facet of running a successful business.

It offers guidance on how to improve your company as well as resources, updates, and motivation to push forward.

In its newsletters, Entrepreneur discusses current events and practical advice that inspire business owners.

Newsletter topics: News for business owners.

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

12. Moz


The Moz Top 10 is an email newsletter sent out every other week that  shares the information on search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing. 

Those interested in digital marketing can subscribe to Moz's newsletter and read summaries of the 10 most helpful articles and insights from their experts.

Newsletter topics: SEO and online marketing.

Newsletter schedule: Semi-monthly.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.


Dave Pell has been a journalist and tech/media critic since 1999. His newsletter, NextDraft, provides a lighthearted yet informative overview of the day's top stories.

His work has been featured in numerous publications, including The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, Time, National Public Radio, Wired, McSweeney's, and NPR. 

Furthermore, he is a longtime advisor to the Center for Investigative Reporting and serves on the board of 826 Valencia.

Newsletter topics: Tech and media..

Newsletter schedule: Daily.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

14. Backlinko


Brian Dean, an SEO professional, came up with the idea on how to publish his methods and strategies on the Backlinko blog.

In his newsletters, he offers valuable insider secrets and other informational gems that are not available on the blog.

Newsletter topics: SEO and digital marketing..

Newsletter schedule: Weekly..

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

15. Lenny’s Newsletter


Lenny Rachitski's newsletter is a gold mine of information about the company's leadership, products, and culture.

By subscribing to this newsletter, you can  improve your product and growth management, as well as how efficiently to handle your employees, including their emotional outbursts.

Newsletter topics: Managing products and working environment.

Newsletter schedule: Once a month with freemium subscription.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free. If you decide to go premium, for 15$ per month you’ll get weekly newsletters.

16. Check Your Pulse


The goal of Check Your Pulse is to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the world of technology and startups with a weekly newsletter.

This newsletter is curated to provide you with the most helpful and inspiring information on startups and human-centered work so that you can keep your motivation high and your mind sharp.

Newsletter topics: Tech and startups.

Newsletter schedule: Weekly.

Pricing: The subscription is completely free.

Easily Create Your Own Business Newsletters Using TextCortex

For most startups and young companies, it's crucial to keep up with current business trends.

Starting a business and sharing your knowledge on specific topics in which you have extensive experience is especially valuable if you have been in the industry for some time.

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🎯Create content with over 60 AI-powered templates.

However, there are 3 features that makes TextCortex stand out from its competition:

👍Zeno mode — a powerful AI feature that can predict the required output based on your input.

👍Zeno chat — interact with AI in a conversational manner.

👍Brainstorming features — Ctrl+Alt+K activates textbox features for content brainstorming.

As a bonus, TextCortex provides a hassle-free method of content production by allowing users to use its capabilities without switching between platforms.

Social networking sites, microblogging platforms, email providers, document hosting services, and more fall under this category.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Implementing TextCortex add-on?

🎀No credit card required. 

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