Did you know that marketing and sales departments prioritize AI technology and machine learning for their success more than any other department nowadays(40%)?

Artificial intelligence made its way into many businesses with a significant impact over the years.

And while you may not fully understand what is going on underneath the hood, knowing how to utilize AI can help you boost your conversions and sales fast.

If you are already using Copy.ai, maybe you are wondering, "Is this tool the best solution for my business, and what alternatives do I have?"

In this article, we will be introducing you to the top 6 Copy.ai alternatives that can help you stop struggling to keep up with your workload, and boost your sales

To help you decide on your own, we covered how each AI tool from our list works, its advantages and shortcomings, and the information about pricing offers.

Before diving into that, let's first check what the Copy.ai tool offers.

Copy.ai overview


Copy.ai is an AI copywriting tool that is mainly valuable for digital marketers and online business owners looking to outsource their marketing needs in a simple, hassle-free manner. 

Their service specializes in crowdsourced content using artificial intelligence to generate high-quality information that comes in no longer than two paragraphs. 

For example, they can quickly create product descriptions, social media posts and ads, website copy, sales copy, and email content. 

People who need good sales copy and email content without being too wordy choose Copy.ai to create articles that quickly get to the point.

How it works

Copy.ai is pretty simple to use, and most options are straightforward.

 All you need to do to create your content is to enter the title name, add a description, and choose the tone of voice to get desired output.

Copy.ai's Advantages

Intuitive dashboard – The simple dashboard allows you to create separate projects, generate ideas for content, or draft your articles. 

Assists with any content type – Copy.ai has various features that can help you draft desired content, such as sentence rewriter, bullet point to the blog section, keyword generator, and much more.

High-quality output – This tool is designed to help non-writers who want to write high-quality content without learning to write or hiring an expert writer.

It is affordable – Copy.ai's pricing plans are suitable for everyone's pocket.

Copy.ai's Shortcomings

Too many features –If you don't keep using an editor consistently, you might get lost when searching for specific features, which can be frustrating and distracting.

Long-form generator – Even though Copy.ai possesses features to help you write your article or blog, it cannot create long-form content for you.

Extended description requirements – To get a more specific outcome for your product description, you must insert information to describe that product in not less than 800 characters.

Output reliability  – When it comes to AI-generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be challenging. Information on some topics needs to be carefully reviewed and researched.

Grammar checker – Copy.ai's grammar checker is not at its best all the time. You might need to double-check your content for typos and errors with a different software.


Copy.ai comes with 2 pricing plans:


Overall impression

You can use Copy.ai as a crutch while you learn how to write better and if you need to create a lot of smaller pieces of content without having to do a lot of writing.

However, if you are looking for a solution to automate your process, you should consider other Copy.ai alternatives.

Top 6 Copy.ai alternatives you should consider switching to 

AI copywriting sounds like something from the future, but it is a tool that is helping marketers today big time. 

To learn more about this cutting-edge service and see how it might work for you, check our list of Top 6 Copy.ai alternatives to discover your best fit.

Let's get straight into it.

1. TextCortex


TextCortex is one of the best Copy.ai alternatives that is easy to understand, simple to use, and extremely fast in adoption. 

This tool provides you with different templates that you can choose from according to your need, with a primary focus on the quality of the output and a Chrome extension to support your writing within any textbox online.

It’s a use-case module-based AI tool that enables you to create longer blog posts and articles 3x as fast as GPT-3.

TextCortex is the best option for writers looking to create compelling content, entice the audience to take action, and increase and speed up the writing process. 

It offers several features to help make your writing process more hands-off and automated. 

TextCortex modules can create product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, website ads, and email content in 70+ languages.

Thus, those who require such solutions with minimal effort can decide to leverage the work of this automated writer, keeping the quality of the content in line.

How it works

TextCortex uses machine learning to process your input and generate the best possible output based on your requirements.

Its AI writers are trained on 3 billion sentences, and its knowledge base is still growing.

To get started with it, you need to download Chrome extension first.

Then, enter any platform online, write your few-word idea related to the topic, highlight it, and hit the “Long-form post” button.

In case there’s a part of the content you want to improve, just highlight it and hit the “Rewrite” button.

Choose the rewritten output, and you’re good to go.


It is Sustainable – Our models are 10-100 times smaller than GPT-3. As a result, they require less energy in production. In addition, our AI writing system can produce text with varying degrees of complexity.

It Narrows Down Your Audience – The AI engine ensures that you get a natural-sounding article that doesn't look like an algorithm wrote it.

A Built-in Blog title – Create eye-catching titles for your post and blog posts that increase visits to your pages in no time.

Extending Content On Demand – Dismiss any writer’s block opportunity with our full-article generator that will help you get from intro to the conclusion in seconds. Extending content creation on demand gives you full control of our AI writers.

Increases Conversions – Shopify integration and product description generation allow you to automatically pull products from your inventory and directly publish highly-converting product descriptions to your storefront.

Improves Your SEO – TextCortex creates SEO-optimized content that helps you increase search engine performance with little to no writing effort.

Offers Constant Updates and Feature Additions - We listen to our customers and strive to provide innovation to increase satisfaction rates.

Budget-Friendly – TextCortex's price plans suit everyone's budget.


A limited number of templates – There are not many templates for creating content since we are consistently working on improving the existing ones to provide users with the output quality possible.


TextCortex comes with 2 paid plans: Unlimited and Lite plans starting at $7.99.

is textcortex free?

2. ClosersCopy


ClosersCopy is a relatively new tool for generating content using AI algorithms. 

It will help you generate copy for any marketing campaign like email, social media, web pages, blog posts, etc.

ClosersCopy offers various features like saving whole projects with all related files and a workflow option that allows you to break down a copy into multiple fragments.

It also works well with SEO and helps generate SEO-optimized content by typing in key phrases and topics you want to cover.

ClosersCopy is useful for marketers and bloggers who want to automate the process of writing a lot of copies daily.

How it works

ClosersCopy AI uses GPT-3 to produce the best results, and it is a cloud-based app that you can access from any device.

You can start generating content by choosing a sentence from the library. 

Later on, you can add or edit your output more carefully with the help of other ClosersCopy features or manually.


Various templates for different use cases – ClosersCopy offers a wide range of templates to help you write your content.

One-click analysis – You can check your copy's readability score, length, number of words, and keyword density to increase SEO scores.

The workflow option – Customize your copy by breaking it into multiple separate paragraphs that can build on top of each other or just using the premise of the content.


Content output validity – AI needs to be developed to provide reliable results for references specified by the user.

The complexity of options – The sheer number of features and their options can be overwhelming for beginners.


ClosersCopy comes with 3 pricing plans:


3. Unbounce Smart Copy (ex Snazzy AI)


Unbounce recently added Smart Copy as an AI tool to offer copywriting services to its users.

It is an innovative AI content generation tool that spurs you to develop and remix your text into on-brand content.

Smart Copy's writing assistant helps proofread and organize the content to produce ad copy, taglines, emails, product descriptions, and more in 6 different languages.

You can put down some old content, and it will help you create a new grammatically correct sentence without worrying about its structure.

Smart Copy is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to write well-written copy focused on your brand and your audience.

How it works

Smart Copy uses GPT-3 technology to read your input and automatically suggest what to use as a follow-up and what to extend, rewrite, or rephrase. 

It gets to know your writing style and creates a copy that matches your way of speaking.

You need to set your company description, targeted audience, and brand keywords to start with your content generation. 

That is a crucial step because it will define your future content outputs.


Simple UI – It has a simple design and an easy-to-understand interface.

AI preset templates – Smart Copy helps you generate your content in various formats following your writing style.

Re-use the same data for different content types – Software enables you to input your business data once, using it across other content types on the platform.


Few features – AI copywriting tools offer fewer features than other AI copywriting tools.

Section generation – Fewer sections in each content creation.


Smart Copy comes with 3 pricing plans:


4. Bramework


Bramework is an AI-assisted content writing tool that mainly works well with long-form SEO blogging content.

The software uses the GPT-3 model, allowing users to create quick, error-free content for their own or clients' websites. 

Bramework features include an automatic list article generator, summarizer, rewriting functions, and image alt text generation.

The tool also includes many other features, such as AI blog title generation and recommended keywords to help you rank your article better in search engines.

Bramework is mainly for bloggers and content writers who need to use long-form content generators extensively.

How it works

You can choose between AI Writing Assistant, Blog Titles, Blog Outlines, and Keyword Research on the dashboard.

Define a project, give a brief description, and add a primary keyword to get a few suggested keywords. 

To edit or extend your text, you can use a blank canvas option within the interface


Image finder – Finds good quality free images that are best for your project, creates image alt text automatically and allows you to upload and use your pictures.

Keyword research tool – A keyword analyzer provides the value of knowing your target audience. It will analyze your competitors top performing keywords to identify trends and ideas for improving your SEO efforts.

WordPress integration – Manage your postings on WordPress from the platform in the form of a feature.


Too expensive unlimited plan – the tool can be a little pricey if you need an unlimited plan.

Repetitive content outcome – Some content generation outcomes can be repetitive, so you are forced to rephrase your sentences.


Bramework comes with 4 pricing plans:

5. ContentBot


ContentBot is a writing tool that helps users create content for both short and long-form articles with the assistance of AI.

This transparent tool has customizable options for tones, quality, and outlines that will help you create ads or slogans for your brand.

It provides templates for social media posts, articles, lists, and full-length articles.

ContentBot is a solution that allows users to edit their content for the final touches on the spot.

Its software doesn't overwhelm users with too many features and supports only a limited number of templates that create solid content.

It can be a convenient tool for bloggers looking for an extra hand with their writing.

How it works

ContentBot is built on NLP and can write an average of 5000 words.

Like many other AI tools, you will have to choose the needed content type from a dashboard to create your content.

Define your topic/product title and desired content length, and add a short brief about the topic.

Then ContentBot will offer several variations for you to choose from.


Automated topic idea generation – This feature helps you generate ideas when you lack inspiration. You can automatically send blog and marketing ideas to your inbox.

Bullet point expander –If you enter your bullets as headings, this option will generate those bullets into paragraphs and help you better connect the intro with a conclusion.

Article rewriter – If you are not satisfied with the content you have created, this option allows you to rewrite your article. Later you can check the accuracy of the output and adjust it to match your style and tone.


Output results relevance – In some cases, an AI writer might provide several versions of the possible desired outcome, and only one can be relevant to the subject.

Lack of feature guidance – Some tips and tricks would be helpful when exploring the tool for better feature understanding.


ContentBot comes with 4 pricing plans:


6. HubSpot AI Content Writer

Businesses often find themselves in the position of needing to accomplish more with fewer resources, and content can be a powerful tool for increasing recognition of their brand and generating leads. Unfortunately, it is difficult to expand the amount of content produced without drawing on additional resources.

HubSpot's content assistant tools include an AI-powered copywriter that can help solve this problem by saving time and money.

Hubspot ai content writer

How it works

Using HubSpot's free AI writer, businesses can quickly create content for a variety of platforms and channels. By simply supplying a prompt or topic, the content assistant tools will generate an initial draft of your next sales email, landing page, or blog post.

Generating copy can be a challenge; if you're having trouble coming up with new ideas for your content marketing strategy, employ the help of free AI-assisted writing. Enter in a prompt and let HubSpot's AI writer create an outline for your blog post or ask it to deliver engaging copy for your landing page.


  • Generate blogs, website copy, and more in a breeze
  • Scale your content output without additional budget or resources
  • Generate leads with high-quality content across platforms


  • Not available to public yet, still in private beta.

The best Copy.ai alternative that fits

Let's face it. A cold outreach can be a real drag. 

It takes a lot of time to research and contact new leads, and the chances of a response rate are usually pretty low. 

And even when you have a conversation going, you have to make sure that you're keeping the messaging fresh and relevant.

It takes a great deal of skill and creativity to write something that's effective and entices your audience to take action.

By choosing one of our Copy.ai alternatives, we hope you will find a suitable tool to assist you in those desperate times, even beyond your expectations.  

However, if you're looking for a solution that makes all your prospecting efforts count – TextCortex is a solution that can help.

TextCortex offers features that revolutionize how sales teams can engage with prospective leads. 

Our unique AI platform uses machine learning to build personalized content that quickly helps you create meaningful connections with your potential customers. 

Stop overthinking your workflow, and let TextCortex take care of it.

Get your TextCortex Chrome Extension today to increase your customer reach and take your business to the next level.