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I Engagement and Content Strategy

Let's talk about how email marketing is making waves in engagement and content strategy

In the digital world where staying connected is everything, email ranks as the 3rd favorite tool for B2B marketers to share their stuff.

Over the last year, 77% of marketers noticed more people tuning into their emails.

Plus, a whopping 81% of them are all about using email newsletters to get their message across.

It just goes to show that when it comes to getting folks engaged and sharing great content, email is still a big deal.

Let's explore quotes from email marketing experts on using emails to boost engagement and improve content strategy.

1. Crafting Captivating Openings

Crafting captivating openings is all about grabbing attention from the get-go.

It's about:

✔️ weaving intrigue, 

✔️ offering value, and

✔️ personalizing your message so readers can't help but dive deeper.

Here are some quotes to back that up:

1. "Treat your subject line like the movie trailer – give a preview so they know what to expect."Anonymous

2. "Email marketing is like a first date. If you’re too pushy, you won’t get a second one." Neil Patel

3. "People need stories more than bread itself. They tell us how to live, and why." - Arabian Nights

4. "Don’t use big words, they mean so little." - Oscar Wilde

2. Strategic Content Delivery

Strategic content delivery ensures your message hits the mark at the right time, using data-driven insights to tailor content that resonates with your audience.

It's about mapping out your email campaigns to align with your subscribers' needs, preferences, and behaviors, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

5. "Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale." David Newman

6. "List building is like flossing… you know it’s good for you, but you don’t always feel like doing it."Nathalie Lussier

7. "Email is a push channel, so we need to push it to work harder."Kath Pay

8. "Start testing and stop arguing." - Jon Correll

9. "Why waste a sentence saying nothing?" - Seth Godin

10. "Done is better than perfect." - Facebook

11. "On the highway to user/product love, lifecycle emails are road signs providing timely guidance, not annoying billboards."Samuel Hulick

3. The Art of Storytelling

The art of storytelling in email marketing transforms mere messages into compelling narratives that captivate subscribers.

Here are some email marketing quotes focused on the art of storytelling that we have prepared for you:

12. "How to write a good email: 1. Write your email. 2. Delete most of it. 3. Send." Dan Munz

13. "If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel."Erik Harbison

II Data-Driven Insights

Under the umbrella of Data-Driven Insights, it's fascinating to see how marketers play the numbers game with their email strategies.

The rhythm of their email blasts often dances to the tune of historical engagement data, aiming to hit that sweet spot of frequency that keeps audiences hooked but not overwhelmed.

Leading the charge in the metrics they monitor closely are click-through-rates, capturing the attention of 34% of marketers, followed closely by open rates at 31%.

The scoreboard shows an impressive average open rate hovering between 46-50%, while click-through-rates play in the range of 2.6-3%.

Not to be outdone, the average email click rate makes its mark between 7-9%, painting a picture of engagement that's both intriguing and invaluable for shaping future campaigns.

1. Measuring Success

Let's dive straight into what some email marketing gurus have to say about the importance of measuring success:

14. "That which is measured improves."Karl Pearson

15. "Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI." Karl Murray

16. "Open, click and unsubscribe rates are pretty poor measures for email engagement." - Jordie van Rijn

17. "Every email is a customer survey of your target market, by testing they vote on what resonates best with them." - Kath Pay

18. "Unsubscribe rate is the #1 email marketing KPI: Kaput Performance Indicator."Jordie van Rijn

2. Leveraging Customer Feedback

Leveraging customer feedback means turning the insights gathered from your audience into actionable improvements for your email campaigns.

As Bryan Eisenberg aptly put it:

19. "Where there is friction there is opportunity. Either you solve it for your customers today or a competitor will do it tomorrow."Bryan Eisenberg

III Customer-Centric Approach

Diving into a Customer-Centric Approach, the magic word is personalization.

Dynamic content stands out as the go-to strategy for email marketing teams aiming to boost their email game.

By tailoring messages with profile data or segmenting audiences, 4 out of 5 marketers are making emails feel more personal and relevant.

And let's talk about first impressions: welcome emails are a gold mine, with over 80% open rates, quadrupling opens and multiplying clicks by 10 compared to other types of emails.

1. Personalization Tactics

Personalization tactics in email marketing extend beyond simply adding a recipient's name—they encompass tailoring content to align with individual preferences, behaviors, and past interactions.

Here are a couple of quotes to ignite inspiration for your future email campaigns' personalization strategies:

20. "Personalization—it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content." Dan Jak

21. "Quality over quantity—Emails may be cost efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience."Benjamin Murray

22. "Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them email until they do." - Jordie van Rijn

23. "To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time." - John Caldwell

2. Building Customer Relationships

Building customer relationships through email marketing involves consistently delivering value and fostering meaningful interactions over time.

Now, it is time to find out what experts have to say about nurturing relationships with customers.

24. "Make the customer the hero of your story." Ann Handley

25. "People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

26. "When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention."Jake Sorofman

27. "If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think."David Ogilvy

28. "There are countless ways to build lists, but trust is what builds relationships."Hunter Boyle

29. "Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content."Robert Simon (Four Seasons Hotels)

30. "I want to do a business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction."Andrea Mignolo

IV Brand Building and Trust

When it comes to building your brand and earning trust, email marketing is your secret weapon. Consider this: 37% of brands are upping their email game, realizing its power in connecting with customers.

Even with short attention spans (just 9 seconds!)emails still hold sway.

In fact, a whopping 87% of brands swear by email marketing for business success.

It's clear: email campaigns are key to:

✔️ building trust,

✔️ strengthening your brand, and

✔️ fostering lasting customer relationships.

1. Establishing Brand Identity

Establishing brand identity in your email marketing campaigns involves weaving your brand's voice, values, and visual elements into every message. 

Let's sprinkle some wisdom onto this concept with the following quotes:

31. "Not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email — they sign up for your brand." - Bob Frady

32. "A bad email reputation is like a hangover–hard to get rid of and it makes everything else hurt." Chris Marriott

2. Marketing Wisdom and Philosophy

Marketing wisdom in email campaigns guides content creation beyond sales, prioritizing value and relationship-building.

It aims for effortless engagement, empowering recipients and deepening brand connections. Here are some expert insights to inspire your approach:

33. "The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing." - Tom Fishburne

34. "Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart." - Joe Chernov

35. "Stop trying to be amazing and start being useful." - Jay Baer

36. "Content builds relationships. Relationships build on trust. Trust drives revenue." - Andrew Davis

37. "It’s important to decide on what types of leads you want at the middle & bottom of your sales funnel."Chris Knipper

38. "People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust."Malorie Lucich

39. "On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest." – Brian Clark

40. "When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar." David Ogilvy

41. "Email Acquisition is like cutting hair, must happen regularly, can be done well, but one bad experience can scar forever." David Baker

42. "Email marketing is the most powerful tool you can use to build relationships with customers and clients." Forbes

43. "The best way to predict the future of email marketing is to embrace the present and the current innovations that are driving the trend."MarTech Advisor

44. "Email marketing is the digital glue that holds everything together, yet it’s often forgotten about and left unmanaged."Ryan Deiss

45. "Email is the one key communication type that is truly universal across all demographics, from teens to senior citizens."OptinMonster

46. "Average conversion rates are meaningless. Switzerland on average is flat." - Chris Goward

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