Did you know that the average marketing budget for eCommerce owners is about 7-12% of revenue?

Most eCommerce owners pay a lot to improve their brand and marketing activities. 

Yet even with a reasonable budget, many of them still struggle to find the right tools to help them with marketing.

With so many marketing tools on the market, how do you pick the essential ones for your eCommerce store?

Today we will briefly cover the benefits of eCommerce marketing tools for your business and how they can help you attract new customers, engage old ones and increase sales.

We also divided, listed, and explained the best eCommerce marketing tools to help you with your SEO, marketing, and content.

Let’s get into it.

Benefits of Ecommerce Marketing tools

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Today’s eCommerce world is full of tools that help you promote your brand and get more customers for your store. Here are the main benefits of choosing the right eCommerce marketing tools:

  • Increase sales -  Some tools can help you make the right pop-ups that will intrigue your customers to buy your product when scrolling. Also, some tools help you make your interface more user-friendly so that your customers find the buying process easy and quick.
  • Get traffic to your store-  With these tools, you can find more people interested in your product or services. These tools help you target the right audience and create campaigns that keep people returning to your website.
  • Improve your SEO -  You can use marketing tools to improve your position on Google so that your audience chooses you instead of your competitor. You can also use these tools to analyze your competitor and their marketing strategy and use it to your benefit.
  • Automate processes - You need a lot of people to do marketing on different channels every day if you want to get quick growth. With some marketing tools, you can automate the process yourself to get the results without hiring extra people.

Now that you know the benefits of marketing tools for your store, here are our top picks for 2023.

The Best Ecommerce Marketing tools 

1. Analytical & Optimization tools

 Analytical tools are used to track and analyze the traffic on your site.

Optimization tools are essential because they provide valuable data and insight into your customer base. 

This will help you make smarter business decisions while ensuring that every touchpoint positively impacts the customer’s experience.

Your main goal is to attract customers to your eCommerce website and make them buy your products. You will use analytical tools to know how many users you're drawing. 

This will help you understand which marketing strategy works best for you and focus more on that strategy.

Here are some of the most important analytical and optimization tools you can use for your business and marketing. These tools are used by some of the best digital marketers in the world:

1. Moz

Moz is an analytical tool that can help you with boosting your organic search by offering the right keywords, backlinks, and research for you and your competitors.

You can use Moz for:

  • Keyword Research - It helps you get a list of the most relevant keywords you should use for your website. This will help you rank better for those keywords and not rank for the non-important ones.
  • Link Explorer - With Moz, you can find all of your backlinks, flags the ones that are not working, and find out your competitor's backlinks. This will help you create better links and eliminate those that don’t work.
  • Competitive research - Moz can show you your competitor’s top content, keyword gaps, and backlinks they are using. This will help you analyze their marketing strategy and use their gaps and good sides to improve your strategy.

To use Moz, you just paste a link to your website or your competitor's website, and you will get your analysis:


Moz has a free trial that offers you limited creations per day.

Moz offers 4 pricing plans:

2. Semrush

Semrush is an analutical and optimization tool that helps you boost your SEO optimization with in-depth competitor analysis and your campaign and content reach and results. 

Semrush has over 50 tools that can help you with organic growth and marketing.

You can use Semrush for:

  • Analyzing your competition - Semrush can show you your competitor’s backlinks, metrics, keywords, and many other things in terms of SEO. You can use this information to improve your SEO and marketing strategy.
  • Advertising analysis - You can monitor your competitor’s landing page and ads and monitor your advertising spend. With this information from Semrush, you can see what kind of ads work best for your shop and audience and use it for other campaigns.
  • Content Marketing analysis - You can track brand mentions and content reach. With these statistics, you can measure your success and find out what kind of topics your audience is interested in.

You just have to log in and paste the website you want to analyze. Here is what it looks like for content marketing analyses:


Semrush has a free trial that offers you limited daily creations.

Semrush offers 3 pricing plans:

3. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is an analytical and optimization tool that allows you to see your reader’s steps and clicks on your website. 

With CrazyEgg, you can analyze your user’s behavior on the site to improve certain aspects of your website. 

With CrazyEgg, you can:

  • Track your buyer’s clicks - CrazyEgg shows you exactly how often your buyer clicks at something on your page. You can see which pop-ups, copy, or banner has been the most successful in your marketing campaign
  • Track what your buyer avoids - CrazyEgg helps you identify which parts of your website are not user-friendly or unnecessary. It will help you change or eliminate parts in your shop that don’t work.
  • Track the time your buyer spent on the website - CrazyEgg can help you analyze the attention span of your buyer on your page. In that way, you can see if you have attracted your buyers' attention and for how long.

You just need to enter your website's URL, and CrazyEgg will show you a heatmap of the user’s clicks:


You can have a 30-day free trial, but you need to enter your credit card information and choose a premium plan. 

CrazyEgg has 4 premium plans:

2. Content marketing tools

Content marketing tools are used to create the right content for your brand and reach the right target audience.

Content Marketing is a great way to increase awareness of your E-commerce brand and build trust with your customers. It can also drive traffic to your E-commerce store and increase your revenue.

Here are some of the best content marketing tools to create good content and reach your target audience:


TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that can help you create content for your eCommerce shop, and blogs, ads, etc.

TexCortex takes your words and creates a text in the language and length of your choice in a couple of seconds. It is best for people who struggle with writing  professional, user-friendly copy that sells.

TextCortex can help you with:

  • Product descriptions - Helps you create unique, engaging, and concise descriptions that convert.
  • Blog writing - TextCortex helps you create SEO-optimized long-form blog posts that will help you bring your business closer to your target audience.
  • Sales email copy - TextCortex generates engaging, unique, and straightforward copy that will take your email marketing to the next level.
  • Facebook ads - You can use TextCortex to create Facebook ads that will promote your business and sell your products.


TextCortex has a free option and 2 premium membership plans: Unlimited and Lite plans starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

2. Tribber

Tribber is a content marketing tool, which you can use to find collaborations with influencers in your niche, and target your audience. 

With Tribber you can find out what type of content your future audience likes to read and use that information to create a marketing campaign.

Tribber is best for:

  • Finding influencers - Tribber helps you connect with the right influences that will share your content and bring you, new potential buyers. It is also good for finding your target audience through influences who talk about the same topics.
  • Measuring your reach - With Tribber, your can see how many people clicked on your post and shared it. That information can help hep you decide which marketing strategy brings more buyers.
  • Discover content - Using Tribber, you can discover which type of content your target audience sees the most and incorporate it in future campaigns.

You just need to enter your website or post and edit it a bit. Here is what it will look like:


You can use most features with a free account. Tribber has 2  premium plans:

3. Respona

Respona is an online content marketing tool that can help you with your organic growth and tracking the right audience.

Respona finds you the right people to collaborate with and the digital places where you can find your audience and promote your products.

You can use Respona for:

  • Affiliate recruitment - Respona helps find the right affiliates in your niche and invites them to your partner program. Affiliates are an important part of your marketing strategy if you want massive sales.
  • Press inquiries - Respona finds you the best Query opportunities where you can share your experience/knowledge about the topic connected to your business. In that way, you can promote your business right on.
  • Podcast discovery - Find quest opportunities for podcasts to promote your content and brand to the right audience.

Here is how the process for affiliate recruitment works:


Respona has a 7-day free trial. After that, there is a premium membership program.

3. Email marketing tools

Email marketing tools help track the success of emails and other marketing campaigns.

Email marketing tools can help you automate building mailing lists, track effectiveness, and help you reach the right audience.

Here are the best email marketing tools you can use for your eCommerce shop:

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is an online newsletter tool that helps you with your email marketing campaigns by offering personalized marketing campaigns and analyzing the results of your campaigns.

MailChimp integrates with other software and tools, and it is easy to navigate interface is perfect for those who want to manage their email marketing and promote their products.

MailChimp’s main features:

  • Audience management - MailChimp helps you segment your audience by a familiar trait and thus provides personalized marketing campaigns. 
  • Helps create email campaigns-  MailChimp helps you create email campaigns by giving you access to many predefined templates that you can use.
  • Analyze campaigns -  MailChimp tracks and analyzes your campaigns so that you will know the results of each of them.

Here is how MailChimp helps you find a template for your emails:


You can use a lot of MailChimp features with a free account, but there are  3 premium account options with extra benefits.

 2. Inboxally

Inboxally is an email marketing tool that can help make your emails go in the inbox and not the spam folder, increase your open rate and keep track of your emails.

Inboxally is easy to use and can make email marketing more successful and organized.

You can use Inboxally for:

  • Getting out of the spam folder - With Inboxally, your emails won’t end up in the spam folder, which is important if you want to reach your target audience.
  • Increasing open rates - Inboxally helps you increase open rates, so more people will read your ad or email.
  • Keeping track of emails - If you are sending a lot of emails every day, Inboxally helps you track them and counts the remaining ones every time you refresh.

Here is how Inboxally works:


Inboxally has a free trial for those who want to test it. They also offer 4  premium membership plans.

4. Social media tools

Social media tools are the tools that can help you boost your engagement on social media platforms and automate your campaigns on different channels. 

Social media tools are good for business because they enable you to promote your business on social media effectively, which can result in more views and sales. 

Here are the best social media tools:

1. UpViral

UpViral is an online tool that helps you create a reward system for your social media.

 If you want to make the process of sending coupons or contacting giveaway winners automatic, UpViral can be your assistant tool.

Main features of UpViral:

  • Creates reward systems - UpViral helps you create coupon codes or downloadable files that are automatically sent to your audience. This is very helpful when you want to start a giveaway on your platform or reward certain followers for reposting your ad.
  • Emails winners - After your giveaway, UpViral sends automatic emails to your winners, so you don’t need to waste time doing that.
  • Reward referrals - With UpViral, you can make an automatic reward referral system that will reward every buyer when they refer you to a friend. That is a great way to track your referrals and promote your brand.

Here is how UpViral’s dashboard for monitoring giveaway campaigns works:


You can test Upviral free for 14 days. Then, Upviral offers 3 premium deals:

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an online tool that can help you organize, plan, and analyze your social media posts. 

It has many features that come in handy when you want to take your social media marketing to the next level and create posts that promote and sell.

How can Hootsuite help you with social media marketing:

  • Schedule posts on multiple platforms - Don’t waste time waiting for the right moment to post or switching from one platform to the other. Hootsuite can automatize that process for you.
  • Visualize your posts - You can see your posts before they are published. In that way, you have room to create something new if the post is not the right fit.
  • Analyze successful posts - Hootsuite helps you analyze which of your posts are more successful than the others. This will help you make a better marketing campaign.

Here is what the schedule of your posts will look like on Hootsuite:


Hootsuite has a free trial. There are also 3 premium membership offers:

5. Design tools

Design tools help you make your website/profiles more user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive.

This is very important because people on the internet love aesthetics and good visuals will attract more customers and bring more sales.

Here are the best design tools to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. Glorify

Glorify is an online tool that can help you create designs and images for your e-commerce products. On Glorify, you can find free photos, ideas, shapes, and templates to make your e-com images high-quality, organized, and attractive.

Glorify is excellent for

  •  Resizing your images for multiple platforms- With Glorify, you can resize your images for your website and social media platforms.
  • Logo maker-  You can use Glorify to make a logo that represents your e-commerce best quickly.
  • Find photos -  You can find free photos that you can use for your website, ads, or social media.

Here is how you can search for free images on Glorify:


Glorify offers a free trial and two premium membership plans:

2. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a free online tool that offers over 1000  font options for you to try out. It can list the fonts that are trending, new, or most popular.

Google fonts can help you:

  • Find the right font for your shop - If you are not sure what font will fit your website, Google fonts can help you find the font that is best for you.  In that way, your copy will be more recognizable and aesthetic.
  • Save your favorite font & use it whenever- With Google fonts, your favorite font will always be one click away whenever you need to change the font of your copy. If you don’t use the same font, your copy won’t be user-friendly and aesthetic.

You just type a sentence and get multiple font suggestions:


Google Fonts is free and easy to use.

TextCortex for writing copy that sells

Marketing is one of the essential skills that you need to be successful in your business.

Any business's marketing strategy must be very well thought out and planned. 

This allows you to create an effective marketing campaign that will benefit the business. Without a good marketing strategy, your business will struggle to gain and keep customers.

Good copy is essential to keeping customers on your page and clicking the “ buy” button.

Good copy needs to be personalized, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free.

If you struggle with writing copy that sells, TextCortex can help you out.

By having TextCortex as your writing assistant, you will:

  • Save more than 80% of your time because you won’t have writer’s block
  • Create content on a large scale that will reach a wider audience
  • Produce SEO-optimized texts that will rank you better on Google
  • Create both long and short-form content for your website and social media
  • Always get natural-sounding output that will attract the right target audience

Here is how TextCortex can help you write good emails:

The best part is that you can sign up for free, and start writing right away.

Add your free chrome extension today to write better copy that will attract more buyers.