Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to create unique content?  Or is your inspiration dry, especially if you write regularly?

Whatever the culprit, writing can sometimes feel too mundane and exhausting.

Luckily for you, here come article rewriters - AI tools that can revolutionize your productivity and enhance your writing.

So join us as we share our list of best article rewriters you shouldn’t miss.

Let’s get started!

What are Article Rewriters?

Article Rewriters are software applications that can rewrite existing content to create new, improved versions. 

This process makes the content more unique or simply repurposes your older content

Although AI rewriters differ, the basic idea is that they take the existing text and then use AI algorithms to modify it slightly. 

For example, they can change words, phrases, sentences, or even whole articles to create a unique text.

💡Extra Note: There is often confusion about the difference between rewriting and spinning because both involve taking existing content and altering it in some way.

However, spinning implies generating multiple copies of some content, while rewriting generates one copy.

How Can You Benefit from Article Rewriters?

Article rewriters can be an effective way to quickly and efficiently create new versions of existing content quickly and efficiently and give it a content makeover. 

So how can they help?

✨ Quickly create new versions of existing articles.

Automate rewriting for faster results.

✨ Suggest alternative words and phrases.

Improve structure, grammar, and punctuation.

✨ Boost your SEO

✨ Do plagiarism checks.

Therefore, you can tweak and edit your original content and get renewed and repolished content.

In short, article rewriters help you work smarter and not harder. And now, without further ado, let’s jump to the 10 best article rewriters.

10 Best Article Rewriters You Should Try

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI writing tool that helps writers generate ideas and produce high-quality content.

Furthermore, it is a versatile platform that goes beyond rewriting - it offers a robust set of writing, rewriting, and AI-generating features.

In addition, it provides more than 60 templates:  from blog posts to Ads to eCommerce copy.

What’s more, TextCortex supports more than 25 languages.

TextCortex has a web app, Chrome extension, and 2000+ integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, Notion, Gmail, etc.

Key Features

It’s a big task to list all of TextCotex’s features, so let’s stick to those related to rewriting.

Paraphrasing feature - Covers various aspects of paraphrasing, such as tone changing, expanding and shortening your text, rewriting, etc.

Zeno Assist - Produces the most relevant results based on your first draft.

Zeno Chat - Enables you to chat with our AI writer and get human-like content.

Bullet-to-email feature - Converts your bullet point into a full-length mail.

Brainstorming features - Kickstart your writing.

Moreover, TextCortex offers a wide variety of features helping you craft entirely new text from scratch or modify it:

  • Long-form content feature that generates up to 300-word text in one go.
  • 60+Writing templates such as Writer’s Unblocker, Zeno Mode, Zeno Chat, etc.
  • Voiceovers for people who have trouble reading, and many more.


TextCortex has one Forever Free plan with 20 daily creations and two Premium plans starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

2. WordAi


WordAi is an AI writer that automatically rewrites your content and claims to understand what each word means and how each word interacts.

It integrates with many third-party tools such as WP Robot, Kontent Machine, WP RSS Aggregator, Article Forge, etc.

Key Features

Complete sentence restructuring - rewrites sentences from scratch while keeping the same overall meaning.

Bulk Rewrite - rewrites more articles simultaneously.

Split sentences - splits long and complex sentences into short, clear, and effective ones.

Describe the same ideas differently - suggests hundreds of ways to express the same ideas to prevent duplicate content.

Spintax - generates up to 1000 rewrites per original article. 

In addition, WordAi enables your content to pass AI detection by generating human-like content. 


WordAi has three Premium plans, each with a 3-day free trial.


3. Quillbot


Quillbot is primarily a paraphrasing tool helping you rewrite your text and adjust it to match the style you need.

Furthermore, it also proofreads your content and suggests possible tweaks.

In addition, Quillbot has extensions for Chrome and Word and integrates with Google Docs.

Key Features

Summarizer - Condenses articles down to the key points.

Paraphraser -  Paraphrases the text with seven modes.

Freeze Words - Prevents Quillbot from changing certain words when rewriting content.

Compare Modes - Compares the results in each of Quillbots modes.

Co-writer - Enables you to scan already summarized search results, to use AI editing tools and check your article for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Citation Generator - Easily creates APA, MLA, and Chicago style full and in-text citations.

Furthermore, Qullbot offers grammar tools, such as punctuation, spelling, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker.

And as of recently, Quillbot has a translator feature for more than 30 languages, but is still in the Beta phase.


Quillbot has one free and one Premium Plan.


4. Wordtune


Wordtune is a tool that helps you improve your writing and rewrite content. However, it doesn’t do bulk rewriting, but Wordtune makes it up with a significant number of integrations.

Thus, Wordtune integrates with Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack Web, etc.

Key Features

✨ Wordtune Editor - rewrites, shortens, and expands your text.

Spices feature - enhances your text by offering sentence completion, emphasizing, and providing counterarguments, statistics, quotes, etc. 

✨ Read and Summarize feature - summarizes various texts: business, academic, news, etc., and digests what’s essential.

✨Synonyms - Provides a wide range of synonyms to match the tone and style of your article.

✨Freeze feature - Doesn’t change certain words when rewriting articles.

Wordtune also has a built-in plagiarism checker and provides grammar suggestions.


Wordtune has one Free and two Premium plans. The free plan offers 10 free daily creations.


5. Spin Rewriter 


Spin Rewriter is a popular article rewriter that uses Emulated Natural Language (ENL)  technology to create new versions of existing articles in a human-like language. 

One of its strongest suits is that it offers mass spinning and exporting features.

In addition, Spin Rewriter integrates with many other API tools: Rankwyz, Rank Optimizer, G Alert WordPress Plugin, Cloud PBN, etc.

Key Features

Emulated Natural Language (ENL) - Generates unique, human-quality content by extracting the meaning of your articles.

Bulk Spinning - Rewrites multiple articles at once.

Mass Export - Generates up to 1,000 unique versions of your original article simultaneously. 

Side-by-side Comparison - Compares your original article with your brand-new spun articles by putting them side-by-side.

Paragraph Creation - Creates entirely new paragraphs.

Additional interesting features that Spin Rewriter provides are Stock photo integration that adds relevant copyright-free images to your articles, detailed video tutorials, etc.


Spin Rewriter offers three Premium plans.


6. CleverSpinner


CleverSpinner paraphrases or spins your content automatically. Furthermore,  it considers the whole context of a sentence before rearranging the words.

Therefore, CleverSpinner produces human-like quality rewritings. 

It also has built-in SEO tools allowing you to optimize your content for the main search engines simultaneously.

Key Features

Rewriting features -  Paraphrases and restructures your words, sentences, and phrases.

Synonym Library - Provides an extensive list of accurate synonyms.

Copyscape Pass - CleverSpinner guarantees your articles will pass the Copyscape test.

Grammar and Spelling Checker - Spots and corrects grammar and spelling mistakes.

Eliminates duplicate content - Keeps the same meaning of the sentence but expresses it in many different ways.

In addition, you can also simplify long and complex sentences and check your text in Copyscape.


Clever Spinner has one Premium Plan and a 3-day free trial.


7. Spinner Chief 7


Spinner Chief 7 is a content-spinning tool helping you create high-quality spun content. 

It uses AI and Emulated Natural Language methods to create human-like content.

Therefore, you can easily spin existing articles or create new ones from scratch. 

Furthermore, it supports all third-party software.

Key Features

Rewriter - Restructures sentences for better output: expand, shorten, etc.

Cloud Thesaurus - Users contribute new synonyms to the thesaurus. Currently, the software supports more than 20 languages. 

Bulk Rewriter - rewrites multiple articles at once.

ContentBomb features - Scrape articles, images, and videos based on the input keyword.

Sentence Simplifier - Divides longer sentences into simpler and less complex ones.

Another nice addition to Spinner Chief 7 is ChatGPT Spin which combines the power of SpinnerChief and ChatGPT to generate articles based on your input.

It can also shorten, expand, and refine versions of the original article.


Spinner Chief 7 has individual and team plans. 

There is also a Free plan with basic features and 20 daily spins.


8. The Best Spinner


The Best Spinner 4 spins articles and provides a full sentence and paragraph spinning. 

It also provides a huge library of seed articles which come in handy if you don’t have any original content.

The Best Spinner 4 works on all devices.

Key Features

Multi-level article spinning - Generates 100 versions of your original content into the ZIP file or on screen.

Auto-rewrite function - Rewrites individual articles.

Built-in English Thesaurus - provides a vast number of entries created by users.

Compare Tool - Compares two articles side-by-side and highlights duplicated text.

Translation - Translates articles into 14 languages. 

Other interesting features cover generating an audio or mp3 file from any article, publishing spun content directly to your WordPress blogs, etc.


The Best Spinner 4 has 3 Premium Plans for yearly access. None comes with a free trial, but they all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


9. Chimp Rewriter


Chimp Rewriter uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and helps you generate, spin and rewrite original content.

Furthermore, it focuses on niche content and enables you to “grab” niche articles across the web to tweak them further.

It isn’t web-based, but it integrates with major content creation suites and SEO tools, such as WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Demon, SEO Content Machine, etc.

Key Features

Advanced Spinning Features - Includes anchor spin, random anchoring, ordering, bulk directory rewrites, etc. 

Thesaurus customization - Builds custom global and niche-based thesauri where you can add your favorite synonyms, but also delete ones you no longer like.

Multi languages - Spins and translates into a great number of languages. 

Rewriting Features - Enable both manual and automatic rewriting.

“Grab” articles - Grabs articles, videos, and images and mix them into a unique article.

In general, Chimp Rewriter provides a wide range of rewriting and spinning features, such as synonym/phrase selectors, sentence and paragraph builders, intelligent rewrites, etc.


Chimp Rewriter has two Premium Plans, a monthly and an annual one. Both plans have a 14-day free trial.


10. Copymatic


Although Copymatic’s prime focus isn’t article rewriting, it deserves to be on our list because it does a good job at it.

In addition, it generates articles from scratch, provides more than 50 content templates, and supports multi-languages.

Regarding integrations, Copymatic integrates with Wordpress, Google Ads, Facebook, and YouTube.

Key Features

Rewrite Feature - Rewrites sentences and whole blogs and articles, product descriptions, etc.

Editing Tools - Improve the quality of your text with features such as expand, summarize, etc.

Rewrite with Keyword - Rewrites the text to include your targeted keyword in the new text. It’s still in the Beta version. 

Built-in Plagiarism Checker - Checks your content for plagiarism.

Tone of Voice - Provides multiple tones to match your writing style.

Nonetheless, the features that are Copymatic’s main staple are writing features that range from blog intros and outlines over ads and AIDA formulas to CTA content.


Copymatic has three Premium Plans and a free trial that includes 10 credits - you can generate approximately 1,000 words of blog content.


Here we are at the end of our list of the best article rewriters you should definitely try.

Summing It Up

Each of the above tools has unique features that cater to different needs, but they will provide an excellent starting point for your rewriting journey.

It’s only through testing them that you can discover their true potential, as well as drawbacks. 

Our vote goes to TextCortex

It covers the broadest range of features because it doesn’t only focus on rewriting but also on generating various texts and formats empowered by rich editing features.

Thus, you’re equipped with a robust tool to enhance your writing process and improve the quality of your content.

And as a cherry on top, you’ll benefit from:

🔥 Forever Free Plan and get 10 creations daily, and

🔥 Our rich reward programs.

Sounds tempting?

Download the TextCortex add-on today, and transform your writing game!


1. Is Rewriting Articles Illegal?

Rewriting Articles isn’t illegal as long as it isn’t a breach of copyright. This is why using a reliable plagiarism checker within the tool or as a separate app is essential.

2. What is the Difference Between Article Rewriter and Paraphraser? 

When rewriting, you aren’t omitting information but using different words or synonyms to renew the content. Paraphrasing, however, rearranges the most important aspects of content.

3. Can Article Spinning Boost SEO?

Article spinning can boost SEO, but not on its own. You still need good content and keyword strategy. Nonetheless, article spinning can help build backlinks when done right.