Did you know that Facebook’s marketplace ads reach is 562 million people?

With 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social media network.

Because of this, brands are finding massive gains, with some seeing 66% higher order values through Shops than through their websites. 

And guess what — you don’t want to miss a piece of that pie if you want to achieve significant business results.

All you need is to start creating high-quality Ad copies for your Facebook ads that will attract new leads and help you spread the word that you are IN the game.

Today we will present you with 5 free copy Ad generators that will help you create your Facebook Ads faster, better, and more effectively with just a couple of clicks.

Let’s get started!🌟

What is Ad Copy Generator?

Ad Copy Generators are  AI-powered tools that generate ad copies for products or services you want to sell on Facebook. 

They use a sophisticated algorithm called natural language processing that is employed in AI copywriting (NLP )- a process that enables deep learning to understand and produce human-like responses.

That means AI tools are an excellent assistant that will save your writing time while consistently producing high-quality ad copies.

Ad copy generators have countless benefits, such as:

  • Helps you overcome writer’s block — In moments when you lack inspiration, optimizing ad copy and tailoring it to your business agenda can be such a drag. Ad copy generators will make sure you get the juices going.
  • Improves your SEO — Instead of wasting time on running split tests on different versions of content, ad copy generators can assist you in creating content that matters to the targeted audience’s demands and search queries.
  • Provides consistent quality of your copies — It is one thing to write Facebook ads, but a completely different thing to make them perform well. Facebook Ad generators will ensure you have consistent quality on each generation, which will be compelling enough to attract the attention of your potential buyers.

And in the wide ocean of Facebook ad copy generators on the internet, which one to pick and how?

That brings us to the following subject:

How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Copy Generator For Your Business?

When choosing a Facebook ad copy generator tool, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Is it easy to use – If you are a manager, the last thing you want is a complex tool that you need to figure out. Choose a tool with simple features that you can use easily and without wasting time.
  • Does it provides useful features – It should offer a wide range of capabilities to enable you to write effective ads that stand out from the competition.
  • Is it budget-friendly – Ad copy generators should be reasonably priced so that you get the best results for the bucks you spend.
  • Does it provides customer support – The tool should have good customer support, so you can get help when you are stuck while using the tool.

Now that you know how to identify valuable tools let's look at our selection of the best free ones and what they offer.

7 Free Ad Copy Generators That Will Skyrocket Your Facebook Ads

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is a use-case module-based AI writing assistant that utilizes machine learning and complex algorithms when generating your content.

Unlike GPT-3 module-based tool, TextCortex AI writers rely on a knowledge base of over 3 billion sentences of best use-case practices.

That means that instead of relying on 10% of the internet, TextCortex will use best practices of human written content to generate 98% unique content with 2% of creativity.

Furthermore, this text-generation method ensures that you receive the most natural-sounding output that appears as if it was written by a human.

TextCortex is able to create all types of content for you in a matter of seconds, such as Facebook and other social media copy ads, emails, blog posts, product descriptions, etc.

It is designed to speed up the writing process by up to 80% allowing you to create ad copy content in more than 72 languages.

Additionally, it has a free rewriting extension that you can use within more than 30 platforms such as Notion, LinkedIn, Gmail, Hemingway, and many more. 

How Does TextCortex Work?

Here is what the whole process looks like, click by click:

1. Sign up for free to the TextCortex, or download the Chrome extension

2. Click on the ‘Creator suite’ bubble button in the bottom right corner.

3. Choose desirable content form —  select Marketing Copies from the dropdown menu.

4. Specify What you promote.

5. Write short description about the product or service.

6. Include a name of the product or service.

7. Hit ‘Create’ to get your Facebook Ad.

Let’s see what it looks like:

Pros And Cons

TextCortex’s Advantages:

72+ Languages — Ability to write your content in different languages.

30+ Templates — A variety of different content types based on users' needs.

Natural-sounding output —  Provides a human-like tone of voice with every generation.

Rewriting extension — It offers to rewrite add-on applicable for any online textbox.

SEO optimized content — Creates output based on desirable keywords.

Budget-friendly — TextCortex is a free tool with affordable pricing plans.

TextCortex’s Disadvantages:

🚫 Summarizer and tone changer with rewriting extension are still under of construction.

🚫 TextCortex's main focus is on quality. Thus, the number of templates is limited to the most important features for content and copywriting.


TextCortex comes with 2 premium plans: Unlimited and Lite plans starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

Our free version offers 20 creations per day,  without feature limitations, which you can increase by sending referrals to your friends and by validating the tool on Google reviews.

2. Anyword

Anyword is an AI copywriting tool that has been creating a lot of buzz in the artificial intelligence copywriting tools market. 

It can write in various languages and tones and has unique features like expected performance scores or adaption to your brand's particular style.

Anyword offers options to help you write enticing ad text and optimize it for the best results.

This platform integrates effectively with your Facebook and Google accounts to maximize the speed at which you optimize your ads and your overall effectiveness.

This will make managing your ad campaigns from your Anyword account easier.

Pros And Cons

Anyword Advantages:

✅Multilingual generator - It can generate text in 25+ languages.

✅Works for all types of content — Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Ads

✅Predictive performance score — It will evaluate the performance of your ads.

✅Ad account integrations — You can integrate it with your social media platform accounts.

✅Compliant Ad generator — It will create your ads according to the standards of each social media platform.

Anyword Disadvantages:

🚫 Doesn’t provide effective outputs for general data.

🚫 You must be extra cautious while rewriting for typos.

🚫 To gain access to more advanced features, you will need to pay significantly more.


Anyword comes with 3 pricing plans:

3. CopyAI

CopyAI is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business.

It provides copywriting solutions for eCommerce, blogs, and more.

It is based on the advanced AI language model in the world. As a result, copy AI is helping thousands of people boost their creativity and blowing their minds.

Copy AI, which was founded in 2020, provides low-cost content writing services. It provides 90+ AI tools, including AI writer, which allows you to write articles with one click!

Anyone with little or no experience creating their content can do so easily and quickly with their free plan, thanks to cutting-edge technology that generates original copies for you.

Pros And Cons

CopyAi Advantages:

Multiple Copywriting frameworks — Supports AIDA, BAB and PAS frameworks.

Facebook and Google Ad generators — Creates ads for Google and Facebook.

Multilingual generator — Produces ad copy in more than 25 languages.

Variety of templates — Offers a set of 90+ copywriting tools

CopyAi Disadvantages:

🚫The monthly subscription can be complex and expensive.

🚫It can be confusing and complicated with many available features.

🚫Creating long-form content requires extensive editing.


CopyAi comes with 2 pricing plans:

4. Rytr

Rytr was created to assist advertising agencies, copywriters, and digital marketers scale their marketing and social media campaigns. 

It's based on the same GPT-3 technology that has revolutionized content creation in recent years.

It is an excellent tool that can quickly produce highly engaging content. Simply enter a description of what you want to be written, and it will do the rest.

Rytr makes it possible to generate successful ad copy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. Additionally, it enables you to create copies in many languages and can do it using a variety of writing styles and tones.

The fact that Rytr is so simple to use is one of its best features. 

You can select one of more than 30 templates, enter some basic text information, and Rytr will generate up to three copy variations for your adverts.

Pros And Cons

Rytr’s Advantages: 

Built-in plagiarism checker — You can verify the uniqueness of your content.

Variety of tones — Offers access to 20+ writing tones of voice.

Multilingual generator — Generates output in  25+ languages.

30+ templates — Creates different content formats.

Rytr’s Disadvantages: 

🚫Output can sometimes be repetitive.

🚫Doesn’t have the ability to write long-form content.


5. Writecream

Writecream is an AI marketing tool, mainly used to generate articles and content quickly, saving users much time. 

With only one click, Writecream creates ad copy for Google Ads and Facebook. 

It automatically develops article ideas and proofreads grammar, giving copywriters more time to focus on their creativity.

Writecream develops ad text by looking at your website's information and predicting your audience's needs. This tool offers a fantastic way to test various ad copy versions and make ad copy adjustments.

The tool has a straightforward interface which makes it easy to use by anyone with basic computer skills.

Writecream assists brands with creating, publishing, and distributing content for social media, blogs, articles, and landing sites using an AI-powered social media engine.

Pros And Cons

Writecream Advantages:

Multilingual generator — Generates content in 75+ languages.

Plagiarism checker — You can verify the uniqueness of your content.

Multiple Copywriting frameworks — Supports AIDA, BAB, and PAS frameworks.

SEO Meta Descriptions —  Creating more personalized meta descriptions.

Icebreaker features —  Create image and audio icebreakers, as well as effective cold emails, to enhance your email marketing CTR.

Writecream Disadvantages:

🚫Long-form content output doesn’t offer to many words.

🚫Quality of the output sometimes needs corrections.


Writecream comes with 4 pricing plans:

Which Is The Best Ad Copy Generator? 

After reviewing the ad text and copy generators, I am sure you have found the best one for your business model.

However, if you're still unsure and don't want to waste more time getting right into the best ad copy generators, you can always try TextCortex.

Integrating TextCortex into your workflow will:

  • Save more than 80% of your writing time.
  • Consistently deliver ads that sound natural.
  • Make content on a large scale.
  • Make original content for Facebook ads.
  • Create both long and short-form adverts quickly.

TextCortex can save you time and money by creating Facebook ads for you with consistent copy quality that attracts more prospects and converts them into dedicated customers.

Start with a single concept, and the rest will follow naturally. TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that understands context and will empower you to produce any content like never before.

TextCortex will boost your creativity wherever you need it — whether you want to use it as a browser application or Chrome extension.

Sign up now and watch how TextCortex automates your Facebook ads generations while simultaneously developing your writing skills and offering up new business opportunities for you.