8 Best Free Rewriting Tools For Creating High-Quality Content

Check the list of the 8 best free rewriting tools that help you speed up the writing process by creating fresh and plagiarism-free content.
Ivana Vidakovic
September 3, 2022

Did you know that companies with a successfully-run blog generate 67% more leads every month than those that do not have one?

As encouraging as these numbers are, the only way to achieve this is to create a large amount of content.

Creating text content remains the most effective method of connecting with your readers and increasing search engine traffic.

Blogging is a much more profitable marketing method than traditional outbound marketing.

The problem is that developing original, high-quality material takes time, a lot of effort, and constant inspiration.

Yet, sometimes you just need help to express yourself differently to keep the juices flowing. 

Luckily, article AI rewriting tools can help you with that in a pinch.

Today, we will talk about rewriter tools and how they can improve and speed up your writing process by always creating fresh and plagiarism-free content.

Additionally, we will list the 8 best free rewriting tools that can help you adjust your writing for higher context quality.

Let's start!

What Are Article Rewriter Tools?

Article rewriter tools are programming or online applications that naturally rework or reword your content into different variants without losing genuine meaning and significance.

They are beneficial in creating high-quality content because they help you organize your words to pull the best of your content.

Additionally, rewriting tools have viable strategies for customers to update their website content and maximize revenue generation.

These tools can help you:

  • Increase organic traffic for SEO 
  • Create a good content strategy 
  • Repeat the thoughts of different creators in your way
  • Summarize or revise entire articles to find better approaches
  • Check for errors in articles 
  • Build trust and connect with your audience more effectively

The rewriting tool always gives you great results, whether you want to use these tools for compelling website content, preparing business briefs, summaries, emails, or tweets.

These gadgets have a vast influence on creating great content that can grab the attention of potential customers and increase your conversion rates. 

Content creators, journalists, business people, and entrepreneurs effectively use these tools to improve their content to a great extent

Are Free Rewriting Tools Safe?

Producing high-quality content is comparable to the beginning of a love-hate relationship.

There will be times when your mind is full of ideas when thoughts just roll out of you and land on the page. 

However, there are times when the excitement is reduced to a shred of hope. 

You spend hours bouncing between half-baked ideas before finally drafting the final words, and you're about to give up.

Free rewriting tools come in those situations as a handy assistant that can give you confidence when the good words evaporate.

Yet, there are some concerns about spinner tools circulating among writers — How legit is it to use them?

These tools are beneficial when the writing process becomes difficult, and the spun text they generate passes Google's plagiarism detection algorithms.

That does not mean Google is a fan of them – it is just that content they produce is hard to detect as a result of spinning already published articles.

So, the answer if the spinner tools are safe to use — Yes, they are.

However, when using them, keep in mind that free rewriter tools can't create new thoughts, facts, or opinions.

They can help you improve your writing, but they can't write an article about bad weather expected in 5 days on its own — spinning tools can only reword existing thoughts on the paper.

8 Best Free Rewriting Tools For High-Quality Content

1. TextCortex

TextCortex’s rewriter extension offers an AI solution to help you improve and twerk your content on more than 30 platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Hemingway, etc.

It uses machine learning to comprehend the context of your text and assist you in structuring your thoughts more effectively.

TextCortex trains its modules by integrating a vast knowledge base of high-quality sentences with sophisticated algorithms. 

As a result, its AI writers will produce content based on high-quality use cases created by humans.

TextCortex rewriter extension will help you:

  • Rewrite sentences and paragraphs for better context in bulk.
  • Expand your text from a single sentence for more information.
  • Transform bullet points into compelling emails.
  • Write a blog post in any textbox you need.

How to use it?

To use the TextCortex rewriter extension, select the text you want to modify, click on the logo, and choose the desirable feature.

Here is what Blog writing feature works:

TextCortex has a massive advantage against its competition – our use-case modules are 10x-100x smaller than GPT-3 and require less energy in production.

In simple words, it can generate 3x as much text as GPT-3, with various degrees of complexity.

And the best part is that content generated with TextCortex is automatically SEO-optimized, error-free, and has a human-sounding on each creation.

2. SpinRewriter


SpinRewriter is an article rewriter tool that you can use to paraphrase articles at a very high level of human legibility and uniqueness.

It uses natural language analysis techniques and artificial intelligence to understand your articles in the same way humans do.

You may use it to spin or rewrite any article and generate thousands of different variations of the seed article all at once. 

Furthermore, it assures that generated content is 100 percent unique and significant, resulting in a higher search engine ranking.

It's the only article spinner with both a desktop and a web version.

SpinRewriter Features:

  • Supports all rewriting levels — Paraphrase your sentences, paragraphs, or phrases. 
  • Side by side overview — You can compare the original text with the spun article.
  • Stock photo integration— Use relevant images for your content.
  • Bulk spinning — Spin more pieces at once.
  • 3rd party integration — Offers integration with Copyscape and other applications.

3. TheBestSpinner4


TheBestSpinner4 is an artificial intelligence-based article rewriter tool that replaces words with synonyms and rewrites the entire phrase or paragraph to produce human-readable content.

To use it, copy an article and paste it into the editor, and TheBestSpinner 4.0 will rewrite the entire text into fresh content that everyone can read and comprehend.

TheBestSpinner4 can generate 100 different copies of your unique content with a single click that you can directly publish on your WordPress site. 

It can also paraphrase content into 14 different languages and supports nested spinning for deep rewriting levels.

Furthermore, with the help of its built-in text-to-speech module, this article spinner application may also generate an audio/mp3 file from any content. 

TheBestSpinner4 is downloadable software compatible with MAC, PC, and Tablet computers.

TheBestSpinner features:

  • Multilingual rewriting — Paraphrase in 14+ different languages.
  • Wordpress Integration — Spin your content and publish it directly on your Wordpress site.
  • Audio/MP3 generator — Create an audio format file from any article.
  • Spun varieties — Generate up to 100 different versions of a single piece.
  • Nest spinning — Rewrite your content to get a more complex output.
  • 3rd party integration — Offers integration with Copyscape and other applications.

4. CleverSpinner


CleverSpinner is a straightforward spinner tool that evaluates the meaning and context of your text to provide a better alternative. 

It uses advanced AI and NLP technology to rewrite and/or simplify the material by providing an extensive library of synonyms.

CleverSpinner also has built-in SEO tools that allow you to simultaneously optimize your material for Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

Additionally, this app features an intuitive interface and requires no technical knowledge, making it ideal for users of all skill levels.

CleverSpinner features:

  • All rewriting levels — Paraphrases and restructures your words, sentence, and phrases.
  • Extensive library — Gives always the right synonym suggestion as an alternative.
  • Simplifies complex content — Reduces complicated expressions in your original text.
  • Spin in bulk — You can upload several text files and rewrite them using API.

5. SpinnerChief


SpinnerChief is one more article spinner tool that provides advanced paraphrasing features.

It uses AI and Natural language analysis to optimize your spun content for better rankings in search queries.

SpinnerChief analyzes your material before spinning it, resulting in higher-quality article rewriting.

You can use it online or offline, and it works on any Windows or Mac computer and any web browser.

SpinnerChief features:

  • Multilingual — It supports rewriting in 20 different languages. 
  • Cloud-based Thesaurus — Offers a dictionary that its users actively update.
  • Bulk article spinning — Rewrite multiple articles in a single attempt.
  • Inbuilt grammar checker — Corrects your grammar mistakes and typos.
  • Protect keywords for spinning — You can decide which keywords to exclude from rewriting.

6. Spinbot


Spinbot is a free-spinner tool that can also rewrite articles to human-like levels of excellence.

Before selecting how to paraphrase your content, the software behind it considers several elements, including the context of each word, phrase, and sentence.

Spinbot can paraphrase up to 10,000 characters and make your material sound clear, intelligible, and competent.

Spinbot features:

  • Natural sounding output — Rewrites your content into natural and human-like output.
  • Significant spinning limit — Spin up to 1000 words in a single strike.
  • 'Ignore' feature — Protect words from the spinning process.

7. Paraphraser


Paraphraser is another helpful article rewriter tool for composing new articles by reusing them. 

It is capable of detecting the text's genuine meaning. 

Furthermore, you will receive genuine artwork that will assist you in reaching out to more individuals. 

The Paraphraser can rewrite text with up to 500 words for more fluent or standard output.

It offers you to upload or paste your article so you can use features such as:

  • Article rewriter — Spin your article for unique and different output.
  • Plagiarism checker — Check if your article is unique and original.
  • Grammar checker — Proofread your article for grammar errors and misspelled words.
  • Text summarizer — Get a summary of your article.

8. Free Article Spinner


This tool (also known as a Text Spinner or Article Spinner) is an automated piece of software technology used to rewrite text such as a blog post.

This article spinner rewrites the overall message with different wording while the original content's meaning stays intact.

It works by reading and technically understanding the text you enter and then rewriting it to produce a different, readable version of the rotated content.

Free Article Spinner features:

  • Side-by-side overview — Paste the original text and compare it with the paraphrased version.
  • Spin Capitalized Words — Include/exclude capitalized words from the spinning process.
  • Keep keywords — You can skip rewriting for comma-separated, whole, or partial words.

What Is The Best Free Rewriting Tool For You

When you start as a writer, choosing the right tool to fit your needs is one of the most challenging things you can face with.

Choosing the right AI tool is essential for your writing workflow.

They are vital game players that keep you from making content writing mistakes and help you overcome writer's block moments.

If you aim only to express your thoughts and rewrite existing content, free rewriter tools are an excellent way to start.

But what if you can achieve much more with your writing and still avoid overthinking your content?

TextCortex is designed to take over 80% of your writing work by helping you to produce content at scale — you can write, rewrite, and edit any content form within seconds.

In addition to its rewriting extension features, TextCortex offers website application to help you:

  • Write short and long-form content type (blog articles, product descriptions, ads, emails, social media posts, etc).
  • Format and edit your content within editable canvas.
  • Use the same canvas to generate content manually and automatically.
  • Always create natural-sounding and SEO-oriented content.
  • Save your projects for future use and create your own templates.

Our free version provides 15 free daily creations with no restrictions on the features offered. You may increase these free creations by commenting on the tool or referring it to a friend.

Download Chrome extension now and see how TextCortex elevates your writing abilities while constantly delivering content of the highest quality.

Your AI partner is ready to (re)write content.

Save time and grow business using TextCortex. Generate marketing and website content in seconds using AI today.

Start writing with AI

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