Did you know that the top 3 search results on eCommerce websites receive 70% of clicks and 30% of conversions?

Product descriptions are your boutique.

They are your product’s taste, fabric type, size, color, and smell — the overall impression in words.

Yet, sometimes you fail to reflect this impression to your customers, and sales of your products fall short.

 But don’t worry. 

That’s why there are various product description writing software to simplify this process for you.

Today, I will walk you through the best product description writing software and explain their importance in increasing traffic on your eCommerce store.

Let’s get straight into it!🔥

Why Are Product Descriptions Important?

Did you know that 87% of shoppers rate product content as extremely important when deciding to buy?

That’s why product title optimization is one of the most important steps on your way to attracting customers.

The product description is a sales “tool” that provides the key information about your products to the visitors, and they are important because:

  • Shoppers make their purchase decisions based on the product description
  • The information that you deliver through them influences how the customer perceives the price of a product
  • Shoppers are more likely to buy your product, when product descriptions are engaging and persuasive,  even if the cost is high
  • They can help your products stand out from the competition

On the other hand, writing a unique product description is what makes people buy, stay loyal to your brand, and keep coming back.

So if you want your conversion rate to jump high, it is mandatory to write SEO-friendly product descriptions to keep up with your competition and make your website visible.

And guess what, product description writing software can help you on that journey.

How Can Product Description Writing Software Help Your Business?

Shoppers tend to stay longer on sites that provide value to them (read high-quality content).

This influences them to discover other products on your webpage, learn more about you and spend more time on your website.

Product description writing software helps you:

  • Create high-quality content to provide value to visitors
  • Helps you create product descriptions at scale 
  • Spare your writing time by automating the writing process
  • Optimize your product descriptions to increase traffic to your website
  • Increase conversion rates by providing the all the necessary information about your products

By implementing the product description writing software into your workflow, you’ll avoid all the product description problems that are keeping you away from getting the sales you deserve.

8 Best Product Description Writing Software To Skyrocket Your Business

As promised, here are the 8 best product description writing software that will help you improve your conversion rates and increase your sales by creating imposing content around your products.

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is a useful product description generator for eCommerce owners and marketers who want to scale up their sales by creating highly-converting product descriptions and long-form content.

textcortex extension

This writing software uses machine learning algorithms to generate professional and persuasive product descriptions that are informative and attractive, keeping the quality of the descriptions consistent.

It can take over 70% of your writing work and allow you to handle your products in bulk.

What’s great about it is that it helps you automate your writing process and never think about the tiring SEO-optimization tasks that come with a wide net of products.

TextCortex is fully integrated with the Shopify store, allowing you to adjust and add your product listings at all times with a single click.

By implementing this product description writing software, your customers will understand your product better and remain loyal to your store.

All you need to do is enter your product name, features and hit the “Create” button to generate your description.

In addition, you have the ability to adjust text length and creativity level that best fits your needs.

If you want to improve any part of the product description, you can do that easily by using a rewriting option. 

Just highlight the sentence or more of them, and hit the “Rewrite” button within the TextCortex Chrome extension.

What’s the greatest part is that you can create content within any textbox online.

How TextCortex helps you with your product description writing:

  • It saves you up to 70% of your writing time
  • Create up to 10x more product descriptions than you would do by writing manually
  • Establish high-quality output with each creation
  • Make your website eligible top of the SERPs

Best for: Marketers and eCommerce owners who search for solutions that will automate their writing process, generate high-quality product descriptions, and handle products in bulk.

2. Ginnie(Kopigin)


Ginnie, also familiar as Kopigin,  is a platform that aims to provide you with unique product descriptions for your eCommerce site. 

It uses NLG, to help you produce product descriptions easily, in case you have a wide range of products to handle on your website.

Ginnie allows you to enter raw product specifications (such as design, color, material, etc.), and then generates SEO-optimized product descriptions for you.

This product description generator offers the ability to submit brand guidelines so that your product descriptions match your tone of voice.

In addition, Ginnie offers integration with your Shopify store.

Best for: eCommerce owners that want to handle product descriptions in bulk.

3. Copy Shark


Copy Shark is the product description generator that uses machine learning to produce human-like product descriptions.

Simply enter the name of the product and choose the tone of voice you want, and click to generate your content.

Copy Shark is great because it allows you to sell your products in Asia markets.


Among the 20 languages it supports, Copy Shark offers you to generate product descriptions in Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Arabic.

Regarding the platform personalization Copy Shark offers templates to generate product descriptions for Etsy and Amazon.

Best for: eCommerce owners who need a multilingual product description generator.

4. Dukaan

Dukaan is an AI-powered product description writing software that can generate unique and natural descriptions for any product.

The tool uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to produce the most relevant product descriptions, making it up to date with the latest market trends.

With Dukaan’s software, you can generate descriptions for your products in bulk or individually.

This tool can generate grammatically correct and SEO-optimized descriptions that are around 200 words long.

The descriptions generated by Dukaan are suitable on multiple online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms such as  Amazon, Shopify, Myntra, etc.

Best for: Marketers that need to generate product descriptions for their listings across several different platforms.

5. Hypotenuse


Hypotenuse is an AI-based product description writing software that helps you create product descriptions, eCommerce copywriting, and content marketing materials.

It allows you to integrate directly into your CMS or product management system.

That means that you can import product information through a CSV file and generate multiple variations of these products in bulk. 

Hypotenuse also offers image tagging using AI to scan your images and provides suggested keywords for each product, which is great for optimizing your images for SEO. 

Hypotenuse offers language support for 20+ languages and provides integration with the Shopify store.

Best for: Marketers that need a product description generator to import products in bulk and optimize their images for SEO.

6. MashnLearn


MashnLearn is an extensive product description generator based on AI technology.

It can analyze your product descriptions for the common type of products and measure their potential impact.

The description can also be optimized for SEO based on elements of your product page, such as page structure, using content, and uniqueness of content. 

MashnLearn generates content by collecting data from various sources on the web, such as the manufacturer of the product or online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. 

This product description writing software also evaluates the accuracy of a data source by giving it a Data Accuracy score.

Best for: Marketers who need insights on potential impact when adding new products.

7. AdZis


AdZis is a product description generator that uses an AI engine to create product descriptions.

This tool generates the first draft, which can then be proofread and polished by readers or experienced copywriters and search engine analysts. 

How it works is that you start by sending an email with your product catalog to AdZis.

Then, the software automatically analyzes all the necessary information about your products and creates optimized descriptions for each of them. 

All that's left for you to do is simply add those descriptions to your store listings.

You can also integrate AdZis with your store using its API integration. 

Best for: Marketers who want their product descriptions to be polished by humans.

8. Descrii


Descrii is an AI-based app that automatically generates a description for your products.

Descrii offers 3 writing styles:

  • Features of your Products into Benefits — generate benefits based on features of your products.
  • Pain - Agitate - Solution Style(PAS) Product Description — translate your product features into problems that those products solve.
  • Before - After - Bridge(BAB) Style Product Description — make an offer that fit the needs of your readers.

You can use this product description writing software to edit and save created descriptions in your Shopify store directly from the Descrii app. 

Best for: eCommerce owners who want to repurpose their product descriptions into Ads, and improve their product performance in their Shopify store.

To Sum Up

The Internet is brimming with information and it is increasingly difficult to catch the shopper's eye.

In this spirit, good product description writing and its optimization are the key points for the success you are aiming for.

We hope this list will help you find the best solution for your business.

By integrating product description writing software into your writing process you can get more time to investigate your competition and keep track of the latest trends.

TextCortex can help you get there faster.

Using it, forget about low conversion rates, site traffic, and endless struggle to get visible in search queries.

Try Product Description Generator for free to check if it fits your needs over the long haul.

Not only that TextCortex can save you up to 70% of your writing time, but also permanently dismiss writer’s block moments, and save your money.

TextCortex also comes with 2 pricing plans: Unlimited and Lite plans starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

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