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CRO Marketing Framework

Our product description generator tool is empowered by AI made to optimize your conversion rate.

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Facilitate the way you create product descriptions for your Shopify store.

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Imagine you need to create a creative description for the 50th decorative product today. At one point it becomes extremely draining to come up with new words. We first tried an outsourcing agency, which let us wait for 6 weeks to deliver 400 descriptions. We delayed our product launches and the results were a disaster, and the time was wasted.

Kristin, Owner of an eCommerce

The quality of the output tends to be better than other AI Assistants, mainly because you can control the creativity of the AI. For example, setting a low score allows writing better articles when you need research and data. In those cases, and in my experience, this tool does not need as much fact-checking as others (note that I said "as much"), including Jarvis, the gold standard that, sometimes, tends to be too creative and makes up stories and data. TextCortex is good for long-form articles, and you will have usable input as raw material for your content.

Juanjo, Freelance writer

We had content writers do roughly 1500 pieces of texts but it’s taking painfully long times and that team was mismanaged. So we were looking for an AI-based solution and found TextCortex.

Justin, Product Manager at an POS System Company

We need 500 short articles to matter in search. This would cost us roughly 50,000 EUR. We don’t have the resources with our new company to achieve that. With the help of TextCortex we  created them on a fly.

Thomas, Head of SEO at a FinTech Startup

I have been using it to write blog articles, Instagram posts (this one was written by your program and honestly performed better than a lot of my recent posts!) It could be the keywords and relation to the picture the AI they use matched up well to help send it in the algorithm. If Instagram is working more that way with the algorithm this is huge.

Liz, Influencer with 100k+ Followers

We serve 400 clients and have a pool of 200 inhouse writers. We want to help them to become more efficient in the copy with AI.

Andrei, CTO of a copywriter marketplace

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