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TextCortex AI makes content generation as easy as single API call. Our specifically trained AIs is capable of generating unique and engaging content with 2 lines of code.

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Generate Marketing Copy Programatically

At TextCortex AI we have created the hemingwAI. An application specific AI that excels at writing text in dedicated verticals like, marketing blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email copies and more. that excels at writing marketing content.

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Create Quality Content Fast

Generate Content in 0.5 seconds

The lightweight and distilled AI models of TextCortex make our text generation happen at light speed.

26x more energy efficient

With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.

Regular quality check

We run regular Q&A and gather regular feedback about the produced content.

More value to your end users with our text generation API.

Our API can be integrated in a matter of minutes and can drive value to your end users by generating content in a matter of seconds at the click of a button in your interface.

  • Takes away 70% of the work of text creation
  • Customize text generation to match your users, industry and niche
  • Add an unbeatable timesaver to your value proposition
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Perfect for software platforms that hosts users who need to create text on a large scale.

  • PIMS
  • CMS
  • Marketing automation software
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Perfect for people working on larger text creation projects

Available to test
on the Visual Platform.

No time for API integration? No problem, you can still test what TextCortex is capable of doing by trying our Graphical User Interface.

In the mean time, check out our Slack channel to get together with like minded developers!

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Your AI partner is ready to (re)write content.

Save time and grow business using TextCortex. Generate marketing and website content in seconds using AI today.

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