The field of natural language processing has seen dramatic advances, leading to a wide range of new tools and techniques for generating high-quality written content. is one such tool, but with so many tools popping up daily, it is always good to see what’s new on the market.

However, keeping track of every emerging tool is a Herculean task, but that’s where we step in.

Read on to find out about 5 Hive Alternatives to get a fresh perspective.

Let’s dive in!

Hive: Overview


Hive is a cloud-based content moderation solution offering features for various content moderation and advertising targeting.

The 3 main AI models that Hive covers are:

  • Understand - Classify and detect content attributes.
  • Search - Search web content and custom datasets.
  • Generate - Generate images and text from prompts.

Thus, Hive offers versatile features spanning visual and text moderation, web, NFT, contextual search, image, text, and video generation, etc.

One of Hive’s main focuses is generating high-quality training data to improve ML algorithms and models.

Hive offers 21 APIs for the above-mentioned models so that you can integrate pre-trained AI models.

Key Features

Annotation Capabilities - Support image, video, text, and audio annotation to handle complex datasets.

Auto LM - Allows you to create custom workflows to fit your specific data annotation needs.

Search Capabilities - Provide various search options so you can find diverse content, including the NFT search.

Image Generation - Generates images using text prompts and also enables you to do image captioning.

Text Generation - Via an API integration, you can generate marketing, customer service, and other content types.

Pricing pricing is custom, and it depends on your needs and the features and volume you want to use.

5 Hive Alternatives You Should Try

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI-powered content creation tool that uses deep machine learning and NLP to create anything from customizable virtual assistants to language-based apps.

The platform's features include text summarization, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, question-answering, translation, etc.

Nonetheless, the hottest feature is Zeno, a fully customizable AI assistant that enables you to create personalized content based on your input, knowledge bases, and persona style.

Thus, you can create customized chatbots that can understand natural language, provide automated responses to customer inquiries, and perform a range of tasks.

Moreover, TextCortex provides a robust Marketplace where you can filter AI prompts by your use case and occupation.

In addition, the software supports more than 25 languages and offers APIs and pre-built integrations with various third-party platforms, such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, etc.

TextCortex’s versatility means you can use it in a browser and as a Chrome extension, and also on over 4,000 online platforms without switching a tab.

Key Features

ZenoChat - You can define the bot's personality, develop chat scenarios, and program the bot to interact with users in various ways

Furthermore, Zeno can help you with Prompt Crafting, Persona Selection, and Web Search Capability. 

Knowledge Bases - Stores your uploaded PDFs, Powerpoints, other text-based files, or even custom URLs so ZenoChat can quickly find all the relevant info.

Rich-text editing features - Enable you to expand, summarize, paraphrase, rewrite, etc. your content to make it error-free and polished.

Content Brainstorming - Generates content ideas based on your prompts. 

Text-to-Speech feature - Converts the text you’ve highlighted into speech.

Bullet-to-Email feature - Transforms as few as 3 bullet points into an email.

On the whole, TextCortex is a powerful platform that goes beyond content creation and also understands and analyzes text data.


TextCortex has 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans.


2. Lately AI


Lately AI is an AI-powered content repurposing software that turns long-form content into social media content by suggesting posts, images and hashtags.

It analyzes your business’s past social media posts, engagement, and related industry content to help you develop a content strategy. 

The platform then generates suggestions for new posts, which you can review and edit before publishing.

Furthermore, Lately AI provides in-depth analytics and reporting tools to help you track the performance of your social media content.

Regarding integrations, Lately AI integrates with HubSpot Marketing Hub, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Salesforce, UpContent, Grammarly, etc.

Key Features

AI Content Writer - Turns any long-form content, audio files, or videos into possible posts.

Social Selling - Automatically creates the copy, tracking links, and corresponding audio or video clip for each social media post

Employee Advocacy - Allows employees to select from pre-approved social media content and publish it across their channels.

AI Messaging Reviews - Ensures that every social media post complies with your branding and messaging guidelines

Social Media Analytics - Provides insights into metrics like engagement rates, follower growth, click-through rates, etc.


Lately AI has 2 Plans, for small businesses and for enterprises. For small businesses, the pricing starts at $49 per month.


3. FeedHive


FeedHive is an AI-powered social media management platform that helps businesses optimize their social media activities.

It analyzes social media data to provide actionable insights to help you increase your social media engagement and ROI. 

The features range from task automation over content planning and scheduling to post optimization.

FeedHive integrates with major social media platforms.

Key Features

FeedHive AI - An AI Writing assistant providing post ideas by offering multiple idea templates.

Suggestion Tool - Provides suggestions to improve your posts and engagement rates.

Social Inbox - Grants access to a Uniform Inbox where you can reply, like and engage with all mentions and comments.

White Label - Lets you customize the platform with your name, logo, colors, custom widgets, etc.

Analytics tools - Tracks follower growth and engagement, each channel performance, reach and impressions, etc.


FeedHive has 4 Premium Plans starting from $15 a month, with a 7-day Free Trial each.


4. NLP Cloud


NLP Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of NLP tools and business solutions.

Thus, it provides a wide range of features including:

  • Text analysis

The platform also enables you to customize and tailor the NLP model to your needs and use cases.

NLP Cloud provides API keys to access its features.

Key Features

Conversational AI - Enables you to generate human-like responses to your queries.

Summarizing - Summarizes content while keeping the essential information. 

Sentiment and emotion analysis - Determines sentiments and emotions from a text 

Automatic Speech Recognition - Extracts text from an audio or video file along with punctuation.

Grammar and spelling correction - Corrects and irons out spelling and grammar mistakes.


NLP Cloud has a plethora of pricing plans that belong to 3 main categories:

  • Pay As You Go, 
  • Pre-Paid Plans For Pre-Trained Models, and 
  • Pre-Paid Plans For Custom AI Models.

Prices start at $29 per month.


5. SuperAnnotate


SuperAnnotate is an AI-powered platform that helps you build, fine-tune, iterate, and manage your AI models.

Besides text and audio annotation, the software provides annotation tools for images and videos, such as bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints, and semantic segmentation. 

In addition, it has ready-made templates for your LLM and GenAI use cases, but you can also start from scratch.

SuperAnnotate can also serve as a collaboration and project management tool to help manage team workflows and label quality control.

Regarding integrations, you can create them by adding items from your cloud storage to SuperAnnotate, which will have read-only access to your data.

Key Features

Text Annotation Tool - Provides a variety of features to identify key sentences or phrases to summarize, determine sentiment analysis, categorize text, etc.

Token Annotation - Splits texts into units based on specific linguistic knowledge.

Image Annotation Tool - Helps with object detection, pose estimation, segmentation, multilayered imagery, etc.

LLM Finetuning - Combine human expertise and reinforcement learning algorithms to train your model better based on the feedback.

✨ AI Data Management and Curation - Enables you to use queries and create subsets to filter and train your model.


SuperAnnotate has 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans.


Wrapping It Up

These Hive alternatives we’ve covered above should be a great starting point if you want to explore more options.

Each alternative comes with its strengths and unique features, but TextCortex is the most versatile, covering multiple functionalities and uses.

In addition, unlike many Hive alternatives, TextCortex is more intuitive, and you don’t need API keys to use it.

Why Go For TextCortex?

TextCortex is an all-encompassing AI-powered content generation tool providing robust features that exceed content creation.

The biggest “culprit” for that is the outstanding ZenoChat, which uses a powerful deep-learning algorithm to understand the context of a conversation and produce relevant responses.

Thus, it enables you to:

🔥 Create your Knowledge Bases to train your model better and more efficiently by providing relevant information.

🔥 Create Customized Personas to match your brand’s style, image, and voice.

🔥 Generate a plethora of content types in a matter of minutes.

🔥 Enhance your writing and make it error-free thanks to rich rewriting tools.

🔥 Create more digestible pieces of content thanks to the Readability Checker.

🔥 and so much more.

Ready to dive in?

Sign up for TextCortex today to improve your workflow.

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