A significant 64% of B2B marketers see AI as a helpful weapon in their marketing strategies, and that's not a number to ignore. Whether you've stumbled upon this blog out of curiosity or with a plan to learn how to use AI in B2B marketing effectively, you're in the right place.

In this article, we present to you 6 ways to implement artificial intelligence in your marketing strategy, challenges that you can encounter, and tools that you can use.

Let’s start!

Why You Should Use AI in B2B Marketing?

Over 30% of B2B marketers polled in the United States used artificial intelligence (AI) for coding, chatbots, and design. Another 30% of the same professions used AI tools for presentations and content.

Why do you think so many people use AI? Because it can significantly transform marketing strategies, making them more effective and efficient. Some of the other benefits are:

🤖Cost reduction - Artificial intelligence (AI) can drastically reduce operational expenses, resulting in lower personnel costs.

🤖Scalable solutions - As a business grows, its marketing gets more complex. AI can handle larger amounts of data and more complicated marketing jobs without requiring equal increases in resources.

🤖Continuous improvement - Artificial intelligence systems are designed to learn and improve over time. This means that the longer you use artificial intelligence in your marketing activities, the more advanced and effective they will be.

How to Use AI in B2B Marketing Effectively?

Let’s take a look at how to use AI in your marketing strategies!

1. Use AI For Personalized Content Creation

When it comes to content writing, quality will always come before quantity. The idea is to generate content that actually connects with your audience's needs and objectives.

That is not an easy task and it can become much easier with AI. Here's a quick look at what AI can do for you:

🔥Generate drafts, suggest content ideas, and build content frameworks much more quickly than manual approaches. It enables writers to create more content in less time.

🔥Process large amounts of data to uncover patterns, insights, and themes that are most relevant to your audience

🔥Help optimize content for search engines, allowing it to rank higher and reach a larger audience.

🔥Maintain a consistent tone and style throughout all content, aligning with the brand's voice and rules.


With TextCortex, you can ensure that your personal touch is present in every piece of content! Just provide a sample of your writing and some background details, and TextCortex will create a digital persona that reflects your voice and style.

2. Use AI To Streamline Operational Tasks

Operational tasks are necessary for each project and can be time-consuming. The good news is that incorporating AI can effectively streamline these tasks.

This means you may free up significant time to focus on more important parts of B2B marketing. AI allows you to:

🔥Easily translate all your documents even with the file upload.

🔥Correct all your grammar or spelling mistakes.

🔥Convert PDF files into tables.

🔥Provide quick response times, 24/7 support, and interact in multiple languages as part of your customer support activities.


TextCortex offers a new feature that allows you to download tables in CSV or XLSX format right from the chat window. This makes it easy to obtain only the tables you need without downloading the entire chat. 

Simply look for the download button above any table in our chat, and you'll be set to go 👇


3. Use AI For ​​Data Analysis

As your dataset develops, data exploration becomes more difficult and time-consuming. If you automate this challenging job, you can make better, data-driven decisions more rapidly. AI has the capability to:

🔥Quickly analyze large, complex data sets much faster than manual processes.

🔥Work without tiring or losing consistency in its output.

🔥Track and evaluate competitor actions, providing insights into their tactics, strengths, and shortcomings.

🔥Turn complex data sets into simply understood visual formats, allowing for clearer sharing of insights.

4. Use It For Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing in B2B is critical because it converts interested people into clients. It's all about sending the correct message at the right moment to engage your clients and attract new ones.

This strategy is also excellent for saving money while maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. AI can:

🔥Monitor recipient behavior to determine the optimal time to send emails, resulting in increased open and click-through rates.

🔥Examine and optimize subject lines, using natural language processing to generate compelling headlines that increase email open rates.

🔥Detect trends that indicate a receiver may unsubscribe or become inactive. It can then initiate targeted steps to re-engage them, such as sending personalized offers or content.

🔥Deliver detailed insights into campaign performance by tracking variables other than openings and clicks, such as reading duration, forwarding rates, and conversion rates.

🔥Automate the A/B testing of various email elements (such as subject lines, content, and call-to-actions), efficiently identifying the most effective tactics.


TextCortex allows you to write a full email from only 3 bullet points. Write the key points of your message only, and TextCortex will generate the rest of it.

This efficient method streamlines the process of creating emails for marketing campaigns, ensuring ease and effectiveness.

5. Use AI To Gather and Integrate Data

Research is an important aspect of every strategy, and B2B marketing is no different. Determine the sources of data that are relevant to your requirements, such as: social media, CRM systems, website analytics, market research, or sales data.

Then, use AI-driven data integration to: 

🔥Combine data from multiple sources into a centralized system.

🔥 Set up AI systems to automatically gather and update data.

🔥Use machine learning algorithms to constantly learn from data, increasing the accuracy and relevance of insights over time.


With TextCortex, you can create your own Knowledge Base and store files, articles, and documents in one place. You can add links by using a CSV file or a multi-line text box.

Simply get your CSV file ready or copy your list of URLs. Then, upload the file or paste the URLs into the text box and click the 'upload' button. This allows you to add numerous links at once, which saves time and effort.

6. Use it For Lead Scoring

Lead scoring ranks potential consumers based on their likelihood to make a purchase, using predetermined criteria such as job title and engagement with marketing materials.

However, this manual method can be inefficient, biased, and rigid. AI-powered lead scoring provides a more dynamic method that addresses these constraints by:

🔥Examining previous data to determine which features (such as job title, company size, or content interactions) are most likely to lead to conversions. You can use these as your score criteria.

🔥Quickly evaluating enormous data sets and updating scores in real time based on new interactions.

🔥 Learning from each interaction and refining their lead score models. This continuous learning process ensures that the scoring is accurate and relevant.

4 Main Hurdles of Utilizing AI in B2B Marketing

AI offers tremendous benefits, yet, there are key challenges to consider:

✖️Generic Content - If you've ever tried creating text with AI, you've probably noticed that it occasionally lacks the natural, creative touch of human writing. The style can feel repetitious, not quite matching the dynamic way marketers often communicate. Use AI for brainstorming, finding catchy phrases, or rewriting, but always tweak and review the results to add a human touch to the final material.

✖️Limitations - AI is still not quite capable of recognizing details, context, and emotional intelligence, all of which are important in B2B relationships. Over-reliance on AI without human control can result in unsatisfactory outcomes.

✖️Inaccuracy - Unlike human marketers, who can intuitively understand complicated industry dynamics and complex subtleties in client contacts, AI may overlook these details. If AI systems are not constantly updated, this can result in less accurate marketing strategies.

✖️Measuring ROI - AI in marketing frequently leads to increased efficiency, better customer insights, and more focused advertising. However, these enhancements may not necessarily result in a direct and immediate increase in revenue.

For example, AI may boost consumer engagement or brand awareness, but determining whether this change directly leads to greater sales might be difficult.

4 AI Tools You Can Use in B2B Marketing

Let’s check out some tools that you can use.

1. TextCortex - Best for Content Creation 

TextCortex has been recognized as one of the top writing assistance software for businesses.

It is an artificial intelligence assistant that automates tasks while also improving your content creation process and answering your most important questions. It offers you:

Rewriting Tool - TextCortex allows you to effortlessly rework sentences or paragraphs while retaining the original meaning.

Summarizing Tool - TextCortex can reduce long content into brief summaries without sacrificing any important information.

Tone of Voice - Change the tone of your writing to achieve the intended style, whether formal, informal, or professional.

Expanding Tool - Expand brief ideas to entire articles.

AI Templates - TextCortex includes 100+ AI templates suited for writing activities in a variety of sectors. These templates fall under a variety of themes, including academic life and marketing. 

Zeno Chat - It can use web sources and provide a dynamic way to craft responses, resulting in exact answers to your questions.

2. Tableau - Best for Data Analysis And for Gathering Data

Tableau is an analytics tool that aims to revolutionize data use in problem-solving. It provides you with:

Native Predictive Modeling - You can build a model to understand how your data is dispersed around a trend line in your visualization.

Explain Data - It makes it easier to find and define relationships in your data.

Data Stories - Data Stories is a tool that can help you with summarizing critical information in an understandable and succinct manner.

Tableau Catalog - It automatically classifies all of your data assets and sources into a single list and delivers context-based information for quick data discovery.

Keep Only - Keep Only is a filtering action that keeps data rows that match the selected values but removes all other data rows from the view.

3. ConstantContact - Best for Email Marketing Campaigns

ConstantContact is an email and digital marketing platform that allows organizations to easily build and deliver high-quality email campaigns. It presents you with:

⚡Reporting - You can track who opens, clicks, and shares your emails. You can also identify trends and strategize your next moves.

⚡Templates - To create your own, select from hundreds of pre-created email templates.

⚡Marketing Automation - Depending on how clients interact with your emails, you can automatically send them targeted messages.

⚡Customer List Management - You may separate lists to target the appropriate individuals and add, save, and manage all of your contacts in one location.

4. Monday.com - Best for Lead Generation

Monday.com is a flexible lead management tool powered by AI that optimizes the lead journey. It gives you:

⚡ Resource Management - You can more effectively balance workloads by allocating and managing resources.

⚡Project Management - It enables one-stop project planning, management, and collaboration.

⚡Goals and Strategy - Establish and monitor objectives that complement your business plans.

To Wrap Up

AI is helpful in many areas of business-to-business marketing, but keep in mind that humans are still necessary. Consider AI as a support system rather than as a complete substitute for human interaction.

If you want an AI solution that is trustworthy, TextCortex is a good choice. It is ideal for a variety of activities, including composing articles, marketing content, or emails.

A major advantage of TextCortex is its compatibility with more than 50,000 platforms and browsers. This means it works perfectly with your existing workflow, making it comfortable and easy to use.

Sign up today, and start using TextCortex in your B2B marketing strategy!