Grammar checkers are programs or tools designed to detect and correct common grammatical errors.

They can be used on a variety of documents, including essays, emails and reports. While they won’t be able to catch every mistake, they can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that your writing is as accurate as possible!

If you're looking for help with English grammar, you're in luck.

Whether you’re a student who needs to check their assignments or an author creating works of art, these tools can come in handy: in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best English grammar checker tools available today.


  • Grammar checkers can help you identify and correct grammar mistakes in your writing.
  • Some grammar checkers also offer features such as automated formatting options, checking plagiarism levels, providing synonyms and translating text into other languages.
  • Grammar checkers can be used by students who need help with essays and term papers, by professionals working on presentations and documents and by businesses.
  • Some of the best English grammar checker tools include: Grammarly, Quillbot, Ginger, WhiteSmoke.
  • TextCortex is the all in one alternative: integrated in 1000+ platforms, in addition to checking your grammar it can also help translate, rewrite, summarize and expand your content.

Grammar Checkers

Grammar checkers are digital tools that help you identify and correct grammar mistakes in your writing.

With these tools, you can quickly and easily review your writing for potential errors, typos, and misused words.

How do they work?

Grammar checkers use algorithms to analyze your text and detect any mistakes. They compare what you've written with their vast library of rules about correct grammar usage.

When they spot an error, they'll highlight it so that you can make the necessary changes. 


Using a grammar checker is often the easiest way to find and fix errors in your writing without having to spend hours manually proofreading each sentence or hiring an editor to do it for you.

Grammar checkers also provide helpful suggestions on how to improve the clarity of your writing by suggesting alternatives or rephrasing sentences where necessary. 

In addition to identifying errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax, some grammar checkers also offer features such as automated formatting options, checking plagiarism levels, providing synonyms for words used too frequently in one document and even translating text into other languages.

Who can use grammar checker tools?

From students who need help with essays and term papers, to professionals working on presentations and documents, grammar checkers can be a great way to ensure your writing is free of mistakes.

In addition to individuals, businesses of all sizes also stand to benefit from using grammar checking software. Not only does it save time by eliminating mistakes in documents before they’re published or sent out, but it also helps maintain a professional image by ensuring that all written communication is error-free.

Grammar Checker Tool Suggestions

Grammar is an important part of writing, and having access to the right grammar checker tools can make all the difference. 


One great tool that many people use is Grammarly, which offers a free version as well as an upgraded version with more features like plagiarism detection and vocabulary enhancement.

It also has advanced features like sentence structure correction so you can ensure your sentences are grammatically correct. Additionally, it provides helpful feedback on how to improve your writing in real time so you can become a better writer over time!

best grammar checker tools


Quillbot is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help users improve their writing skills.

It uses natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to analyze text, providing users with real-time feedback and suggestions on how to make their writing more effective.

With Quillbot, users can easily get help with grammar, spelling, punctuation and more. The tool also provides synonyms for words and a suggestion dictionary in order to improve the user’s general vocabulary. 

quillbot grammar checker

Ginger Grammar

Ginger is a powerful, free grammar checker that helps you easily find and fix errors in your writing.

It can identify complex errors that traditional grammar checkers miss, which include: verb tenses, singular versus plural errors and subject-verb disagreement.

ginger grammar checker


WhiteSmoke is an advanced grammar and punctuation checker that uses sophisticated algorithms to scan your text for errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and style (run-on sentences, comma splices, sentence fragments and more). It then suggests corrections so you can edit your text and make sure it's error-free before submitting it or publishing it online. 

WhiteSmoke works in any browser and Gmail, you can get started for $5 per month.

whitesmoke grammar checker

The All-in-One Option: TextCortex

TextCortex is the all in one AI tool that can help you bring your writing to the next level. The browser extension supports 25+ languages and comes with more than 60 writing templates you can rely on to revolutionize your daily workflow. 

Let’s take a look at some of the TextCortex core features.

Paraphrase, expand, summarize in English

You can use the power of TextCortex paraphrasing tool to rephrase your content in any textbox, as it is integrated in 1000+ platforms.

Paraphrase content by simply highlighting the text you’d like to rewrite and clicking on “Rewrite”.

If you want to build on top of what you have already written, you can use the Expand feature by highlighting your content and selecting “Expand”.

Moreover, if you have written or come across a text that you’d like to summarize to get the key points quickly, go ahead and highlight it all, then click on “Summarize”.

Translate to/from English

The option of translating your content in 25+ languages is only one click away with TextCortex.

Once you have your text, make sure to highlight it and select the language you want to translate into. Then, let our AI tool work its magic!

English Text to Speech

To make sure that our user base has the most comfortable experience possible, the TextCortex browser extension also offers the text-to-speech / voice activation feature in different languages.

If you have a lengthy text and don't want to read it yourself or simply need some additional help, let TextCortex be there for you.

Zeno Assistant

Remember Zeno, your trusty companion that will write just about anything for you?

Now, it can also check your grammar and make sure your content is always ready to be shared in its best form!

It currently only works on Google docs and all you have to do to get started, once you have your content ready, is use the shortcut ALT + SHIFT and tell Zeno what you’d like it to fix.

The “Edit and Review Page” section comes with different options: fix spelling and grammar, make longer and make shorter.

ZenoChat – Chat in 25+ languages

ZenoChat is the virtual assistant of your dreams: integrated in 2000+ platforms, is also able to communicate with you in 25+ languages.


You can ask ZenoChat to create appealing product descriptions, effective email templates, blog article outlines and to acquire data or information about any topic by simply turning the web search toggle on.

Simply open up the sidebar and start collaborating with Zeno right away!