Email marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways of communicating with your customers and reaching wider audiences. 

However, creating effective email campaigns that can drive engagement and conversions is not always easy. 

Fortunately, the generative AI can make the process more efficient, effortless, and effective.

Read on to learn more about how to use generative AI for email marketing and develop an effective email marketing strategy to deliver higher engagement.

Let’s dive in!

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI uses deep learning algorithms to generate new content, such as text, images, or videos, by analyzing patterns and information from large amounts of data.

At its core are prompts, an input text or data, which provide an initial context AI can use to generate new text or data by predicting what might come next.

Generative AI has many applications,  including:

  • Creating personalized content for various marketing campaigns,
  • Generating realistic images of imaginary objects, 
  • Generating text and speech,
  • Creating chatbots, etc.

Why Should You Use Generative AI for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the areas that generative AI can greatly influence due to its adaptivity and ability to generate human-like and customer-centric responses.

Thus, generative AI can help with:

  • Personalization - Can analyze user data and create personalized messaging tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Consequently, this can improve open and conversion rates and engagement.

  • Scalability - Can generate multiple versions of an email for different segments of your audience, making it easy to send targeted, relevant messages to larger groups of people.
  • Efficiency -  Can automate the process of creating and sending emails, saving time and resources.
  • Creativity - Allows you to experiment with new, creative messaging and designs you may not have thought of on your own. 

This way, you can stand out in a crowded inbox and capture your audience's attention.

9 Ways to Use Generative AI for Email Marketing

Let’s see the practical uses of integrating generative AI to boost your email marketing strategy.

1. Create Compelling Subject Lines

Subject lines are one of the most important parts of an email because they greatly impact open rates.

Thus, creating a compelling should be your top priority. And, thanks to AI, you can create them quickly and in a more targeted way once you’ve entered a prompt.

💡 ProTip:

TextCortex enables you to craft unlimited numbers of subject lines. You only need to specify and submit your prompt, and you’ll get results in a matter of seconds.


Naturally, you can tweak and edit the results until you reach the version you like most.

2. Generate Emails That Get Responses

As we’ve mentioned earlier, AI can help you craft more personalized emails by providing you with ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Although you may not use every single word from the crafted email, you still may find enough inspiration to get you going and provide inspiration.

Depending on the tool you use, the output may vary and be more or less customized.

💡 ProTip:

Zeno Chat enables you to create an email from as few as 3 bullet points you can customize further.

Simply provide the key points you'd like to include, and Zeno will generate a full-length email for you in a few seconds.

3. Personalize Your Emails

AI tools will allow customization options so you can tweak your content to meet your audience’s needs based on their data and preferences.

Furthermore, AI can analyze customers' engagement with your emails to individualize the content and timing of future messages.

In addition, it can also optimize the email copy in real time by analyzing what works and what doesn't amongst various customer segments.

💡 ProTip:

Did you know that with TextCortex, you can create your own digital persona and write in the desired tone and style?

You should submit your background details along with a text sample, and TextCortex will generate a persona that represents and matches your brand.

In addition, you can also choose from more than 10 existing personas.

4. Do Audience Segmentation

AI can analyze large volumes of customer data to identify patterns and characteristics that can group your audience into unique segments.

As a result, AI can cluster the audience into different categories based on the most relevant and important factors.

For example,

  • Generative AI algorithms can analyze customer data and interactions across multiple channels.
  • AI can use A/B testing on email content and optimize the messages according to audience behavior and engagement.

Consequently, it can help you send highly targeted and relevant content to each customer group.

💡 ProTip:

Zeno Chat enables you to create multiple email drafts to see which one resonates with your audience.

Thanks to the Rewriting feature, you can tweak, edit, and customize a single email into a large number of new copies, which you can use for your A/B testing.

5. Get The Right Tone and Voice

Creating an email, a newsletter, or any other content type has no full value unless you match it with the corresponding tone and voice that reflects your brand.

Getting the right tone quite often represents a challenge because there is a thin line between sounding persuasive and pushy.

Furthermore, unsuitable or inappropriate tone and voice can negatively affect your overall message.

Therefore, when choosing an AI tool, make sure it offers tone and voice features so you can convey your message effectively and in the right way.

💡 ProTip:

TextCortex’s Tone Changer allows you to use more than 10 different tones of voice in a simple way. 

You just need to highlight the desired text and choose the appropriate tone from the editing bar.

6. Translate Your Content

AI tools usually have translation options, which is a great asset that can help you add a personal touch and reach a wider audience.

Thus, you can quickly and easily translate your emails, making it easier to connect with customers in different regions.

Furthermore, AI tools will ensure your email communications maintain the same tone and language, regardless of the translation language.

💡 ProTip:

TextCortex offers support in more than 25 languages so you can reach your audience more efficiently regardless of their mother tongue.

The process is straightforward - highlight the sentence or paragraph you wish to translate and click on the Translate icon in the editing bar.

7. Use Templates

Another great use of generative AI is that in addition to creating content from scratch, it can also supply you with ready-to-use customizable templates for your email marketing.

They provide a quick and efficient way to create professional-looking emails optimized for engagement and conversion.

Furthermore, you can save time on the design aspect of your email marketing and focus more on crafting an effective message.

💡 ProTip:

TextCortex provides more than 60 templates spanning categories such as ads and marketing, email writing, eCommerce, etc.

Furthermore, you can also browse the templates based on your occupation.

Regarding template types, you can create lead nurturing emails, follow-up emails, sales pitch emails, etc.

8. Use Effective CTAs

Finishing your email is just as important as the way you start it. Even a high-quality email, newsletter, or social media post won’t be effective unless there is a clear CTA.

CTAs are the final step in encouraging your audience to take action and drive conversion rates.

Generative AI not only helps you create clear and strong CTAs but also analyzes data from previous email campaigns and A/B testing to generate the most effective CTA.

9. Generate Images

Generative AI is a great tool to help you automate the image creation process

Thus, you can input certain parameters, such as the type of image you require, its color scheme, size, etc., and the AI will create an image that meets your specifications.

Additionally, generative AI can create personalized images based on customer data, such as purchase history or location, which can increase engagement and conversions.

💡 ProTip:

Besides robust content-generating and editing features, ZenoChat allows you to generate visual outputs using the DALL-E 3 model by entering prompts into the chat.

The system uses advanced language models to convert even simple prompts into high-quality AI images. In order to do so, you need to integrate DALL-E 3.

🎀 Wrapping It Up

Generative AI can be a game-changer if you’re looking to improve your email marketing strategy without spending extensive time and resources.

Thus, choose an AI tool that is adaptable and flexible, and that covers multiple aspects of email marketing.

Enter, TextCortex! 🤖

How Can TextCortex Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy?

TextCortex is an AI-powered content-creation tool with a robust set of text-editing capabilities to enhance content.

Thus, it provides:

  • Summarizing, 
  • Expanding, 
  • Paraphrasing, 
  • Grammar and spelling check,
  • and many more features to help you adjust your text and hit your audience’s sweet spot.

🔥 Furthermore, TextCortex’s digital assistant Zeno Chat, covers everything from content creation to image generation, making it a full-house tool catering to every step of your email marketing journey.

🔥 In addition, it also allows you to create Knowledge Bases where you can upload your own documents or add custom URLs and retrieve information from them directly.

This way, you can store your search results, info about customer segments, reports and analytics, etc., and retrieve info in a few seconds.

💣 For example, it takes 3 seconds to get info from an 80-page PDF document.

🔥 Our Marketplace allows you to browse, distribute, and use AI prompts on the fly and filter them according to your use case, occupation, etc. 

Thus, you can generate everything from audience-specific market research over promotional marketing campaigns to newsletters.

You can use TextCortex as a browser extension, or as a desktop app, and integrate it across over 4000 platforms.

Enticed to see where TextCortex can take you?

Join TextCortex today to leverage email marketing and gain a competitive edge.

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