Do you feel like AI is developing much faster than it was just a few years ago?

Well, you are right.

Generative AI tools are becoming increasingly prominent in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. 

They are transforming the way we create and innovate.

These cutting-edge tools leverage the power of machine learning and natural language processing to generate dynamic and imaginative content, pushing the boundaries of creativity to new heights.

In this article, we unveil the 6 best generative AI tools that have been making waves in the industry, yet may have slipped under your radar. 

From AI-powered writing assistants that craft compelling stories to mesmerizing video production tools that bring ideas to life, these tools are a game-changer for artists, writers, marketers, and innovators alike.

Let’s explore!

6 Best Generative AI Tools We Tested For You

1. TextCortex Zeno ChatGPT


Are you seeking a valuable writing tool that can enhance your creative process? 

TextCortex Zeno ChatGPT is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to revolutionize the way you write. 

Developed by TextCortex, a leading company specializing in machine learning and natural language processing, Zeno ChatGPT offers a range of features to assist and inspire writers.

What makes Zeno ChatGPT unique? 

Zeno ChatGPT stands out as a superior option, unlike other AI writing assistants. 

With a continuously updated knowledge base, this tool ensures access to the latest information and insights. 

Additionally, Zeno ChatGPT allows for persona customization, providing a personalized writing experience tailored to your specific requirements.

Let's delve into the notable features that make Zeno ChatGPT a must-have companion for your writing endeavors:

✒️ Rewriting Tool – Bid farewell to time-consuming editing and proofreading tasks. 

Zeno ChatGPT's rewriting tool streamlines the process by offering support in editing, summarizing, tone adjustment, and even translation

It is your reliable writing assistant, helping refine and enhance your content.

✒️ Zeno Chat Do you have a particular topic in mind? Engage in natural language communication with Zeno ChatGPT, allowing you to request specific content. 

From blog posts to academic papers, Zeno ChatGPT can assist you in generating the desired output.

✒️ Creator SuiteNeed inspiration or a starting point? The Creator Suite offers over 60 well-categorized templates to cater to various writing needs. 

Whether you're crafting emails, e-commerce content, or captivating advertisements, the Creator Suite provides a valuable resource to jumpstart your writing projects.

✒️ Zeno Assistant Zeno Mode grants you quick high-quality output from your first drafts. 

Simply highlight the text and let Zeno ChatGPT handle the rest, making your writing tasks more efficient.

✒️ Readability CheckerWondering about the sophistication of your writing style?

Zeno ChatGPT's readability checker offers insights into the complexity of your content. 

It also provides analytics on word count, required reading time, and character count, helping you gauge the impact of your writing.

✒️ Multilingual Support – Overcoming language barriers is now easier than ever. 

Zeno ChatGPT supports translation in more than 25 languages, enabling you to write effortlessly in French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and more.

Zeno ChatGPT goes beyond practical applications – it also fuels your creativity

Whether you seek inspiration for captivating stories, thought-provoking poems, engaging essays, or soul-stirring songs, Zeno ChatGPT can help you out.

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with over 2000 platforms, ensuring accessibility from anywhere. 

With a free plan offering 10 daily creations, you can explore the tool's benefits without a financial burden. 

By referring friends, you can earn extra daily creations or upgrade to a paid plan for enhanced features and capabilities.

2. AlphaCode AI


AlphaCode is an exceptional AI code generation system designed to construct code based on natural language descriptions of a given problem. 

Developed by DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, this groundbreaking technology has showcased its capabilities by achieving a competitive level of performance in programming competitions

In fact, it has positioned itself within the top 54% of human coders, marking a significant milestone in the realm of AI development.

Key Features of Alphacode:

🤖 Language Flexibility – Alphacode empowers developers by generating code in Python or C++, providing versatility and accommodating various programming preferences.

🤖 Code Quality Assurance – With the ability to run test cases and cluster similar programs, Alphacode ensures the production of high-quality code while filtering out erroneous or suboptimal solutions.

🤖 Complex Problem Solving – Alphacode tackles intricate challenges that demand critical thinking and symbolic reasoning. 

Its advanced algorithms enable it to analyze complex scenarios and generate effective code solutions accordingly.

🤖 Handling Text and Image Inputs – Alphacode exhibits versatility by handling not only textual inputs but also image inputs.

This capability expands its applications to fields that involve computer vision and image processing.

Alphacode represents a remarkable showcase of the potential of deep learning models when applied to tasks requiring critical thinking and symbolic reasoning. 

It transcends conventional AI's boundaries by learning from data and expressing its acquired knowledge as executable code. 

This achievement holds promising implications for future collaborations and innovative partnerships between humans and machines.

By leveraging Alphacode's capabilities, developers can enhance their productivity and streamline the code generation process

3. ChatGPT


ChatGPT emerges as an intelligent AI chatbot designed to engage in conversations and provide responses to user queries. 

Equipped with an extensive knowledge base, ChatGPT demonstrates proficiency across a wide range of topics. 

It possesses the ability to recall previous interactions and allows users to rectify their responses, fostering continuous improvement and personalized experiences.

The capabilities of ChatGPT extend far beyond conventional conversational AI. 

It possesses an impressive skill set, enabling it to:

  • Write and debug computer programs
  • Compose music, teleplays, fairy tales, and student essays
  • Answer test questions
  • Create poetry and song lyrics
  • Emulate a Linux system
  • Simulate entire chat rooms, play games like tic-tac-toe, and even simulate an ATM.

Training data for ChatGPT encompasses a diverse range of sources, including man pages, internet phenomena, and programming languages. This comprehensive dataset equips ChatGPT with a broad understanding of various domains, allowing it to generate contextually relevant and engaging responses.

Notable Features of ChatGPT:

💡 Text and Image Processing – ChatGPT has the ability to process both textual and image inputs, enhancing its versatility in understanding and responding to user queries.

💡 Expanded Word Limit – Unlike the free version, it can provide responses comprising up to 25,000 words, allowing for more in-depth and detailed interactions.

💡 Website Building Capabilities – ChatGPT showcases its ingenuity by being capable of constructing websites based solely on an image, streamlining the web development process.

💡 Bing Integration – It powers the innovative Bing with ChatGPT feature, offering summarized answers and creative inspiration to users seeking information or ideas.

Currently, ChatGPT is available free of charge for research purposes. 

However, a subscription-based version called ChatGPT Plus offers additional features and enhanced capabilities. 

Developers can also leverage the ChatGPT API to seamlessly integrate the chatbot into their own applications, further expanding its utility and accessibility.

4. Synthesia AI


Step into the future of video production and content creation with Synthesia AI, an innovative technology that has redefined the boundaries of visual storytelling. 

With the help of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it allows users to create customizable and lifelike videos using deep learning and computer vision techniques.

Key Features of Synthesia AI:

📽️ AI Avatars – Explore a diverse range of options with over 150 stock AI avatars representing various ethnicities. 

Alternatively, create your own custom AI avatar, essentially your digital twin, to personalize your video content.

📽️ AI Voice – Break language barriers and foster global communication with videos created in over 120 languages, accents, and voice tones. 

Synthesia AI enables you to clone your own voice and pair it with your custom AI avatar, offering unparalleled flexibility and authenticity.

📽️ Video Templates – Seamlessly access a collection of video templates tailored to different use cases, including learning and development, sales enablement, internal communications, marketing, and more. 

These templates provide a solid foundation for crafting engaging and impactful videos.

📽️ Editing Studio – Enhance your videos by incorporating text, images, music, animations, and other elements to elevate the overall visual experience.

📽️ Synthesia Academy – Join a vibrant community of over 3,000 Synthesia power users in the Synthesia Academy. 

Expand your knowledge and skills as you learn how to create compelling videos utilizing the power of AI, benefiting from shared insights and best practices.

Synthesia AI empowers you to create professional-grade videos in just 15 minutes.

Furthermore, it promotes inclusivity by enabling video creation in multiple languages and accents, ensuring your content reaches a diverse audience.

Accessing Synthesia AI is effortless, as it is a web-based application accessible directly in your browser. 

5. Bing AI


Bing, an esteemed web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, offers a wide array of web, video, image, and map search services. 

Developed using ASP.NET, Bing is a robust platform delivering comprehensive search experiences.

Highlighted Features of Bing:

🔍 Bing AI – From engaging in conversations to writing diverse types of content, providing insights on the current website in the browser, to utilizing its Image Creator for designing images based on text, Bing AI adds a touch of innovation and interactivity.

🔍 Bing Rewards – Users can earn valuable points by engaging in activities such as searching, completing quizzes, and more. 

You can use these points to get gift cards, enter sweepstakes, make charitable donations, and choose from other enticing options.

🔍 Bing Visual Search – Whether by uploading an image or utilizing the camera to capture one, Bing Visual Search facilitates the discovery of similar images, products, places, and information on the web, adding a new dimension to the search experience.

🔍 Bing Knowledge Graph – Users can access facts, images, videos, related topics, and other valuable data sources through a convenient sidebar or card format, enhancing their understanding of searched entities.

🔍 Bing Maps – From street maps and aerial views to 3D maps and traffic information, Bing Maps empowers users to explore and discover. 

Additionally, features like directions, Streetside views, and Bird's Eye views provide valuable insights into various places and landmarks.

Bing remains committed to constant innovation and improvement, continuously refining its search engine to deliver better results and more engaging user experiences. 

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it strives to understand queries comprehensively and generate relevant and accurate answers. 

Furthermore, Bing gathers information from various sources such as Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, and Yelp to provide thorough and dependable information.

6. Bard AI


Google has developed an AI called Bard, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to create text that looks like a human wrote it.

Its sophisticated model is designed to mimic the style and structure of human language.

Key Features of Bard:

🤖 Google Bard - Users can request Bard to write various forms of content, such as emails, social media posts, stories, poems, essays, reports, and more, catering to a diverse range of writing needs.

🤖 Google Bard Can Now Read Images - This innovative feature enables Bard to generate captions, descriptions, and even stories based on uploaded images or images captured in real-time using the camera. 

Simply provide the image, and Bard will craft compelling text related to it.

🤖 Built-in Image Generator - By describing what they envision, users can ask Bard to create logos, artwork, pictures, or any desired image, showcasing its ability to translate text into visually engaging content.

🤖 Bard Gets More Visual - When seeking information about places, landmarks, animals, and more, Bard offers a dynamic sidebar or card format that presents users with facts, images, videos, related topics, and other relevant data sources, creating a comprehensive and engaging response.

🤖 Google Services Integration - Seamlessly access Bard's capabilities across various Google platforms, including Search, Docs, Gmail, and more. 

This integration allows users to utilize voice input, translation features, and the power of Bard within the familiar Google ecosystem.

🤖 Google Bard Tools (Plugins) - Customize your Bard experience with additional functionalities provided by plugins. 

These extensions offer sentiment analysis, grammar check, plagiarism detection, summarization, and more, empowering users to refine their writing and optimize their interactions with Bard.

🤖 Bard AI Can Code for You - With Bard, users can request code in Python or JavaScript for tasks like web scraping, data analysis, game development, and more, making programming more accessible.

🤖 Google Bard Serves Multiple Drafts - Explore different versions of the text generated by Bard, each offering a distinct style, tone, and content. 

This feature allows users to select the most suitable option and further refine the text according to their preferences.

Bard represents an exciting experiment that encourages users to collaborate with generative AI. Its broad range of capabilities caters to diverse writing needs, fosters creative inspiration, facilitates learning, and enables the exploration of various topics. 

Currently available in English and Spanish, Bard continues to evolve, with more language options on the horizon. 

Best of all, Bard is free for personal and educational purposes, inviting users to embark on a journey of AI-assisted creativity.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

The world of generative AI tools is a treasure trove of innovation and creativity. 

With their ability to generate dynamic content and push the boundaries of what's possible, these tools have become invaluable assets for artists, writers, marketers, and innovators.

Among the top picks in this exciting realm is TextCortex ZenoChat

With its powerful AI capabilities and customizable personas, ZenoChat emerges as a standout tool that can take your creative endeavors to new heights

From writing assistance to content generation across various domains, ZenoChat offers a seamless and intuitive experience that will truly elevate your creative output.

So, don't miss out on exploring TextCortex ZenoChat and unlocking a world of limitless possibilities. 

Get your account today to embark on an incredible journey of creativity with TextCortex ZenoChat by your side. Happy creating!