Have you ever wondered how to effortlessly enhance your written content? 

Whether you are an experienced writer or just beginning, ensuring that your words have a lasting impact is vital.

The good news is there's a simple solution at your fingertips: free proofreading tools

But which ones should you rely on?

We've done the research for you in a world overflowing with writing assistants. 

In this article, we'll unveil the top 5 free proofreading tools that elevate your writing and captivate your audience. 

Say goodbye to embarrassing typos and hello to polished perfection. 

Let's dive into the realm of these remarkable tools! 

Discover the 5 Ultimate Free Proofreading Tools

1. Zeno ChatGPT Browser Extension

For those who want to experience the next level of writing excellence, we decided to set the TextCortex's Zeno ChatGPT tool as our #1 option. 

This tool harnesses AI to revolutionize your writing experience. 

Equipped with cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms and an extensive knowledge base, Zeno ChatGPT empowers users to effortlessly create high-quality while assisting you with your proofreading.

Unlocking a Multilingual World

TextCortex's language capabilities are truly impressive, offering support for a wide range of languages, including French, German, Romanian, Portuguese, and more

The standout feature lies in its ability to interact with users in their default language. 

Once you choose your preferred language, TextCortex allows you to utilize its powerful tools to modify, create, or rewrite text seamlessly.

Exploring the Array of Features

Let's delve into the wealth of features that make TextCortex's Zeno ChatGPT the best proofreading tool in the market:

Enhanced rewriting toolbar — Refine your content effortlessly with a comprehensive set of tools for rewriting, expanding, summarizing, and adjusting tone. In addition you can fix your spelling and grammar errors within the text.

Extensive Creator Suite — Access over 60 AI-generated templates designed for various content formats, such as blog posts, social media updates, and emails, to fuel your creativity.

Readability checker — Ensure your content is easily comprehensible and engaging to your audience with TextCortex's built-in readability checker, optimizing its impact.

Zeno mode — Activate Zeno mode to receive valuable insights and suggestions based on your existing draft, taking your work to the next level.

Content brainstorming — Overcome writer's block and ignite your inspiration with a single keystroke, accessing features that generate content ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.

Zeno Chat — Break language barriers and collaborate seamlessly with AI writers in over 25 languages, exchanging ideas and co-creating content that transcends linguistic boundaries.

Translation and Collaboration Made Easy

TextCortex's Zeno ChatGPT goes beyond proofreading by offering a suite of tools to enhance your writing journey. 

By seamlessly integrating with over 2000 popular websites, Zeno ChatGPT becomes your reliable AI companion, eliminating the need for constant tab-switching. 

Whether you're translating and generating emails or conducting research on any topic, Zeno ChatGPT streamlines the entire process, making it efficient and hassle-free.


With TextCortex you can start with a freemium account where you’ll get 20 free daily creations or choose one of the Lite packages starting from $5.59.

TextCortex pricing

2. Grammarly

best free proofreading tools

Grammarly is a high-end digital writing assistant employing cutting-edge algorithms and AI to proofread and check grammar.

In addition to catching typos, it suggests ways to tighten up the wording, fix grammar, and make your writing more concise and clear.

Streamlining Your Editing Process

With Grammarly by your side, the editing and proofreading process becomes seamless and efficient. 

Its intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with various writing platforms, including:

  • Web browsers
  • Word processors
  • And even mobile applications

It provides real-time suggestions and corrections as you type. 

Grammarly automates the process, allowing you to focus on the content itself.

Advanced Grammar and Style Guidance

Grammarly's remarkable features extend beyond basic grammar checking

It provides in-depth insights into:

Its readability analysis highlights complex sentences, excessive wordiness, and inconsistent writing patterns, empowering you to refine your prose and captivate your readers.

Tailored to Your Writing Needs

Grammarly understands that each writer has unique requirements. 

Whether you're crafting a formal business document, an academic essay, or a casual blog post, Grammarly adapts to your writing style and context

You can customize your settings to receive suggestions based on the tone, audience, and writing goals, ensuring your content is precisely tailored to its intended purpose.

Enhanced Writing Confidence

One of the most significant benefits of Grammarly is its boost to your writing confidence. 

Your writing skills naturally improve as you incorporate its suggestions and learn from its insights. 

Grammarly acts as a reliable virtual writing coach, guiding you toward mastery and empowering you to produce compelling, error-free content.


Grammarly is available at no cost. There are two Premium plans available, though, for those who require a more sophisticated version of the tool.

3. ProWritingAid


Beyond basic spell checking, ProWritingAid is an all-inclusive writing assistant. 

This powerful application makes use of complex analysis and sophisticated algorithms to offer comprehensive proofreading and style checking.

ProWritingAid helps you with every aspect of your writing, from grammar and punctuation to clarity and style, so that you can write at a professional level.

A Suite of Advanced Writing Tools

ProWritingAid provides you with a wide variety of tools to help you reach new heights in your writing. 

The grammar checker thoroughly examines your text, identifying even the tiniest errors and offering precise suggestions for improvement. 

⭐ Using the style editor's suggestions for improving sentence structure, vocabulary, and readability, you can write more effectively and persuasively. 

The extensive vocabulary enhancement tool in ProWritingAid suggests alternative words to help you find the best way to express your thoughts.

Real-time Analysis and Feedback

ProWritingAid's ability to offer immediate feedback is a notable feature

This effective tool flags potential problems as you write and suggests solutions on the fly. Having the ability to make changes in real time ensures a smooth and productive writing experience.

Customizable to Your Writing Goals

ProWritingAid recognizes that every writer is an individual with their own set of needs and preferences

It is flexible enough to adapt to your writing needs, whether you're a business professional or a creative writer striving for clarity and impact. 

With that said, ProWritingAid's settings are highly flexible, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.

Integration and Accessibility

ProWritingAid can be used in conjunction with your preferred word processor, web browser, or even Scrivener.

With this integration, you can take advantage of ProWritingAid's robust capabilities without leaving your preferred writing environment, saving you time and effort.

In addition, you can use ProWritingAid on your computer, laptop, or mobile device.


ProWritingAid comes with a free and one Premium plan.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a game-changing innovation in artificial intelligence that has drastically altered human-machine communication.

OpenAI's ChatGPT is a sophisticated language model made for vibrant and natural conversation with humans.

ChatGPT's remarkable contextual understanding, meaningful responses, and lifelike interaction simulation have made it a game-changing resource in many fields.

The Power of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is built around a complex neural network that has been trained on massive amounts of varied text data.

Thanks to its extensive training, ChatGPT can provide answers that are both logical and appropriate to their context for a wide variety of questions and prompts.

It's abilities, which range from question and answer sessions to imaginative storytelling, have won the hearts of users all over the world.

Natural and Dynamic Conversations

ChatGPT's unique selling point is its remarkable ability to hold dynamic, natural conversations.

Its responses are designed to feel natural and conversational no matter what you're asking it for help with.

ChatGPT's contextual awareness and responsiveness create a more engaging and satisfying conversational experience.

Applications Across Industries

Because of its adaptability, ChatGPT has found use in many different sectors. 

It acts as a virtual help desk assistant, responding to customer questions quickly and accurately.

ChatGPT is a content creation tool that helps writers come up with ideas, polish drafts, and get past writer's block.

ChatGPT's versatility makes it an invaluable resource in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to the fields of education, research, and even personal companionship.

Ethics and Responsible Deployment

OpenAI recognizes the significance of ethically deploying AI.

Ethical application requires the presence of safeguards designed to eliminate bias and reduce the likelihood of negative results.

OpenAI is constantly working to enhance ChatGPT, using user feedback to boost its performance and fix its flaws.


Using ChatGPT doesn't cost a thing. The Premium version, which includes faster response times and access to GPT-4, is available for $20.

5. Hemingway


The Hemingway App is a user-friendly web-based application with the goal of making writing easier and better.

This tool analyzes your text and provides recommendations on how to make it more readable, cut down on unnecessary complexity, and create content that will captivate your audience. 

It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway's direct and powerful writing style.

Enhancing Readability

The Hemingway App's capability to assess the readability of your text is one of its key features. 

⭐ It flags potentially excessively long or complex sentences

⭐ Offers shorter substitutes

Provides a readability score that indicates the likely grade level needed to understand the content. 

The Hemingway App makes sure that your writing is understandable and interesting to a broad audience by maximizing readability.

Eliminating Wordiness and Passive Voice

You can identify and get rid of wordiness from your writing with the Hemingway App's assistance. 

It draws attention to:

  • Extraneous adverbs
  • Repeated words
  • Muddled sentences

This can help you simplify your writing and communicate your point clearly and effectively. Additionally, the app highlights instances of passive voice to prompt you to revise your sentences and use more direct and active language.

Focus on Clear Communication

The Hemingway App places a constant emphasis on effective and transparent communication. 

It advises you to stay away from jargon, pointless technical terms, and ambiguous language that might turn off your readers. 

The app makes sure that your ideas come across clearly without being obscured by needless complexity by directing you toward simplicity and clarity.

Real-time Editing and Integration

Through its real-time editing features, the Hemingway App offers a seamless writing experience.

Direct text input into the app's interface will yield immediate feedback and constructive suggestions.

You can use the app's editing features in your preferred writing environment thanks to its integration with well-known word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

A Tool for All Writers:

The Hemingway App caters to writers of all levels, from professionals seeking to refine their craft to students aiming for clarity in their academic work. 

It serves as a valuable companion that empowers you to develop a writing style that is concise, impactful, and engaging.


The Hemingway app is free to use. However, if you prefer to use it as a desktop app you’ll have to sign up for a Premium tier.


Let’s Wrap Up!

Proofreading plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and quality of your written content. 

By utilizing the top 5 free proofreading tools mentioned in this article, you can elevate your writing to new levels of professionalism and excellence. 

From grammar and spelling checks to style and readability improvements, these tools provide invaluable assistance in perfecting your work.

However, if you're ready to take your email translations to the next level, it's time to explore the advanced AI-powered writing tool, TextCortex's Zeno ChatGPT

With its powerful features and AI capabilities, Zeno ChatGPT can revolutionize your translation workflow, offering accurate and well-crafted translations that facilitate seamless communication in our globalized world.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of AI in enhancing your translation endeavors. 

Sign up for Zeno ChatGPT today and unlock a new level of proficiency in your translations. 

Embrace the future of language technology and discover the transformative impact it can have on your work.