“Good first impressions....are good for business.” - CS-Edit

Since first impressions are so important at professional networking events, the words you choose to share with your audience are the shoes of your ideas.

And, similar to how writing entails more than just putting words on paper, proofreading is an integral part of the writing process.

Even though it's a pain, you know it has to be done to keep a flawless reputation and build authority in your niche.


Because of that, we’ve prepared for you today an in-depth comparison of two powerful proofreading tools — ProWritingAid vs Grammarly.

Keep reading to find out what both they have to offer — we’ll go over their features, pros and cons and pricing plans.

Let’s start!

ProWritingAid Overview


When it comes to editing and proofreading your writing, ProWritingAid is your one-stop shop.

While its primary function is to catch errors in grammar and style, it also offers revision suggestions, a thesaurus, plagiarism checker, improvements to readability, and more.

One of my favorite features of ProWritingAid is the clean, uncluttered layout of the editing space and the ease with which we can navigate it.

It enables you to save drafts of your work and return them later to make changes. 

Likewise, editing suggestions that the tool provides are very constructive and easy to apply.

ProWritingAid is not just a web app — you can also get it as a Chrome extension and install it on your Mac or PC.

As a bonus, you can use ProWritingAid in tandem with the industry’s leading text editors and writing applications like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Scrivener.

ProWritingAid Features

When it comes to the ProWritingAid feature, a set of options are a real titbit.

The features are divided into 4 subgroups, and we’ll quickly overview them all.

1. Core Features

The Core section contains a more basic set of tools that mainly corrects grammar errors and writing styles. It includes the following functionalities:

✒️ Summary — Get a brief summary of your original text.

✒️ Style — Check your writing style for improvements.

✒️ Grammar — Fix your grammar and spelling mistakes.

✒️ Thesaurus — Get suggestions on verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns.

✒️ Overused — Check your writing for commonly overused words and phrases.

✒️ Combo — Combine more reports into one.


2. Repeats Features

To help you stay consistent and avoid breaking your text with repetitive words, the Repeats section offers just two simple but powerful options:

✒️ All repeats — Check all repetitions in your writing.

✒️ Echoes — Check if your writing has phrases and words that appear close to each other.

3. Structure Features

The Structure section contains several helpful options that make recommendations based on your text's length, structure, and coherency level. Among those features are:

✒️ Structure — Examine the textual structure of similar works in your genre.

✒️ Length — Displaying the length of your sentences visually.

✒️ Transition — Highlights the transitions in your writing.

4. Readability Features

The good stuff starts in the Readability scoring. Here you can find quite playful tools that can help you to identify the overused and superfluous words in your writing.

In this section you can find the following features:

✒️ Readability — Find out readability of your document or paragraphs.

✒️ Sticky — Find and eliminate the most common (glue words).

✒️ Cliches — Catch overused words and redundancies.

✒️ Diction — Check your writing for diction and vague words.

If you'd like your work to have a more polished appearance, click on More reports to get insights such as:

  • Alliteration Check — Highlights alliterations in your writing.
  • Homonym Check — Checks for incorrect word usage.
  • Consistency Check — Includes spelling, hyphenation capitalization and more.
  • Acronym Check — Highlights all acronyms in your writing.
  • Plagiarism Check — Verifies that your content is unique and original.
  • And more.

Plus, the ProWritingAid extension supports the most popular rewriting features such as:

  • Rewriting in standard, fluently, formal and informal tone of voice.
  • Shortening your sentences
  • Expanding your sentences.

Now, it’s time to take a look at how these features work in real time, based on user feedback.

How Does ProWritingAid Work?

In order to get started with the ProWritingAid tool, you must first enter, paste in, or import your content.

Then, the software will inform you of your content's success or failure and recommend adjustments to make your writing more effective.

The aforementioned editor functions can be accessed via the menu at the top of the window.

ProWritingAid Pros and Cons

Based on feedback from 423 users, ProWritingAid has earned a 4.6 rating on Capterra.

Components of usability, support, features, and cost-effectiveness all contribute to the overall satisfaction rating.

But, as any coin has two sides, let’s check the primary advantages and disadvantages of this tool.


✔️ Excellent in terms of usability.

✔️ Offers detailed feedback on your writing and editing

✔️ Google Docs and Microsoft Word compliant

✔️ Potential for unrestricted word-processing

✔️ Usable on both Macs and PCs.


🚫 Can be overwhelming for newbies.

🚫 Tend to slow down your editing with larger documents.

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid has a free and premium pricing plan. 

With their Expert plan you can choose between monthly, yearly or lifetime billing. 


Grammarly Overview


Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading tools online.

With 20 million daily active users, it is by far one of the most popular AI-powered choices among writers.

One of the strongest Grammarly’s benefits is that it offers writing suggestions in real time.

This means that, while you’re typing, it will offer context-specific vocabulary suggestions to help you improve your content.

On top of that, Grammarly's popular writing suggestions can be accessed via the web-based, desktop, and extension editors as well as the mobile keyboards.

Grammarly Features

Depending on the objective you've set, Grammarly will analyze your content and give you feedback based on 5 following factors:

✒️ Correctness – Improves spelling, grammar and punctuation.

✒️ Clarity – Helps you uncover unclear sentences and unnecessary words.

✒️ Engagement – Use engagement suggestions to find tedious expressions.


✒️ Delivery – Provides suggestions to improve the tone of your writing. With a Business plan you also have an additional “Brand tone” feature.


✒️ Style Writing – Gives you writing style suggestions based on goals of your writing. With Business plan you can set custom goals for the entire team.


✒️ Snippets – Users in the business world can also benefit from Grammarly's ability to create and insert reusable phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.


✒️ Plagiarism checker – Checks if your text is plagiarism-free to avoid unnecessary penalties.


How Does Grammarly Work?

Simply type or paste your content into Grammarly's editor. 

But, unlike the ProWritingAid tool, Grammarly doesn’t offer the ability for you to select the features.

Instead, it will highlight the necessary suggestions on the right side of your editor.

You can group the suggestions from one category by clicking on Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, or Style guide.

From here, you can either accept or decline the adjustment.


Grammarly Pros and Cons

Based on reviews from 6794 users, Grammarly Business has been given a 4.7 overall rating on review platform Capterra.


✔️ Provides concise guidance on all writing suggestions.

✔️ In alignment with your writing style (academic, casual, creative, etc.)

✔️ It keeps track of your tone of voice.

✔️ Can track style, grammar, and spelling errors in real-time.

✔️ Compatible with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Google Docs.

✔️ Google and Apple operating systems support mobile app.

✔️ Simple in design and operation.


🚫 Tends to be slow with larger pieces.

🚫 It can provide delivery suggestions that don’t make sense.

🚫 It doesn’t provide you with more than one option on suggestions.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly comes with free and 2 premium plans.


Now that we have a complete overview of both tools, let’s check who wins in this ProWriting vs Grammarly battle of words.

Prowritingaid vs Grammarly — Final Verdict

At this point, we can fairly say that both tools serve their purpose – to provide clear, reasonable guidelines for formatting, organization, and proofreading.

However, from the standpoint of a writer, there are rational differences in these tools' levels of effectiveness.

ProWritingAid, for example, offers a wider range of features that let you manage your editing.

That is, in my opinion, an essential step in the writing process.

Grammarly's automatic editing, on the other hand, cuts down on writing time by giving you suggestions in real-time.

Again, a valid point that needs to be taken into account.

Regarding the usefulness of the proposed solutions, both tools offer detailed and helpful advice that will unquestionably improve the effectiveness and quality of your content.

But, let’s not forget that different things inspire different writers.

In that regard, you will have to make choice between these tools based on your needs.

And to get to that answer more quickly, we compiled this comparison table on ProWriting vs Grammarly features for a quick recap.

And before we part ways, let me give you the last piece of advice on some additional abilities that you can find helpful, but maybe you’re not aware of their existence.

More Advanced Realty

With the advent of digital marketing and the rapid development of AI, new tools became incredibly useful to us writers.

And whether you’re handling simple informal email, starting a freelance career or struggling to create bulk product descriptions for your Amazon store, all help you can get counts.

In that spirit, why not consider resources that can assist you in producing content that requires less proofreading overall?

We created a TextCortex add-on solely for that purpose.

What is a TextCortex tool?

TextCortex is a sophisticated AI writing solution that utilizes machine learning and complex algorithms to recognize, predict and create content for you.

It offers a wide set of features that can reduce your writing time by 70%. Let me briefly introduce some of them:

✔️Use the "Long-form post" option to quickly compose your blog posts (up to 300 in one go).

✔️Transform a bulleted list of important points into an email with the "Bullet to email" function.

✔️Get past writer's block by accessing "Brainstorming features" on 2,000+ different platforms.

✔️Leverage "Zeno mode" to AI-generate content that will resonate with its audience.

✔️Gain access to 60+ available AI templates to create any type of content you like.

✔️Finally, get to know our "Zeno chat" feature – an advanced level of AI that allows you to communicate with AI writers in a conversational manner in order to be served.

‍On top of that, you can make use of standard rewriting features such as summarizing, extending, tone, translation and more to get error-free and SEO-friendly content within any text box.

Don’t just take our word for it. Test it yourself.

We offer our new TextCortexians a forever-free account to explore all our capabilities. 

You’ll get 10 free daily creations that you can always increase with our reward programs.

Add Chrome extension today to discover the entertaining side of writing with TextCortex.