Did you know that 88% of marketers believe they need to increase the usage of AI to stay competitive, and 23% of professional marketers already use AI daily?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing various aspects of business operations, and content strategy is no exception. 

When embarking on the journey of developing a content strategy, you may rely on your expertise, abilities, and available resources.

However, there is room for speeding up this process and how to become more efficient.

This guide will dive into tips and tricks this intelligent tool offers to help you master the content-creating process!

Let’s get started!

What Is AI’s Role in Crafting Content Strategies?

A sound content strategy entails thoughtful planning, content production, and publication that effectively advance your company's objectives. 

With AI as your bright apprentice, you can reduce data analysis time to produce relevant content and engage your target audience. 


You want to know your audience well enough, not just to publish anything. That’s where AI steps in. 

When used correctly, it can rapidly analyze data and provide you with valuable insights and ideas for high-quality content for your audience. 

Besides, If you're short on ideas, AI can develop some based on your requirements. 

How Does It Work?

AI can do almost anything you ask. But, when creating a content strategy, you primarily need it to perform initial SEO research

Once you understand how to get the most out of your content, you will know where to go with content creation.

To fully realize its potential, ask AI to assist you in determining the ideal time and location for your material to be published.

Let's spotlight a few features AI can employ to boost your strategy's effectiveness, along with example prompts to guide you:

Craft a Product Description - A compelling product description is crucial as it informs customers about its features, benefits, and uniqueness, helping them make informed purchase decisions.


"Create a comprehensive product description for our cybersecurity solution. Emphasize features such as robust threat detection, real-time monitoring, and a user-friendly interface. Tailor the description to resonate with businesses seeking cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for protecting sensitive data and maintaining a secure online environment."

Create a Captivating Title Tag - A substantial title tag grabs attention, improves visibility, and boosts clicks, enhancing overall impact.


"Craft an impactful title tag for our cybersecurity solutions webpage. Prioritize keywords such as 'advanced threat detection,' 'cybersecurity solutions,' and 'secure data protection.' Ensure the title conveys a sense of trust, expertise, and innovation, targeting businesses seeking top-tier cybersecurity measures."

Using AI in the process has countless possibilities—it only relies on your level of curiosity.

Why Should You Use AI to Create Content Strategies?

So far, we have highlighted a few good things about AI, but the core purpose lies in how it benefits your company.

Here are the primary reasons for incorporating AI into developing your strategy:

Streamline Time and Cut Costs for Better Efficiency - By including AI in your content strategy, you can focus on optimizing workflows and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Explore Valuable Keywords - Examining current keywords and recommendations will elevate your SEO performance and enhance your overall success.

Analyze Content - AI can help you reveal areas for enhancement, contributing to improved digital visibility.

Optimize Content for Multiple Languages - Having content in diverse languages expands reach, engages more users, and ensures cultural relevance for impactful content across diverse audiences.

Identify Content Gaps - AI can ensure your strategy is complete, delivering precisely what your audience wants and keeping them coming back for more.

✅Spot Emerging Trends on Social Media - It can guarantee that your content stays fresh, engaging, and ahead of the curve, captivating your audience and driving increased interest.

✅Forecast the Performance of Your Content - Empowers you to fine-tune strategies, ensuring your audience receives content that resonates.

Thus, the essential objective is to automate everything that one can automate, which leaves your team with more time and energy to work on aspects that demand human touch.

In other words, a quicker approach to strategy development leads to more time and, eventually, greater profits.

Come along as we investigate the various applications of AI in content strategy development!

6 Ways to Use AI for Content Strategy - Game Changer 

We highlight some of the most important roles AI can play.

1. Transform the AI into a synthetic representation of your audience

It’s never enough to mention how important it is to know your audience.

AI will analyze your data and report about current trends, patterns, and preferences, helping you understand your audience's behavior.

For AI to carry out the specified functions, it requires familiarity with your audience.

You'll need to take charge by initially training it on your target audience. Once the AI becomes part of your audience, you'll spend less time editing its responses. 


Imagine a technology company that is interested in a cyber solutions provider. Then, instruct AI to build a target audience persona.


“Construct a persona for a cybersecurity analyst employed by a prominent technology firm in Europe with annual revenue exceeding €2 billion. Outline their responsibilities, objectives, obstacles, pain points, and the factors influencing their decisions when choosing a new cybersecurity solution provider.”

Let’s see how that works in practice by using TextCortex’s Zeno Chat.


Depending on your satisfaction with the AI's response, you can instruct it to provide additional details.

As your AI becomes acquainted with the intended audience, you can then give it more specific instructions.

2. Generate Content With AI

Not all content requires manual creation from scratch. 

AI can produce diverse content, including articles, reports, product descriptions, images, and more. 


Your AI, familiarized with your target audience, boosts its content creation efficiency. Inquire about the specific details needed by our cybersecurity analyst.


“As an adept content strategist with a knack for choosing topics that foster awareness and trust among target audiences, what insights and guidance does this cybersecurity analyst persona require to excel in their role? What are the primary challenges on their radar?”

Upon gathering a variety of responses, you can then decide which topic to explore in order to capture the audience's utmost interest.

You can also instruct AI to generate an outline for an article on a subject that will garner the widest reach.


“AI, create a comprehensive outline for an article on cybersecurity, focusing on the latest trends, emerging threats, preventive measures, and best practices for businesses. Ensure the outline covers key aspects that would engage and inform a broad audience."

Always exercise caution when considering responses.

2. Optimize the Content

Content optimization in the digital age is crucial for reaching user engagement and establishing a desirable online presence.

AI spans across all areas of optimization, such as:

🏅Analyzing Your Content - By analyzing your content, you identify areas that lack improvement by analyzing your content. AI provides recommendations for enhancing keyword use and readability.

🏅SEO Optimization - Boost your search rankings with suggested meta tags, headings, and other SEO-friendly elements.


🏅Summarizing Your Content - AI can make summaries of long articles more digestible for readers.

🏅Personalizing Your Content - It can also tailor content to the user’s specific needs and preferences, immediately increasing engagement.

🏅Tone of Voice - NLP (natural language processing) can understand and analyze the tone and emotion within the content and, that way, help content creators align their messaging to achieve desirable audience responses.


Let’s imagine we want to enhance our keyword quality. Introduce AI to your current set of keywords and ask it for suggestions.


"Evaluate the effectiveness of the current set of keywords for our digital marketing campaign. Provide insights into their relevance, search volume, and competitiveness. Suggest adjustments or additions to enhance the overall quality and performance of our keyword strategy."

Don't anticipate every response to be perfect. Take time to consider and delve deeper into the quality recommendations for further refinement.

4. Use Predictive Analytics to Gain Advantage

You want to be one step ahead. AI analyzing data helps you with one more thing - it informs you about seasonality.

Besides, it will predict which topics will be the most engaging, the optimal time for posting, and which format works the best under specific circumstances.


To implement predictive analytics for our cybersecurity analyst, provide specific instructions to AI tailored for this particular target audience.


"AI, leverage predictive analytics to anticipate the most engaging topics, advise on the optimal posting times, and identify the most effective content format for our cybersecurity analysis. Tailor these predictions to the specific circumstances of our previously mentioned cybersecurity analyst persona."

Remember, there is competition. AI can analyze your competitor’s strategies and how they can impact your own. This gives you a chance to adjust your approach and stay competitive.

5. Boost User Engagement with Chatbots

ChatBots are the go-to when it comes to improving user experience and enhancing engagement. 

They allow your audience a convenient and personalized experience

It is basically impossible to provide the 24/7 service your clients want unless you engage a ChatBot.


TextCortex’s ZenoChat is your unique AI assistant, which intuitively helps you craft any type of content.

6. Analyze Sentiment

AI uncovers insights through data analysis that can be challenging for humans to discern. It collects data from numerous sources, such as websites and databases.

It cleans out any unnecessary and incomplete data and prepares the remaining data for use.

When you have it all in one place, you do not make decisions based on pure intuition but precisely while having all critical aspects in mind.

In the realm of content strategy, AI sentiment analysis tools have emerged as a powerhouse.

It discerns the sentiment by delving into user comments, analyzing reviews, and parsing social media mentions.


A straightforward prompt to evaluate sentiment for your company specializing in cybersecurity solutions.


"Conduct sentiment analysis for our AI-driven cybersecurity solutions company. Assess user comments, reviews, and social media mentions to gauge sentiment—positive, negative, or neutral."

Whether it's positive, negative, or neutral, it will be recognised.

This analytical prowess equips you with valuable insights, enabling strategic adjustments to enhance brand perception and user engagement.

Now that we covered the essential help AI offers in the content strategy process let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of AI for Content Strategy


Some benefits of the use of AI are unbeatable:

✅ Brainstorms for you - In a matter of seconds, AI offers a range of ideas, topics or concepts. It certainly saves some time.

✅ Cut costs - With the automation of content-related tasks, AI reduces the cost of content production.

✅ Manages Content LifeCycle - AI can predict for you when and how to update your content to prolong its lifespan.

✅ Content Curation - Curating and organizing relevant content ensures a constant flow of fresh and engaging content.


There are some questions that arise with the increased usage of AI, which can appear as downsides of AI. 

❌ Loss of human touch - The rise of AI-generated content may seem overwhelming, but there's no need to feel disheartened. Inject your unique touch to ensure AI-created content reflects your individual style and perspective.

❌ Duplicate content - Indeed, what AI provides can be replicated for others. Here's the key: provide personalized instructions to ensure you receive a unique and tailored experience.

We know what you are wondering, and we will try to give you the answer! A question that enters everyone's minds and often sparks controversy.

Will AI Replace Content Marketers?

In the age of AI, where rapid transformations are reshaping the landscape of content creation and optimization, a familiar question arises:

Will machines replace humans, evoking echoes of the Industrial Revolution's anxieties?


The answer is it's improbable.

While AI streamlines some content tasks, the heart of content strategy hinges on human creativity and connection.

AI can't replicate these core human qualities.

Instead of fearing AI, consider it a helpful companion on your content journey. It offers support and efficiency, working with human creativity to enhance content strategy creation. 

It's not a replacement but a collaboration for better results.

Wrapping Up

At this point, we know that the future of creating content strategies with AI is promising, and the journey is just beginning.

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✨Generate content of any type- You can create a range of content formats, spanning from concise pieces to long-format ones.

✨Use ZenoChat - This one could be beneficial in the process of content strategy creation.

This smart Chatbot can create a personalized AI persona based on your input.

Furthermore, you can benefit from numerous rewriting, summarizing, and content-creating tools TextCortex offers.

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