Have you ever been in the situation of sitting in front of a blank page, staring at a mere title?

That moment when you realize that your brain just now decided to quit on you, and the deadline is tomorrow?

Yap, writers' block is pretty common nowadays.

For writers, inspiration is the essence for writing an interesting and engaging article, which is not always consistent. 

Stumbling across topics you don't know much about and never-ending research that eats your creativity and steals precious time can be frustrating.


On top of that, adding a little bit of a short deadline to the lack of inspiration is a complete mood killer.

Luckily, we have some good news for you.  

As a product of empathy for the writer's "block moments", developers created something that will save you in those desperate times - AI content writing tools

In today's article, we will get through the benefits of AI writing tools and how they can help content writers' and copywriters' existence in the future. 

So if you're ready, let's begin!

What is an AI Tool?

Before we show you its benefits, for those who don't know much about it, let us shortly explain what an AI tool is.

An AI tool is software that, by utilizing Natural Language Processing(NLP), provides long and short-form content for copywriters and content writers.  

NLP refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to understand and respond to text and spoken words like humans.  In other words, AI tools simulate human writing

GPT-3, as part of NLP systems, is a third-generation language prediction model that leverages 175 billion parameters for its language generation. 


Since the GPT-3 model's operational costs are quite expensive, some platforms based their solutions on training modules of specific use cases (Such as TextCortex). 

The UIs of use case module-based AI tools are pretty much the same everywhere, with slight distinctions. 

By following a list of primary and secondary keywords, tone of text, and predefined use cases, AI tools can provide you with high-quality and plagiarism-free content of any type. 

Most importantly, AI tools reduce approximately about ⅔ of the time it usually takes to write content, increasing productivity by 40%.

This is the crucial reason why people decide to use them.

How do AI copywriting tools help content writers?

Well, this question is a bit complex. It depends on different factors.

If the main writing development direction is quality, content writers can use AI tools to their advantage. 

Personalization in human writers' content has a magical touch that keeps readers loyal to the specific brand or writer. 

The golden line is content reliability that writers serve on their plate with validated facts, statistics, and personal analysis on the subject. 

On the other hand, quality usually impacts the quantity of content that writers can provide in a certain time frame. 

So here are the main things that AI tools can help you with:

1. Overcome the writer's block moment 

No idea how to start? No problem. The automatization process of the AI tool will create a "skeleton" form of the content you want to write about that can be easily modified and upgraded.  All you need is to specify keywords and choose the type of content you need, and voila - you are there. 

2. Save your time 

AI copywriting tools are helping you cut countless hours of research. They will collect inspirative information for you and put it inside your content, so  you can focus more on providing value to the readers. 

Note: You will personally have to check the truth of that information since AI tools can give you inspiration, but fact-checking needs to be done by a human. 

3. Write up to 10x faster 

AI content writing tools let you choose your keywords, write an understandable instruction in the form of a blog or product title, level of creativity, and text length, and just hit a single click to create content. It is that easy.

4. Format your content & increase the quality

Not only that you will no longer have to worry about typos, but AI tools will also assist you with text clarity, goals, and correctness. AI tools will give you a perfect balance between quality and quantity. So today, we can freely say that it is a fact that AI tools provide high-quality content in no time.

Will AI tools Replace Copywriters?

AI tools may replace content writers one day, but that is definitely neither today nor soon.

Developers will always strive for perfection in the AI industry. However, we should remember that those products are designed to serve humans, not the opposite. They will complement the human with the goal to be an extension of individual productivity.

Here’s what Deanna Blanchard, a Direct Response Copywriter, and Self-Published Author say about it:


From a financial side, AI content writing tools are pretty affordable, but until they reach a level that will replace a human, technology still has a long and expensive way to go. 

Even though AI tools are very good as content writing assistants at this level, on the flip side they cannot:

1. Create content strategy 

AI tools cannot understand a targeted group of people you want to reach through your content. 

They can give you statistics, but without predictive service patterns and certain goals to be accomplished, it will not understand a strategy's purpose or direction. 

It is the part where humans are irreplaceable.

2. Check facts

Based on keywords provided and limitations to the size of the text you want to write, AI tools will produce something which sounds about right, but they cannot check those facts for you.

They don’t have predictive logic to distinguish between true and false information.

3. Empathize

Not every human can empathize in certain situations or towards other people. Therefore, it is not realistic to expect an application to express sympathy or disagreement through the content on a specified topic. 

Luckily, developers still do not possess a logical pattern for programming feelings. 🙂

4. Understand emotion

An AI tool can write content in a specific tone, but it cannot understand the emotion about the topic it writes about or the sentiment that content should send through the text. 

Feelings are as unique as fingerprints for each person. Values, cultural diversity, habits, and aspirations are almost impossible to predict with a formula. 

5. Have personal opinion 

You can have a thousand articles about the same subject. Still, one thing makes them different - their writing style

The writing style is usually defined with a personal opinion as an aggregate of life stories, experiences, and feelings. Unfortunately, AI tools do not have the ability to think on their own.

What’s the future of AI copywriting tools?

We can all testify that AI is a driving force growing at an incredible and imperceivable speed.


When you look back in history, in almost every industry, you can find examples where technology complemented, enhanced, or replaced work that people traditionally did. So it is only natural that we AI copywriting tools to come to light one day. 

Statistics from 2022 show that global GDP will grow by $15.7 trillion by 2030, majorly impacted by the developments of AI.

Do you remember when a typewriter was a primary tool for creating articles? Who could imagine just two decades ago that we would be able to do so much more today? Who would have thought about an artificial writing assistance sparring with us to better express ourselves?

Should we be concerned? On the contrary, we should embrace it in every possible way.

Let machines assist you with annoying and tedious parts of your work. 

AIs are built and developed to complement humans, being their digital extension. 

How can content writers use AI to their benefit, and how can TextCortex help?

1. Get Rid of Writing Blocks

Creativity has to be your number one skill if you want to be a successful writer. 

But even the best writers had those moments where the idea engine just took a day off. Flew off on vacation. 

However, it can come back quickly, but you just need a little spark to ignite the entire process into a smooth buttered workflow.

Luckily, AI copywriting tools are designed to work in those moments like a charm.  That’s why we created TextCortex AI. 

TextCortex is a use case module-based AI copywriting tool that can create your desired content within a second with chosen keywords. 

With TextCortex Chrome Extension, you can easily create product descriptions, blog posts, emails, ads, and so much more, depending on your needs.

All you have to do is just enter a few-word idea about the topic, highlight it, and then hit the “Long-form post” button.

2. Speed up the writing process

Quality indeed is imperative when creating content, but sometimes it can be time-consuming. It would be great if the writing process could be done faster, right?

For instance, you can never be creative enough with some products on the eCommerce store. 

This directly influences the time you need to create your perfect opening line for the product you want to promote.

With AI tools, it is much easier to do.

Have hundreds of products? No problem when you have an AI product description tool.

3. Produce content at scale

Sometimes it's hard to keep the inspiration going and stay focused while creating unique content and avoiding repeating yourself. 

On top of that, you need to switch your brain from product description mode to blog post mode to increase the volume of content you want to write on a daily basis.

Now you do not have to think about any of that. AI tools can do that for you.

Your job is only to find the keywords and the right instruction that will define the scope of the topic and targeted audience, and you will be done in a flash.

For the long-form content, TextCortex use case modules can write 3x as much as GPT-3, so you get long-form posts in only a few seconds.

Also, it can be used within any textbox online, which makes it easy to access.

To Sum

AI tools will be a big thing in the future and will play a significant role in helping you improve your writing skills and save a lot of time.

Also, you won’t have to be a content writer to have a profound way of communicating in written form.

AI tools will do it for you, no matter what content form you need.

For this reason, TextCortex provides you with convenient features such as blog post writing, sentence autocompletion, emails, product descriptions, ad copies, and many more.

Did you know that using TextCortex can save up to 70% of your writing time?

What differentiates us is that TextCortex is based on training our models on specific use cases. 

While other AI copywriting tools use GPT-3 for everything in a one size fits all approach, we are training much smaller expert AIs on the specific use case at hand. 

Because you want your lawyer to write a reliable contract and your baking influencer grandma to write reliable recipes for the best chocolate chip cookies. 

You don't need a one-size-fits-all writer who writes cookie contracts with high legal safety.

Expert AIs lead to higher relevancy, significantly impacting the quality of your produced content.

This tool can be a great supplement to your content team, so you can automate the whole content production process and get great engagement.

To start creating content at scale, all you have to do is:

1. Download TextCortex Chrome Extension

2. Enter the platform by your wish and topic idea

4. Highlight it and hit the button you need.

Not only can you create a lot of content, but you can also make a lot of savings. 


The pricing plan is simple – you can start using TextCortex for free with 20 daily creations, and if you decide to create more content, get the plan based on your daily creation needs starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

It’s time to stop overthinking your content, reduce costs and time spent writing, and instead focus on what’s expressing your products, services, and passions the best.

While you focus on business, let your content write itself using TextCortex.

If you're ready to put your content on fire, download TextCortex Chrome Extension and see how it skyrockets your content creation instantly. 🚀