We’ve all been there staring at a blank screen, not knowing where to start and waiting for the words to pop up magically, and…nothing.

Fortunately, thanks to rapid advancements in AI technology, you can easily overcome writer’s block and create compelling content.

Sudowrite is a tool that earned a great reputation among fiction writers for its robust writing features and tools.

So, why look for an alternative, right?

With the AI landscape changing overnight, it’s always good to keep your eyes open and check what’s new and whether it suits your needs better.

Read on to learn more about the best Sudowrite alternatives.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Sudowrite: Overview


Sudowrite is an AI writer based on the GPT3 and GPT 4 modules, helping you overcome writer’s block and create narratives.

Thus, Sudowrite is a good tool for creative writers and fiction content. 

Being this specific is, at the same time, a huge advantage but also a disadvantage of the tool: its scope caters only to one category, so you can’t use it for different types of texts. 

Sudowrite supports multiple languages and provides a variety of plugins spanning:

  • Narrative and Plot.
  • Character Development
  • Editing and Revision
  • Scene Enhancement
  • World-Building, etc.

Sudowrite: Key Features

Sudowrite’s main features are divided into 4 categories:

✨ Write

✨ Rewrite

✨ Describe, and

✨ Brainstorm.

 Each category has additional subcategories.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll land on a centralized dashboard with access to all the features. 


1. Write Features

Provide various writing features, such as:

  • Autocomplete - Completes your text by looking back at what you’ve written.
  • Guided write - Provides suggestions on how to continue with the text.
  • Tone Shift - Lets you choose from 8 different tones to change your writing style.

Within the Write features, you can set the number and length of cards, the creativity level, the prose mode, and whether you’d like to include key details about your story.


2. Rewrite Features

Provide multiple text editing features to rephrase or shorten your text, make it more descriptive, help you with details, mimic a famous style, etc.

3. Describe Features

Provide detailed descriptions of the text you’ve highlighted, and include the five senses (Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell) and some metaphors.


You just need to select the phrase, and you’ll see the “senses” options on the right.

4. Brainstorm Features

Provide a fresh angle when you lack inspiration or feel stuck in your writing process. You can choose from 10 topics that you can further tweak and edit.


5. The Story Engine

Helps you write first drafts for every chapter based on the parameters, descriptions, characters, genres, etc., you set.


Sudowrite: Pricing

Sudowrite has 3 Premium plans, starting at $10 monthly, with a Free Trial each.


Sudowrite: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has rich features for fiction writing.

🟢 Has a user-friendly interface.

🟢 Good for creative writers.


🔴 Has a steeper learning curve.

🔴 Doesn’t have a built-in plagiarism checker. 

🔴 May occasionally rely on clichés and tropes.

4 Sudowrite Alternatives You Should Explore

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI-powered writing tool that enables you to create various content types based on your needs and style.

Thus, TextCortex offers a rich Marketplace that provides AI prompts spanning Marketing, Content Creation, Sales, etc.

Furthermore, you can also filter the Marketplace based on an occupation.

TexCortex works in a browser and as a Chrome extension, and you can use it on over 4,000 online platforms without tab switching.

One of TextCortex’s strongest suits is Zeno Chat, a customizable AI assistant that helps you with Prompt Crafting, Persona Selection, and Web Search Capability. 

Therefore, it helps you create personalized content based on your input, knowledge, and style.

Furthermore, TextCortex supports over 25 languages and integrates with various third-party platforms, including CRM systems, email marketing tools, etc.

TextCortex: Key Features

Rich text-editing features - Help with expanding, summarizing, paraphrasing, changing the tone of voice, etc., to polish your writing.

Content brainstorming - Creates content ideas based on your prompts. 

Grammar and Spelling Checker - Identifies grammar and spelling mistakes and helps you write an error-free text.

Bullet-to-email feature - Enables you to create a full-length email from as few as 3 bullet points.

Readability Checker - Checks your text and makes sure it is easy to understand and follow.

Overall, TextCortex is a robust tool covering a wide spectrum of short- and long-form content tools.

TextCortex: Pricing

TextCortex offers 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans.


TexCortex: Pros & Cons


🟢 Conversational Zeno Chat enabling interactive, AI-powered conversations.

🟢 Helps you AI-generate, write, and rewrite various content types.

🟢 Has an in-built plagiarism checker.


🔴 Doesn’t work in an offline mode.

2.  NovelAI


NovelAI is an AI-powered writing tool that assists you in storytelling and novel writing. Since NovelAI’s primary focus is storytelling, its range isn’t as broad as some other Sudowrite alternatives. 

Nonetheless, NovelAI enables you to generate and customize images to enhance a visual aspect of your storytelling.

Regarding text writing, you can edit font styles, text size, background color, etc.

NovelAI: Key Features

Text Adventure Module - Provides guided prompts and versions based on your input.

AI Modules - Enable you to choose the style of your favorite writer and create stories in the same style.

Image Generation - AI models help you generate images to depict characters or scenes from your stories.

Lorebook - Organizes, manages, and keeps the details of your story and characters for future reference.

NovelAI: Pricing

NovelAI offers 1 Free Trial Plan and 3 Premium plans, starting from $10 per month.


NovelAI: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has the option to generate images.

🟢 Good for storytelling and fiction.

🟢 Has customization options.


🔴 Has a steeper learning curve.

🔴 The writing process may take longer time compared to similar tools.

🔴 No Image generator in the Free Trial.

3. Outranking


Outranking is an SEO content-writing tool based on AI technology that assists you in creating and optimizing various content types.

SEO optimization is its focal point, so Outranking helps you position your content high in search engines.

Once you’ve provided your keywords, Outranking analyzes related queries with a good search volume on Google and provides suggestions, such as topics and titles.

Outranking: Key Features

AI-powered SEO - Generates but also optimizes existing outlines with the right keywords, automatically links semantically related pages with higher page rank, etc.

AI SEO Writing - Optimizes outlines, titles, and first drafts using automation. 

Content Brief - Shareable briefs containing the title, outlines, brand info, keyword, sources, etc., so the whole team can stay on the same page.

SEO Content Strategy - Does keyword research and clustering, helps create content calendars, and tracks your keyword rankings, organic traffic, and other KPIs.

Topical Authority Building -  Targets new, untapped topics.

Outranking: Pricing

Outranking has 4 Premium Plans, starting from $29, and no Free Trial.


Outranking: Pros & Cons


🟢 Helps with SEO optimization.

🟢 Step-by-step instructions for beginners.

🟢 Detailed SERP analysis.


🔴 To access more advanced features, you need to purchase add-ons.

🔴 Inaccurate keyword density metrics from time to time.

🔴 Doesn’t have a Free Trial or Plan.

4. Junia.ai


Junia.ai is an AI-writing tool that helps you generate blogs, marketing, product descriptions, social media posts, etc.

Thus, it provides over 50 templates ranging from email and blog over social media to website copy.

Furthermore, it helps you create SEO-optimized short and long-form content and get insight into your competitors' keywords.

In addition, you can also generate and edit images.

Junia.ai: Key Features

Junia Chat - An AI-powered assistant that delivers output based on your instructions and preferences.

Brand Voice - Identifies your brand's tone of voice by analyzing the style of your content.

AI Text Editor - Includes text editing tools to expand, paraphrase, summarize, shorten, etc., your content.

Image Generator - Generates and suggests the best images for your blogs.

Built-in AI Content Detector - Detects and filters AI-generated text.

Junia.ai: Pricing

Junia.ai has 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans.


Junia.ai: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has a quick response time.

🟢 Has a user-friendly interface.

🟢 Has robust features.


🔴 Has a limited number of words, even in the Pro plan.

🔴 The image generation doesn't offer enough options.

🔴 Can get pricey if you generate a lot of content.

Sudowrite Alternatives - Which One Is The Best For You?

Choosing the best Sudowrite alternative will depend on your preference and budget, language support, features, functionalities, etc., that your desired tool has to offer.

For us, the top pick would be TextCortex because it provides the widest scope of application and isn’t focused on only one aspect of content creation.

Furthermore, it is one of the rare Sudowrite alternatives that offers unlimited credits.

Why Opt For TextCortex?

TextCortex is more than just a content generator - thanks to impressive Zeno Chat capabilities, Text Cortex can help you:

🔥 Fully personalize and adjust your content to your needs, brand voice, etc.

🔥 Enhance your content due to rich rewriting and editing tools.

🔥 Polish your content regarding style, grammar, and spelling.

🔥 Create various content types in a matter of minutes.

🔥 and so much more.

Ready to take a deep dive into TextCortex?

Sign up for TextCortex today and unleash its content creation power.

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