With the development of generative AI, it is now possible to produce images from text. To do this, you just need to use AI art generators. However, like every tool, if you want to use AI art generators effectively, you need to learn their tips and tricks. The way to use an AI art generator effectively is to write high-quality and descriptive prompts.

In this article, we will explore how you can write effective AI art prompts and what AI art generators are.


  • AI art generators are AI tools that produce visual output by analysing textual input.
  • AI art generators provide advantages such as cost efficiency, improved quality, and boosted productivity.
  • If you want to write effective AI art prompts, you need to describe the desired output in detail and use the parameters of the AI tool.
  • If you are new to AI art prompting, you can get inspired by visiting AI prompt libraries and reviewing the prompts of other users.
  • The libraries where you can find the best AI art prompts are TextCortex Marketplace, PromptHero and PromptBase.

What is an AI Art Generator?

AI art generators are tools that convert text input into visual output using technologies such as generative AI and neural networks. Thanks to these tools, users can create visuals by depicting the images in their minds in text format. Moreover, you do not need technical background or coding skills to use these tools. All you need is a detailed, well-written prompt.

AI Art generator

What can AI Art Generators Produce?

AI art generators provide a versatile resource for creating images suited to both personal and professional needs. With AI art generators, you can produce various types of images such as logos, stock photos, splash art, landscape, portrait, concept art, icons, and designs. Moreover, AI art generators allow you to generate output in genres such as cyberpunk, cartoon, anime, pixel art, 3D, photography, realistic, and fantasy.

Advantages of AI Art Generators

Although AI art generators come with a few advantages, their major advantage is efficiency. Instead of searching for hours to find the image you need, you can create it in minutes thanks to AI image generators. Additionally, since AI image generators are cost-effective, individual users or small studios can generate the images they need.

How do AI Art Generators Work?

AI art generators use technologies and parameters such as natural language processing, neural networks, and machine learning to analyse users' text input and produce visual output. AI art generators have trained textual and visual data sets.

How AI art generators work

How to Write Effective AI Art Prompts

If you aim to use AI art generators effectively, you must first write a high-quality and detailed prompt. If you are new to AI art generators and do not know how to write high-quality prompts, we have prepared a guide for you!

Describe Desired Output

The purpose of using an AI art generator is to create the image in your mind using text inputs. For this reason, you need to write a prompt describing the output you want to get. The more descriptive words a prompt is given to an AI art generator as input, the more consistent output it will generate. For example, if you want the output to be realistic, you can start your prompt with “A photograph of” or “A realistic illustration of” phrases.

Add Details

To improve the output that you receive, it is important to add more details to your initial description. These details will impact the elements and structure of the final output. For instance, you may consider adding dominant colours, specifying colours that should not be used, selecting texture formats, adjusting contrast, or indicating a preferred art style.

Use Parameters

There are dozens of AI art generators on the market, and each has its own parameters. For example, if you are using Midjourney, you can learn the parameter inputs that will affect your output by reviewing its parameters handbook. Adding parameters such as “3D, photorealistic, 1920x1080, 4K” to a prompt will greatly change your output. 

If you are using Midjourney, including the “space ship” and “space:: ship” parameters in your prompt will cause major differences in the output. Therefore, no matter which AI art generator you use, you need to learn its parameters and the effects of the parameters on the output.

How to Write Effective AI Art Prompts

Utilize AI Prompt Libraries

Since there is no need to waste a lot of time for no reason, you can use AI prompt marketplaces to discover high-quality and effective prompts that you can use for the AI art generator you want. If you have just started prompting and want to level up quickly, AI prompt marketplaces are open libraries where you can explore different parameters and prompts.

Best AI Prompt Libraries to Create Stunning Arts

To use AI art generators effectively, you need well-written prompts. The easiest way to find high-quality prompts that you can review and get inspired by is to visit AI prompt marketplaces. We have listed the best marketplaces where you can find effective AI art prompts for you!

TextCortex Prompt Marketplace

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to aid users with various writing tasks, including art prompt generation. TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. Its browser extension is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so it can support you anywhere and anytime.

TextCortex comes with the conversational AI of your dreams called ZenoChat. ZenoChat offers a human-like conversation experience and responds with the most helpful output based on the user's input. Moreover, you can use ZenoChat to generate prompts for any AI art generator, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2.

textcortex marketplace

Our brand-new “TextCortex Marketplace” allows users to share prompts designed for different tasks with other users. Using TextCortex Marketplace, you can review the prompts designed by other users for AI art generators or share your own prompts.


PromptHero is an AI prompt library that people who work with AI art generators visit at least a few times. On PromptHero, you can find various categories of AI prompts designed for different AI art generators, from Midjourney to DALL-E.

PromptHero Marketplace

PromptHero has a categorization system that allows users to quickly find what they are looking for. For example, you can review the newest prompts for Midjourney's v5.1 model or just examine anime-themed prompts. Moreover, thanks to PromptHero's integrated "Jobs" feature, you can find part-time and remote jobs suitable for your skills.


PromptBase is an AI prompt marketplace where users can buy user-created prompts for Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion.

To find the prompt you want using PromptBase, you first need to choose an AI art generator. Afterwards, you can review the prompts sold by users by selecting the category that contains the prompt you are looking for. Each prompt comes with a description and a few sample outputs for buyers to view. So, you can see an overview of the prompt before purchasing.

PromptBase marketplace

Moreover, using PromptBase, you can sell your own AI art generator prompts and earn extra income. If you want to earn real money using your prompt engineering and AI art generator skills, we recommend you visit PromptBase!