If you're in search of an AI image generator, there are two popular options to consider: Midjourney and DALL-E 2. While both have their similarities and differences, they each offer unique benefits. If you're unsure which option to choose, we've taken a closer look at both to help you make an informed decision.


  • DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator initally designed to produce photorealistic images. (Min. $15 for 115 credits)
  • Midjourney is designed for users who want artistic artworks. ($10 for 3.3 hours of Fast GPU time per month)
  • Both Midjourney and DALL-E 2 are useful for artwork and image generation.
  • You can use Midjourney on every operating system, even on mobile.
  • To use DALL-E2 2 and Midjourney effectively and efficiently, you should write detailed and descriptive prompts.
  • With ZenoChat, you can get detailed and descriptive prompts for the AI image generator you use.

What is DALL-E 2?

DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator that links texts to images with neural networks developed and published by OpenAI. DALL-E 2 can generate objects from different angles and generate various interactions of different objects with each other in the form of photographs. It can also generate different art styles and create variations of its output. If you are looking for an AI image generator that you can use to create, edit, and produce photos, then DALL-E 2 is perfect for you.

How to get started with DALL-E 2?

To utilize DALL-E 2, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. First, you'll need to create an account on OpenAI's official website. The process is completely free, and you can also sign in using your Google or Microsoft account. Once you have an account, navigate to the Products tab and select DALL-E 2. This will redirect you to the DALL-E 2 website, where you can begin using the AI image generator to create stunning, high-quality images.

On this screen, you can write a prompt to generate visuals or upload your current image to edit. Also, by clicking the "Surprise me" button, you can have DALL-E 2 write random prompts and generate visuals for you.

Advantages of DALL-E 2

The DALL-E 2 is perfect for users who want photo-realistic visual outputs. If you want to get high-quality images with simple prompts or edit your existing images, you can use DALL-E 2.

DALL-E 2 doesn't require any installation, as it's an online AI image generator. All you must do is visit its official website and start typing a prompt. Another advantage of it is the image editing feature. You can make changes to the image you want by uploading it to DALL-E 2. For example, you can upload a picture of your pet and get its images in different colours.

DALL-E 2 has a History tab for visuals that users like and want to keep. You can view your previous outputs and your favourite outputs from this tab. If you're a user who wants to easily access their old artwork, you will love this feature!

DALL-E 2 Pricing

DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator that works with a credit plan. If you want to get the output you desire using it, you must spend credits. Also, DALL-E 2 has fixed credit prices: you must pay $15 for every 115 credits. In my experience, you should use 12 to 15 credits to get the desired output.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI image generator that generates visual artwork from text prompts. In other words, it is a text-to-image AI model. Midjourney works integrated with Discord, a digital chat platform where people can set up servers to communicate. Midjourney provides its users with text-to-image service through its own Discord server.

How to get started with Midjourney?

If you're interested in using Midjourney, the first step is to create a Discord account. This process is straightforward and completely free. Once you have a Discord account, you can access Midjourney's official website and join its Discord server. From there, you can enter one of the "newbies" channels and use the "/imagine" command to generate stunning artwork. Midjourney is capable of reading inputs of all kinds, from single words to detailed prompts, and can generate related visual outputs with ease.

Advantages of Midjourney 

Midjourney's major advantage is its ability to produce artwork of any style. If you want to generate a futuristic or Renaissance-style output, you can use Midjourney. Another advantage is that it is integrated with Discord; you can use it as a web application, desktop application, and mobile application. That means you can use Midjourney on any operating system or mobile device.

One of the major advantages of Midjourney is its constant updates and improvements. For instance, Midjourney V5 can produce higher-resolution output and can realistically draw hand and finger anatomy. Additionally, Midjourney V5 is better at reading and understanding prompts than its predecessors.

Another advantage of Midjourney is that it has an easy-to-understand UI. So, you can get the output you want without struggling with complex UIs and settings.

Midjourney Pricing

Midjourney offers 0.4 hours of image/artwork generation opportunity for new users, so you can try it before subscribing to one of its premium plans. Midjourney's free trial lets you generate around 10 images, which is enough to understand and test Midjourney.

Midjourney has three different subscription plans: 

• Basic Plan: $10 for 3.3 hours of Fast GPU Time only.

• Standard Plan: $30 for 15 hours of Fast GPU Time + unlimited Relax GPU Time.

• Pro Plan: $60 for 30 hours of Fast GPU Time + unlimited Relax GPU Time.

Midjourney also has another generation mode called Relax Mode. It takes between 1-10 minutes to generate an artwork with this mode. You can use this mode as unlimited on Standard and Pro Plans.

Midjourney vs DALL-E 2 In-depth Comparison

You can get the visual outputs you want with both Midjourney and DALL-E 2. However, there are major differences between the two AI image generators that will affect your user experience.


Midjourney and DALL-E 2 were developed to generate visual outputs using textual prompts. In this respect, both AI image generators have similar performances. If you want to get visual output using only textual input, you can use these two AI image generators.

Another similarity between the two AI image generators is that they can be used with a browser. While DALL-E 2 is designed to be used as a web app, you can also use Midjourney in your browser.

Another similarity between the two AI image generators is that they support image input. You can use both AI image generators to edit, modify, and enhance your existing images.


There are several key differences between Midjourney and DALL-E 2 to consider when choosing an AI image generator.

• Midjourney is more affordable than DALL-E 2.

• Midjourney has more availability such as mobile, Windows, Linux and Mac.

• DALL-E 2 creates almost photorealistic images while Midjourney creates in a much cooler style.

• You must use the link of your image for image input in Midjourney, this prevents practical use.

• Midjourney has a free trial while DALL-E 2 does not offer free trials. If you want to try DALL-E 2, you must pay.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for photorealistic results, DALL-E 2 is the best option. If you want something more creative and visually stimulating, Midjourney V5 is the way to go. To get realistic outputs with Midjourney V5, use parameters such as 'photorealistic' and 'hyper realistic' in your prompt. If you're having trouble creating an effective prompt for AI image generators, you can always trust ZenoChat to come up with a description of the exact image you have in mind.

ZenoChat for Midjourney/DALL-E 2 Prompts

No matter which AI image generator you use, you can use ZenoChat, for prompt writing. There are two ways to use ZenoChat for prompt writing. The first of these methods is to install the TextCortex browser extension and click on the purple bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. Thus, you can start using ZenoChat and get a prompt with the “Expand the following sentence to form an image generation prompt: [write a sentence or just throw words]” command.

The second way to use ZenoChat for prompt writing is to use one of its pre-set personas, Enigma, the prompt engineer. ZenoChat has 11 different personas that you can use for various purposes. Since each persona is utilized for different purposes, you can effectively use ZenoChat by choosing the proper persona aligned with your different needs.

If you want to use ZenoChat effectively and efficiently, don't forget to get a free copy of the 210+ ZenoChat prompt package we have prepared for you!