Feeling tired of constantly prompting Chat GPT for answers on specific topics?

If so, it's time to consider a switch to GPTs. If this is all new to you, you've come to the correct place. This post will not only introduce you to the GPTs but will also walk you through the 5 best  SEO GPTs to use in 2024.

Ready to explore? Let’s begin!

What is a GPT?

A custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a variant of the GPT model that has been trained for specific fields or use cases.

The best thing about them is that these models are designed to be accessible to a wide range of users and usually do not require any extensive technical knowledge.

Some of the benefits are:

⭐Improved Content Relevance - SEO GPTs excel in creating content that is relevant to specific keywords and user queries.

⭐Time-saving - Developing SEO-optimized content can be time-consuming, and GPTs speed up that process.

⭐Improved User Engagement - They improve user engagement on websites by creating entertaining and relevant content. Higher engagement rates, such as more time spent on pages and fewer bounces, improve search engine results.


You have to use a ChatGPT Plus account to access GPTs.

5 Best SEO GPTs To Use in 2024

Let’s check out some of the best GPT’s.

1. Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer

The Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer is a GPT that boosts a website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with effective content writing. Built on ChatGPT's core technology, this GPT improves website visibility and ranking on search engines by creating customized SEO content that is personalized to every website.

When you start a chat, you will be asked for:

▶️Link to the target website


▶️Internal links that you want to include

▶️Amount of content required

When you provide a link to a targeted website, it will analyze the content of that website and write content in that style 👇



🚀Real-Time Website Analysis - It analyzes real-time data to better understand the context and content of the website for which he writes.

🚀Internal Link Integration - It selects and incorporates the user-provided internal links into the content. These links are intentionally placed throughout the content to improve SEO and direct visitors to other relevant pages on the website.

🚀Image Integration - If you provide it with product photographs, it will select the most relevant ones and incorporate them in the article to improve visual appeal and provide more context to the content.

🚀Keyword Research and Optimization - It can perform keyword research to detect trends and properly include these phrases to the material. This helps to improve the article's visibility and ranking in search engines.

🚀Content Creation - It can create entertaining articles in a structured manner with key takeaways, tables, lists, and other SEO-friendly aspects.

Pros and Cons


✅Ease of use.

✅Customized content creation.

✅Real-time suggestions.


❌Limited to Bing for research.

❌Dependence on user inputs.

2. Longform Blog Cyborg

Longform Blog Cyborg is a GPT created to help and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing, specifically for creating outstanding long-form blog articles.

This tool is useful for business, marketing, and personal bloggers who want to boost their content's visibility and ranking in search engine results.

To start a chat, you can use the following prompts:

▶️“Help me write a long-form blog post”

▶️“Help me improve the blog post’s ranking”

▶️“Help me better understand SEO”



🚀Writing Long-form Blog Posts - It can assist you with creating detailed outlines and writing long-form blog entries section by section. All you need to do is provide the desired keyword, and it can write each section one at a time, gathering comments after each one.

🚀Improving Blog Post Rankings - If you have a particular blog article that you want to optimize, Longform Blog Cyborg will ask you questions about it, such as the target keyword, word count, and backlink information. Then, using this information, it will provide you with specific advice on how to improve its SEO performance.

🚀Improving Blog Content -  After writing a blog post, this GPT can suggest places where you can insert expert opinions. It can also create a simple graphic that matches the topic.

Pros and Cons


✅Guidance on SEO improvement.

✅Easy to use.

✅Request comments after every section.


❌Limited to specific tasks.

❌The quality of the result largely depends on the detailed input.

3. FREE AI SEO Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool GPT helps you identify keywords. This tool is intended to optimize the content generation process by providing users with focused and relevant keyword suggestions based on the provided criteria.

You can start by:

▶️Typing the niche of your website

▶️Asking for help with SEO

▶️Booking free SEO session



🚀SEO Keyword Research - It can recommend question-based keywords for your niche that are thought to be low in competition.

🚀SEO Tool Recommendations - If you need help with AI content production, keyword research, content optimization, website hosting, automation, and other tasks, it can propose some of Julian Goldie's preferred SEO tools.

🚀Backlink Building Strategies - This GPT can advise you on backlink strategies, specifically recommending outreach and link inserts. It can also offer a discount for ordering backlinks through Julian Goldie's service.

Pros and Cons


✅Question-based keywords.

✅Niche-specific strategies.

✅Backlink strategy guidance.


❌The keyword volumes and competitiveness ratings it presents are estimations and may not always correlate with real-time market data.

❌ For a thorough SEO analysis and strategy, you may need to rely on the external tools and services it offers, which may incur additional fees.

4. Keyword Planner

The GPT Keyword Planner is a GPT that improves strategic planning by using search trend data. It focuses on providing analytical keyword research, trend visualization, and competitive data insights. 

This tool streamlines SEO and PPC campaign planning by providing data-driven keyword insights, as well as recommending popular topics and keywords for impactful content. It also serves as a great resource for market research.

To start, type in the following prompts:

▶️”How many people searched for X in the last X days?”

▶️”Analyze the keywords of X for me.”

▶️”Do your keyword research on X.”



🚀Graphical Representation - It can create line graphs that visually illustrate changes in search volume trends.

🚀Geographical Targeting - It allows for country-specific analysis, making it easier to adapt tactics to other regions' distinct market characteristics.

🚀Customizable Time Range Analysis - Allows for the analysis of keyword trends over time periods specified by the user.

Pros and Cons


✅Visualization of data.

✅Customized data sets.

✅Trend identification.


❌Interpreting the data may need a basic grasp of SEO and keyword understanding.

❌The accuracy and depth of analysis may differ depending on the language and area specificity of the keywords.

5. SEO Link Building GPT (by Julian Goldie)

SEO Link Building GPT (by Julian Goldie) was created expressly to assist with link-building tactics. Its primary goal is to help users automate their link-building operations and create and advise effective backlink acquisition techniques.

This GPT may help you navigate various procedures with practical advice and support, such as delivering the right pitch for a podcast backlink, creating PR pitches using the HARO template, or identifying tools and resources for effective link-building.

You can start with these prompts:

▶️“Create my PR pitch”

▶️“Find me some podcasts that I can feature”

▶️“Write an SEO link building outreach email funnel”



🚀General Link Building Guidance - It uses information from Julian Goldie's link-building book and then answers general queries concerning link-building tactics.

🚀Directing Users to Services and Discounts - It can link to Julian Goldie's webpage for ordering discounted backlinks and direct you to a variety of recommended SEO tools.

🚀Coaching Links - If you are interested in agency or SEO coaching, this GPT can guide you to relevant mastermind and coaching sessions offered by Julian Goldie.

🚀Link-Building Tools and Resources - It can provide direct access to effective link-building tools and resources, such as Julian Goldie's SOPs and courses.

Pros and Cons


✅Personalized outreach emails.

✅Access to link-building tools and resources.

✅Link building guidance.


❌Lack of real-time interaction.

❌Text-based communication.

To Wrap Up

The outcome of this battle is totally up to you, as it is determined by your individual needs. Each GPT model is designed to succeed in a specific field, therefore it has unique strengths.


What if there is another tool trained on specific use cases?

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Improve conversion rates.

⭐Produce content at scale.

How? Well, it allows you to:

Summarize, paraphrase, rewrite, or expand your text.

Translate content in over 25 languages.

✨Create your Knowledge Base.

✨Improve your writing in terms of grammar, style, and tone of voice.

✨Use 1000+ GPT prompts and filter them by your use case and occupation.

✨Write emails from only 3 bullet points.

Customize Zeno Assistant and create your own digital persona.

You can use TextCortex as:

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