Creating unique, plagiarism-free content can sometimes be challenging for a content writer.

Doing detailed research and creating high-quality content on the topic you are writing about seems much easier than it is to get done.

We've all lived moments without inspiration and have been in a rush to send that article before the deadline.

On top of that, you need to create content that will satisfy your audience and, at the same time, search algorithms. 

Yet, sometimes it can feel so challenging to achieve it.

Sounds familiar?

Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Luckily, today we’ll present the 6 best  AI content writing tools to help you release all that pain and improve your creative skills and productivity.

We’ll show you how to use them to create high-quality content that will bring you new leads and sales.

We’ll cover the following tools:

What to Consider When Choosing an AI Content Writing Tool

One of the most exciting things about AI content writing tools is that they can help you write better content in many ways.

They’re doing it by providing you with numerous benefits, such as:

  • They can save you time by allowing you to produce content at scale
  • Helping you create competitive headlines and introductions with a single click
  • Create unique long-form content without spending hours of research 
  • Help you write or rewrite content without grammatical or structural errors
  • Optimize your content for a targeted audience

Despite that, you should be aware since the market offers an extensive list of different AI content writing solutions. 

So how could you possibly know which one to choose?

When considering the right tool for your writing, remember a couple of facts:

1. Make Sure Your AI Content Writing Tool Is Reliable

AI tools should help you write unique content up to 10x faster.

Using the tool to help you write would be pointless if you cannot trust it to create exclusive and unique content.

To avoid getting in trouble by picking the wrong one, it is always wise to check the reviews and experiences of other consumers on the AI tool that you find interesting.

Also, see if the tool has a plagiarism checker to avoid duplicates being part of your content.

2. Ensure It Satisfies Your Needs

AI writing tools are created with the same idea - to help writers create high-quality content faster.

However, not all developed their best features for the same group of writers.

Bloggers will focus on finding AI tool that offers the best solution for long-form content. 

Likewise, marketing and sales industry writers will strive to find the best option for their social media posts, product descriptions, and ads. Some of the tools offer each of these features.

To make sure you pick the best AI content writing tool, check the features they provide your business with.

3. Check If It’s Affordable

It would be great to find a reliable tool that will satisfy your needs for the best possible price. Unfortunately, however, it's not always the case with AI writing tools.

For this reason, comparison analysis is a great way to choose wisely - desired features vs. pricing plan.

This time we did that for you. 

Top 6 AI Content Writing Tools to Create Your Content at Scale

AI tools for content writing are a wise investment if you tend to create articles at scale or improve your creativity by saving time for content creation. 

Nonetheless, what you expect to get vs. what you are willing to pay for is worth investigating. 

This is why we based our selection for these 6 AI content writing tools on the next parameters:

  • Features - what useful features the tool provides you with
  • Experience - how easy and intuitive it is for using
  • Pricing - what packages do the tools offer, and are they overpriced

While researching these AI content writing tools, we noticed that they all have pretty much the same layout.

Our focus was on how you can pay less and get everything you need - decent output that will satisfy your needs, your audience, and your budget and make your writing process easier.

So, if you’re ready, let’s check out the list of the top 6 AI content writing tools.

1. TextCortex - One AI Writing Assistant For All Your Content


Whether you are just starting your career as a content writer or improving your productivity, TextCortex can be a perfect solution for you.

Why use TextCortex?

TextCortex is an AI writing assistant and browser extension that can save you 70% of your resources by creating content within 2000+ platforms online.

And besides that, it helps you save 20+ hours every week.

How does it work?

Using TextCortex’s browser extension, Zeno mode, Zeno Chat, or the app, you can utilize 60+ AI templates to create content.

This includes creating product descriptions, marketing, ad copies, story writings, autocomplete text, cold and support emails, and more.

How to use it?

TextCortex is easy to navigate, modify and create short and long-form content.

Once you download TextCortex Chrome extension, and enter the platform by your wish, all you need to do is drop a 5-word idea about the topic you want to write about.

Then highlight an input, and hit the "Long-form post" button.

You'll get several outputs, so just choose the one that fits you best, and your content is ready.

Pro Advice?

When using TextCortex, keep in mind that it can only read your thoughts and direction of context if it follows a specific pattern.

If the outcome of your content didn’t turn to be as you prefer, you can easily rewrite your content.

Just highlight the sentence or paragraph you want to rephrase, and then click the "Rewrite" button.

Considering the fact that the machine is generating your content, this is pretty awesome because it gives you flexibility in writing style.


TextCortex does not lack any option compared to leading AI writing tools on the market.

Here are some of the features that TextCortex provides and that we find super handy for you:

  • 60+ AI templates - Specifically picked types of content that TextCortex can create for you
  • 25+ Languages - Ability to write your content in different language.
  • Tone changer - create emotional tone of content by your wish.
  • Optimized content - create SEO optimized content based on your input.
  • Zeno mode - Write plagiarism-free content in a single click.

TextCortex is a tool that is growing fast and, at the same time, convincingly keeps competitive prices for all convenient options you can get as a writer. 

Best Feature - You can use Zeno Chat to give commands to your chat and navigate your creation in real-time.


TextCortex comes with 2 pricing options:


Sounds very affordable and convenient, right?

2. Grammarly - AI Writing Tool for Proofreaders and Editors


Grammarly is one of the most familiar AI writing tools so far. 

If you haven’t already used the premium version of Grammarly, did you know that it has a writing assistant? 

People love to use it because it is light and straightforward. It will highlight any mistype or grammar mistakes, offer suggestions, and even tell you about the clarity, engagement, and delivery you are bringing into your content.


Its simplicity and efficiency are the reason why anyone can use it - from students to academic, professional writers. In addition, it is highly convenient for proofreaders and content editors.

Although Grammarly does not have a content creator engine that will research and provide content for you, it is still considered a valuable creative AI writing assistant all over the globe.

One is sure, if you decide to use this option as your #1 article editing software, it will provide you with a stress-free grammar checker of your content.


  • Spelling and grammar suggestion - checks for grammar errors
  • Competitive headlines - recommends ideas for topics you want to write about
  • Tone check - evaluates emotional tone of content
  • Plagiarism check - compares written with the other published content
  • Style editor - evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Content rephrase - suggest sentences or paragraphs based on keywords

Best feature - Absolute #1 for grammar corrections, stylistic suggestions, and content editing.

Greatest Limitation - Business and formal writing style can sometimes affect the concept of the sentence.


Grammarly comes up with the 3 price offers. 

Free plan: $0/month

Premium: $12/month

Business: $12.50/member/month

Free version is very limited to grammar mistakes and word suggestions. 

With the Premium version, you will improve your style, tone, and clarity. You will also get a Plagiarism checker to ensure the content you are creating is original and unique.

The business option includes everything that the Premium version does, including Brand tones, Analytics dashboards, Priority email support, Account roles and permissions, and SAML SSO for accounts with 50+ users.

3. - AI Design Tool

simplified-co-ai-desing-tool-landing-page-website is one of the first fully programmable AI writing assistants.

Apart from SEO optimization and AI writing options, which are absolute assets when choosing an AI content writing tool, users seem to enjoy the simplicity of the UI the most.

It has 30+ different templates that include eCommerce, Social media, Ads, Blogging, Sales & marketing, products and brands, Ai Designer, Emails, videos, and SEO content creation. has organized the templates by the platform you need your content for.  

Moreover, it is very nice because it offers solutions like resizeable template design, video editor, and the ability for multiple content writers to work on the same project at once.

This AI tool generates 3 formats of content:

  • Long-form writer - blog posts and articles related feature
  • Short-form assistant - mainly used for Social media descriptions, ads, and captions
  • AI designer - convenient to create your own videos and images


  • Spelling and grammar suggestion - checks for grammar errors
  • Tone check - evaluates emotional tone of content
  • Plagiarism check - compares written content with the ones that are already online
  • Style editor - evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Content generation - suggest sentences or paragraphs based on keywords
  • SEO optimization - keyword research, content insights, competitor analysis, and data visualization
  • AI Designer - ability to design your videos and images for social media

Best feature - AI designer feature that can help you create brand-related content

Greatest limitation - A limited number of pre-made templates 

Price offers 4 pricing options:


4. Copysmith - AI Marketing Tool


Copysmith is also one of the AI content writing solutions we picked, because it has a simple layout and a fantastic option to organize your work into folders and subfolders.

This is primarily template-based article creation software, and the entire interface is designed to work as a work process.  

An article generator guides you through 3 steps. After choosing a Blog idea, the writing assistant will give you a constructive Blog intro, Blog Outline suggestion, and Blog post body.

One of the coolest features that Copysmith offers is an example for every template on the list. This is how you can have brief insights into the templates if you are unsure which one to use.

You can also add images and choose the language and voice you want your content to contain. 

Even though the interface is not super-fancy and colorful, it generates a pretty lovely output.  

Long-form posts still need to be developed more, such as paragraphs, readability structure of the text, etc. But, the overall experience is that it works pretty nice for newly content writers.


  • Plagiarism check - compares written content with the existing one
  • 60+ Languages - enables you to write your content in different languages
  • 35+ AI templates - preset contents that AI can write for you
  • Tone check - evaluates emotional tone of content
  • Style editor - evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Content generation - suggest sentences or paragraphs based on keywords
  • Third-Party Integrations - enables you to integrate with other software
  • Custom templates - ability to create your own templates
  • Bulk Data Import & Export - copy and import/export data to a data file

Best Feature - The quite nice quality of output for the majority of writing concepts

Greatest Limitation -  Long-form content is still in beta version, so it's still not the best to use it for this purpose.


Unfortunately, this AI content writing tool comes without a free version, but with 3 pricing options for everyone’s budget:


5. Writesonic - GPT-3 AI Writing Assistant Tool


Like most other AI content writing tools, Writesonic’s UI is quite similar to the other AI tools. However, it is quite a simplistic tool that offers solid feedback on any input request.

That leaves us with some compromises and new takes on ideas seen in other places. This creative writing assistant offers basic but robust options for generating titles and content in some sections.

Writesonic offers a variety of templates that you can start from. In addition, it allows you to break down some of your previous content articles into small paragraphs so you can re-use them when needed.

You can re-generate previously created content as many times as you like until you find a suitable form. Then, later on, you will be able to post it or download it.

Interestingly, using it, you can form a fitting and competitive outline from the general description.


  • Spelling and grammar suggestion - checks for grammar errors
  • 25 Languages - write your content in different languages
  • Competitive headlines - recommends ideas for topics you want to write about
  • Tone check - evaluates emotional tone of content
  • Sentence formatting - ensures sentences are formatted properly
  • Content generation - suggest sentences or paragraphs based on keywords
  • AI templates -  preset contents that AI can write for you

Best Feature - Fast and accurate AI-generated content that can be modified as many times as you like on the spot

Greatest Limitation - Lack of options to organize your content better


Writesonic offers a variety of credit-based price offers, including a free trial option.


6. - AI Content Rewriting Tool

copyai-tool-landing-page is our last but very popular AI content writing tool. content writing assistant focuses on rewriting and producing original content. In addition, it has a distraction-free UI that helps you focus better on your content writing.  

In a couple of simple steps, you can generate any kind of content quickly and smoothly. 

Just select the type of content you need, insert a description, and you are all set. After getting your results, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can edit it on the spot.

You can use to write blog posts, product descriptions, social media content, sales copies, and digital ads.

One of the most beneficial aspects of is its ability to repeat many creative options in the process of writing. 

It shows multiple angles and approaches that you can use as an inspiration for the goal of the topic you want to accomplish, which is quite exciting about this tool. 


  • Spelling and grammar suggestions - checks for grammar errors
  • 25+ Languages - write your content in different languages
  • Competitive headlines - recommends ideas for topics you want to write about
  • Tone check - evaluates emotional tone of content
  • Style editor - evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Content generation - suggest sentences or paragraphs based on keywords
  • AI templates -  preset contents that AI can write for you

Best Feature - Nice UI & UX

Greatest Limitation - it can sometimes produce a repetitive outcome, which can be stressful for editing

Pricing has 3 pricing options:


Comparison Table

If you still have difficulties finding your best choice, we have prepared a comparison table with our Top 6 suggestions. It is based on consumer reviews, so it might help you decide which tool is best for you.


Which AI Content Writing Tool to Choose

Even though AI content writing tools develop each day, they can never replace human writing completely. We also know there are times when we cannot call inspiration with a magic stick.

Choosing the right tool is essential for any job. However, it would be best to find your perfect fit to produce the best quality of your work. 

For content writers, even slight detail can make a big difference. So anything that can save you a lot of time for content creation is welcome.

That’s why AI content writing tools can help you with this.

Sometimes it might be hard to create high-quality content. It takes a lot of time, so that’s the reason we created TextCortex - to help you save 70% of time spent on writing.

This tool can be a great supplement to your content writing team, so you can easily automate the whole content production process.

Not only can you create a lot of content, but you can also make a lot of time and money savings. 

It’s time to stop overthinking your content, reduce time spent writing, and instead focus on what’s expressing your products, services and passions the best.

While you focus on business, let your content write itself using TextCortex.

Download the TextCortex Chrome Extension for free and see for yourself how it skyrockets your content production instantly.

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