You are probably thinking about trying WriteSonic because you need a tool to help you create high-quality, original, and grammatically correct copy.

I get you.

It is very helpful to have a tool that will create copies that convert for you, while you turn that energy into something else.

You don’t want to create a couple of sentences, run out of credits for creating new ones, and remain unsure if the features are the ones you need.

You see all of the other alternatives that might work for you because even though they do almost the same thing, they’re so much different.

But what options are worth your time and money?

I prepared a quick overview of WriteSonic and a list of the 7 best WriteSonic alternatives you can use for creating your marketing copy.

We’ll get through the main features, pros, cons, and pricing. That way, you can decide which one is the best fit for you and your business.

Let’s dive right in.

WriteSonic - Overview

WriteSonic is a platform that uses AI to generate blog posts, website content, ad copies, and so on. It is an excellent tool for marketing teams, entrepreneurs, eCommerce stores, and writers.

It uses GPT-3 AI technology to generate high-quality copy in multiple languages. You can use some of its templates to write copies for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads.

You just enter a short description, and the platform will generate the content in seconds.

It has a free version with limited credits and a premium community with unlimited credits and extra features.


✅ Grammar check - You don’t need to worry about proofreading the output. There won’t be spelling or grammar mistakes.

✅ Plagiarism check - You don’t need to worry about plagiarism. The output is 100% original.

✅ Sentence formating - All of the sentences are engaging and straightforward.

✅ It integrates with Facebook Ads, Amazon, LinkedIn, Google Ads, YouTube, and Google Cloud. 

✅Multilingual - You can create content in 25+ languages.

✅UI - Simple, engaging, and interactive interface.

✅Tone checker - Checks if the tone of the text is appropriate.

Why you should look for alternatives:

❌ Limited credits in a free trial - Not enough credits for beginners to test its features properly.

❌ No Chrome extension - No option to create directly in the textbox that fits, so users need to constantly switch between their docs and app, which wastes a lot of time.

❌ No Sentence rephrase - Rephrasing sentences is a good tool when you create a lot of content on a similar topic.

❌ Robotic output - Sometimes, it creates inaccurate, illogical sentences that you can’t use but lose credits.

❌ Limited Templates - Users find it difficult to supply all their content needs due to a lack of templates.

Pricing Plans 

With WriteSonic, you can choose among 3 premium plans:

  • Free Trial - You get 2500 generated words to try out
  • Short-form - You can choose between short-form templates for copy
  • Long-form - You can choose both long and short-form for your content

 You also choose the quality from premium to economic. Every plan has limited words, so by upgrading the quality, you get more words.

Special offer: There is an annual billing discount.


Final Word

WriteSonic is an excellent AI for writing marketing copy that converts. It is a good choice for short forms and writers who don’t write that much because of the credit system.

It can be a handy assistant when you urgently need one. Still, it lacks templates, a chrome extension, and sentence rephrasing.

Let’s look at the alternatives you can use for creating compelling marketing copies for your business.

7 Best WriteSonic Alternatives For Your Marketing Copy

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is a WriteSonic alternative tool that uses the latest use-case models to write up to 3x faster than GPT-3 AI technology. It has numerous templates for both long and short-form content.

You can use TextCortex for creating blog posts, Ad copies, product descriptions, youtube video descriptions, and many more content precisely and according to the latest marketing trends. 

Still, one major bonus is that you can write your content and use the chrome extension to rephrase, shorten or lengthen your sentences.

TextCortex offers you a limited(15 creations) free version and two premium options.


✅ Use-case modules instead of GPT-3 AI -  Use-case modules provide original, non-repetitive, unique, and precise SEO-optimized content.

✅ Multilingual - You can generate content in 72+languages.

✅ Unlimited creations with Premium - Unlimited sentences and creations when you are a premium member.

✅ Offer compelling Chrome Extension - You can paraphrase, shorten and lengthen your existing sentences in any textbox online.

✅ Long-form content  - You can choose the length of your output, and it’s ideal for creating meaningful long-form texts.

Tone checker- Makes sure the text is user-friendly, readable, and engaging for your readers.

✅  Safe - Compared to GPT-3 tools, the output you provide with TextCortex is safe and won't be penalized.


❌ Summarizer and tone changer -  Our Extension currently doesn't provide summarization and tone changer, but it's under construction and is coming soon

One creation - TextCortex doesn’t create numerous low-quality texts but focuses on creating one that is accurate, original, and entertaining. You can use the extend text feature if you want to extend the creation.

TextCortex Free & Premium Plans

  • Free - limited to 10 creations a day
  • Lite - choose your own number of monthly creations to fit in your budget. Lite plans start at $7.99!
  • Unlimited- break free from all limitations, go unlimited.


2. Jasper.AI

Jasper is an online AI copywriting tool that helps marketers and freelance content writers with their copy, descriptions, and blog posts. has an interface that is pretty easy to use, and it can be your assistant when you have writer’s block, or you need to repurpose your existing content.

 You can choose among 50+ templates that will help you in any writing situation, as long as you have credits.


✅ Easy to use- The interface is pretty intuitive, and the whole platform is easy to navigate.

✅ Voice recorder- You can record your voice, and Jarvis.AI corrects the output.

✅ Precise copy- Excellent and precise content for short-form

✅ Templates- Has 50+ writing templates.

✅ Multilingual- Writes in 25+ languages


❌ Long-form content- Not precise when creating longer output and might provide a lot of false information

❌ GPT-3 module- Not accurate enough, repetitive, can be flagged by Google

❌ Credit system- Expensive plans with limited creations

No free option - Just a 3-day trial

No Chrome extension

Pricing Plans

Jarvis offers 3 pricing plans and a 3-day free trial:

  • Starter- Limited words and many features
  • Boss Mode- Limited words but even more features
  • Business -Custom offers for businesses


3. Copy.Ai

Copy.AI is an AI writing tool that uses GPT-3 to create precise and user-friendly output. You can create separate projects and use templates for blogs, emails, product descriptions, etc.

Before it starts creating, you just need to briefly describe what you want the software to write about.

Copy.Ai produces high-quality output and has many features that you can use unlimitedly with a premium account.


✅ Unlimited creations with Premium- You don’t need to worry about the number of sentences you have created.

Precise with short-form- Great for descriptions and ads.

✅ Economic- You get unlimited credits for 35$, which is a good bargain.

✅ Multiple projects- You can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

✅ Many template options- There are many template options for short and long-form writing


❌ Free trial- 10 credits per month

❌ Unsafe GPT 3 module- Google can flag GPT 3 module written texts because it marks them as spam.

❌ Description needed- For some templates, you need to write long descriptions, which can be tedious

UI- Needs improvement to give users an even better experience

No Google extension

Pricing Plans

Copy.AI has three pricing plans:

  • Free- 10 credits a month
  • Pro- Unlimited credits and bonus features
  • Enterprise- Unlimited credits and collaboration feature

Extra offer: Discount for annual billing.


4. Bramework

Bramework is an AI copywriting tool most suitable for writing long-form content. It relies on the GPT-3 model and has excellent rewriting and summarizing tools.

Bramework also has many helpful features for marketers, such as recommending keywords and blog titles.

Plus, it has a wordpress plugin if you want to create content directly in WordPress.


✅ Summarizing tool- You can use this tool to summarize a long text so you know the key points, which is useful if you need to research a topic before writing.

Recommending keywords and blog titles- This is useful if you don’t want to use another software to research keywords or struggle with writing attractive blog titles.

Finds free images- Finds images for your text and creates alt text. It comes in handy when you don’t know where to find free images.

✅ WordPress plugin- If you write directly in Wordpress, a plugin comes in handy because you don’t need to switch platforms, and you can combine it with other plugins.


❌  GPT-3 model-  It is considered unsafe because Google spiders can flag it as “spam”, because of some robotic-sounding sentences.

❌ UI- Needs improvement because users find navigating the platform difficult.

No Chrome extension- You need to switch platforms constantly, which can be boring and a waste of time.

❌ Expensive- The unlimited plan is pretty expensive.

Pricing Plans

Bramework has 4 pricing plans and a 7-day free trial:

  • Basic- limited generated words and 1 user seat
  • Starter- limited generated words but more features and 2 user seats
  • Professional- limited generated words but even more features and 4 user seats
  • Agency- unlimited generated words with 8 user seat



Snazzy AI is an online AI copywriting tool that can be your writing assistant for your everyday tasks. It has many templates for short-form copies, such as ads, descriptions, and taglines.

It can also help you brainstorm ideas for podcasts, YouTube videos, and brand statements.

Snazzy Ai is a good option for eCommerce owners because it writes detailed Amazon listings and product descriptions.


✅ Unlimited credits- Premium members have unlimited credits for their creations.

✅ Desktop app & Chrome Extension- Gives you an option to choose which of these two fits your needs better and don’t waste your time and effort.

✅ Economic- You get the main features with the free version, and the premium version is not that expensive.

✅ Multilingual - Writes in 35+ languages


❌ UI- The interface is clear and simple, but it doesn’t keep the reader constantly informed.

Not enough templates for long-form content-  For example, there are only blog ideas for blog posts. There is no blog outline, introduction, conclusion, etc.

Pricing Plans

Snazzy.Ai has two options:

  • Starter- free with 5 credits per day
  • Growth- premium with unlimited credits.

Exclusive offer: There is an annual discount.



Peppertype is an online AI writing tool that can help you write short-form content 3x faster.  It is a fantastic tool for marketing teams and content creators.

It is excellent for creating social media captions and Facebook ads. As for blog posts,  can help your write interesting introductions, outlines, and conclusions.


Check plagiarism and grammar- You can check if your grammar is ok, and Google will flag you for plagiarism.

You can download your work easily with only one button- You don’t need to copy-paste into other platforms if you want to save your work on your computer.

✅ Rephrases sentences- You can easily rephrase your sentence with one click if you need variations of the same idea.


❌ Limited words for 2 premium memberships- You get a premium membership, but you still need to worry about how many words/sentences you have created.

❌  Unnecessary and false info- Sometimes, the output is false or unrelated to the topic, so you waste time and credits.

Doesn’t provide long-form content-  You can create only short-form content with this tool. Therefore, if you want a blog post, it won’t be useful.

Doesn’t integrate with other software- You can use it simultaneously with other software, which can be time-consuming.

No Google extension- This means you have to switch multiple times from one platform to the other and risk losing some content.

Pricing Plans has three premium versions and a free plan. 

You can generate 100+ copies with a free plan. Here are the premium membership options:

  • Starter plan- 50,000 words available and 1 user seat
  • Growth plan- 50,000 words available and 5 user seats
  • Enterprise plan- unlimited content generation.


7. CopySmith

CopySmith is an online copywriting assistant that can help you deliver high-quality short-form content in seconds.

It is easy to handle, precise, and has lots of templates. It is best for copywrites who work independently or in an agency.

CopySmith can help you with your blog's intro, body, and outline.


✅ Integrated with Google Ads - so you can create copies for campaigns straight in it without wasting time by switching platforms.

✅ Plagiarism check-  Checks if your work has been plagiarized so you avoid being flagged by Google.

✅ Google chrome extension- You can write anywhere you want. You don’t need to log into the platform and then copy-paste, which is time-consuming.


❌ Not multilingual - Only English is available for creating content.

❌ Limited long-form content options- You can’t create a whole blog post, just sections of it.

Credit system- Unlimited only for enterprises, which means you need to count your credits.

UI - not a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, like some other platforms.

Pricing Plans has a 7-day unlimited free trial and three premium plans. Here are the premium plans:

  • Starter- up to 33k words
  • Professional-  up to 160k words
  • Enterprise- unlimited words


Comparison Table

If you are still not sure which writing assistent is the right choice for you, here is our comparison table:

Choose the best WriteSonic alternative for your business.

Choosing the best writing assistant for your content is not easy. 

You need to find a tool that fits your budget and needs. Plus, it needs to be worth your effort to change or not choose WriteSonic.

WriteSonic is an excellent online copywriting tool, but it has some downsides. 

Yet, TexCortex is the best alternative because it uses use-case models to create original and user-friendly content, which won’t be flagged as spam by Google.

Plus, TextCortex offers you to choose between a Google extension or in-app creation, so you can create your content in the textbox you prefer.

The best thing is that you can test all TexCortex features with a free account. 

Plus, you can download it as a chrome extension and use it with other platforms.

Not only that, but TextCortex is a fantastic tool for both long and short-form content. It can help you with:

  • Creating compelling product descriptions
  • Creating ads for your campaigns
  • Making blog posts for your business’s website
  • Writing emails to your clients or people you don’t know
  • Etc.

Here is TextCortex in action:

How can you know it is high-quality writing?

TextCortex uses Use-case modules instead of GPT-3 AI, which is:

  • More reliable- Many GPT-3 Al content writing tools get flagged and taken down because Google flags them. That means you get used to a writing assistant, it gets taken down, and you need to adjust to a new alternative.
  • More precise - Use-Case modules focus on creating patterns based on the context and the keywords you have entered. GPT-3 can create many unrelated, illogical, or even false information because it reuses content.
  • More human-like - Use-case modules create new information based on your description and keywords, so you won’t create recycled, false information that is irrelevant to your topic.

TextCortex will save up to 70% of your writing time by creating 10x more content that you did manually. So, don’t waste time. Start using it for free and create copies that convert at scale.