Have you heard that the average buyer receives 140 emails per day, of which only 20% are opened, and only 2% are followed to a website?

Yes, it is a quite competitive arena. Even so, a 94% open rate is possible with an interest-based email marketing strategy.

Furthermore, according to yet another set of numbers, a potential customer must "hear" an advertisement at least 7x before taking any sort of action, such as making a purchase.

The only outstanding issue is figuring out how to develop an efficient email strategy to make this a reality.

Today, we'll teach you how to create an effective email sales pitch that communicates your solutions and propositions.

Furthermore, we'll list some tried-and-true sales pitch email templates that you can instantly implement for your next email campaign.

Let's start!

What Is An Email Sales Pitch?

An email sales pitch is a brief, client-focused presentation of your service, product, or solution sent in email form

And an effective email sales pitch is concise and carefully personalized for the reader.

Its primary goal is to provide all the information the recipient needs to purchase or agree to a meeting.

Email sales pitch recognizes the customer's pain points and then presents the best market proposition (your products) as the most trustworthy solutions that solves them.

However, the real goal of this type of email is to be something other than salesy.

Is that even possible?

Yes, you can craft email sales pitch even without being overly promotional.

The objective here is to get readers to think about your offer rather than force them to buy or subscribe.

Now, let's discuss the essential elements of an effective sales pitch that will evoke the responses you pursue.

Vital Elements Of A Good Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is responsible for establishing a connection with your potential customers. You must get their attention and pique their curiosity before offering a hard sell and a solution.

A well-thought-out solid sales pitch is one that:

And, a successful sales pitch consists of 7 vital elements, such as:

  1. Do your research - Build authority on the subject by researching your clients' problems.
  2. Issue Vs. Solution - Retaining clients by recognizing their pain points and offering solutions.
  3. Intrigue with arguments - Specify the characteristics that set your product apart from the competition.
  4. Create an urgency - Influence "fear of missing out" by providing a limited offer. 
  5. Increase its worth - Offer gifts through free trials on the premium plan, downloadable e-books, discounts, etc.
  6. Highlight the benefits - Focus on the perks that your clients will get from your solution.
  7. Follow up - Keep the connection going by consistently giving your consumers new information, offers, and bargains.

Now that you know what makes a good sales pitch, let's put into practice the ideas we discussed, which are the backbone of every convincing presentation.

5 Sales Pitch Email Templates To Use In 2023

1. Generating Calls With Luxury Brands

As the luxury market continues to grow, more and more businesses are seeking ways to tap into this lucrative market. 

However, getting your foot in the door with luxury brands can be difficult.

One way to increase your chances of success is to create a well-crafted business proposal specifically tailored to luxury brands. 

In order to stand out, your proposal must be both professional and creative. 

It should highlight your company's unique selling points and demonstrate how you can provide value to a luxury brand.

Let’s check email templates that can help you with that.

Email Template For Step #1


Email Template For Step #2


2. Strategy For Lead Generation Agencies

If you're looking to collaborate with a lead generation agency, there are a few things you should keep in mind when reaching out via email. 

First, make sure to introduce yourself and your company in a professional manner. Next, explain what you're looking for in a partner and why you think the agency would be a good fit. 

Finally, you can include some information about your budget and timeline so that the agency can get an idea of your needs. 

By following these tips, you'll be sure to get the best possible response from any lead generation agency.

Here are some examples to get started.

Email Template For Step #1

Email Template For Step #2

Email Template For Step #3

3. Find New Business Partners

Emailing potential business partners can be a great way to find new opportunities. Here are a few tips to make the most of your emailing efforts:

1. Keep your message short and to the point — Potential partners are busy people, so get straight to the point in your email.

2. Use a professional-looking email signature with your contact information — This will help give your email a more polished look.

3. Use personalization wherever possible — Addressing potential partners by name shows that you have taken the time to learn about them and want to specifically connect with them. This is what you do if you want to get to know someone better, and it’s a great way to build a relationship with potential partners.

Now, let’s see in the example how to start crafting such emails.

Email Template For Step #1

Email Template For Step #2

Email Template For Step #3

4. Promote Your Marketing Services

If you provide marketing services, there's a good chance you have an email list. And if you have an email list, you should be promoting your services to it!

There are a few different ways to go about this. 

You can either send out a general email blast to your entire list, or you can segment your list and only send the promotion to those who would be interested in it.

A third option is to use our email examples for promoting your marketing services. Let’s check them out.

Email Template For Step #1

Email Template For Step #2

Email Template For Step #3

5. Personalized Sales Follow-Up

Sales representatives know the importance of following up with their clients after a meeting. 

But with so many people to keep track of, it can be difficult to personalize each follow-up. 

Here an excellent example of a personalized sales follow-up email:

However, this is not the end of templates that you can use to write an effective email sales pitch.

To find out more, check our free ebook with 30 Cold outreach templates.

And, as a bonus tip, we’ll now show you alternative ways of crafting engaging emails with assistance of an AI-powered rewriting add-on called TextCortex.

Write An Effective Email Sales Pitch With TextCortex

If you're someone who has to write a lot of emails on a daily basis, you know how much of a drag it can be. Especially if you have to do it manually.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are utilizing AI-powered writing solutions as part of their writing strategy. This can help take some of the burden off of your shoulders by automating the email writing process.

There are a number of different AI-powered email writing solutions on the market, so be sure to do your research to find one that best suits your needs. 

But, if you're looking for a way to make the email writing process easier and less time-consuming, TextCortex Chrome add-on is worth considering.

What is TextCortex?

TextCortex is an AI-powered writing solution that can help you edit, write and rewrite any type of content. 

It utilizes an extensive base of use-cases, complex algorithms and machine learning to understand the context of your sentences. 

As a result, TextCortex provides unique and consistently high-quality of requested output form. 

How Can TextCortex Help With Writing Email Sales Pitch?

The TextCortex rewriting add-on is an easy-to-use tool that doesn't demand much from its user.

To create an email with extension, you need to outline the main points you want to cover using bullet points.

After selecting them, use the 'Bullet to email' option from the rewriting menu that appears below the highlighted text.

In a couple of seconds, TextCortex will provide you with a number of alternative versions of your email.

You can either copy and paste the suggested variant by hand, or you can apply it directly in your textbox with a single click.

The good part of TextCortex is that it enables you to re-generate email outputs as many times as you need. 

In addition, it offers a lot of flexibility for additional tweaking of original text and creative writing with options such as:

  • Rewriting — Paraphrase your content without changing its original meaning.

  • Expand — Extend the length of original text for more information.

  • Tone — Change the voice of the original text using 10+ tones of voice.

What’s more, the TextCortex's rewriting add-on also comes with an analyzer for the readability score and 60+ different AI templates, separated into different categories:

✍General templates —Rewriting, tone changing, summarizing, question answering, etc.

✍Email templates — AI-generate different types of emails.

✍Ads and marketing tools — Create Ad copies for Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

✍Social media templates — Get instant Social media posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

✍Website copy templates — Write copies for your blog, website and landing pages.

✍eCommerce templates — Craft compelling product descriptions, titles and more.

Ready to start with effortless and creative writing?

Download the TextCortex add-on to instantly create high-quality emails for your sales pitch that guarantee high response rates.