One of the most common obstacles students face when writing essays is to meet the assigned word count. 

And there will probably be (more often than not) times when you find yourself in precisely such a situation, despite your best efforts.

An essay extender is a great way to add new words, phrases, or even entire sentences to your piece, allowing you to write more efficiently while covering more ground.

In today's article, we'll examine some of the best free essay extenders available online that can help you boost your word count while maintaining the quality of your writing.

Let’s roll the dice!

What are Essay Extenders?

Tools and software called "essay extenders" allow authors to add more words to their research papers.

The tools function by recommending additional words, phrases, and sentences that can be inserted into the text to either increase the word count or broaden the scope of the essay.

Benefits of Using Essay Extenders

While the use of essay extenders may raise some ethical concerns, there are several benefits to using them:

✔️ Save writing time — Writers can quickly generate new content using an extender instead of spending hours brainstorming new ideas and arguments.

✔️ Avoiding repetition — Essay extenders help writers add substance without repeating the same points by suggesting new ideas and arguments.

✔️ Improving structure and coherence — They help writers organize their ideas and write logically by suggesting new arguments or supporting evidence.

✔️ Meeting word count requirements — They can meet the word count without sacrificing quality by adding more content to their essays.

Now, let's address some concerns that are related to the essay extender usage.

Things to Consider Before Utilizing Essay Extenders

Although essay extenders are helpful tools, there are some precautions you should take before using one. 

Here are some of the most important ones:

Purpose — An essay extender tool shouldn't be used without first establishing the goal of the assignment. For instance, the quality of the work may suffer if an extender tool is used in an effort to communicate intricate ideas, arguments, or research.

Plagiarism — Essay extenders are a great way to make your paper longer, but be careful to avoid plagiarism by using only original, properly cited material.

Quality — When extending your piece, it is vital to maintain quality. 

If you add text to your content, make sure it makes sense, is relevant, and has value.

Editing — The extended essay must be reviewed and edited to ensure coherence and a smooth reading experience.

You should still check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ethical considerations — Most importantly, essay extenders should be used ethically, with proper citation and attribution.

6 Best Free Essay Extenders To Consider

1. Zeno ChatGPT Add-On

In terms of functionality, including text extenders, Zeno ChatGPT from TextCortex is our top pick.

This software is a convenient writing assistant because it can comprehend the context of user requests and produce high-quality results.

In addition to its text-expanding capabilities, conversational AI, and 60+ AI templates, Zeno ChatGPT also provides rewriting tools with 10 paraphrasing features.

Furthermore, it has a readability checker for content performance feedback and a text-to-speech function for those with reading disabilities and people who have difficulty proofreading.

Zeno ChatGPT is available as a web app and a Chrome extension and it is compatible with 2000+ most popular online platforms.

How to Use It?

Zeno ChatGPT offers you 4 different functions to extend your essay. I will go briefly through all options.

1. Expander Feature

The Expander feature can help you add words and phrases to the original content to extend the word count in your essay.

Simply highlight your paragraph and choose the “Expand” option from the Rewriter menu.

2. Autocomplete Feature

Another option for extending your essay is to choose the feature called “Autocomplete” from the Rewriting menu. 

This feature can predict the context of your first draft and complete it by adding whole sentences and paragraphs.

3. Zeno Mode

Option 3 includes the Zeno Mode function, which can also predict the context of the provided text to produce the most appropriate output.

Under the Rewriting menu, select "Zeno mode" to expand the text.

4. Zeno Chat

The last resort for extending your essay is the interactive Zeno Chat feature.

To use this function, install and launch the extension from the creator suite.

Start by typing in prompts such as "Extend this text" or "Add information to the following paragraph."

Who is It Best For?

Individuals, businesses, researchers, and developers can all benefit from Zeno ChatGPT's ability to generate natural-sound responses.

It is especially beneficial for people who need to automate customer service, content creation, or language translation, among other functions.

2. EduBirdie

EduBirdie is a website where students can order custom-written essays, research papers, dissertations, and other academic content.

The website is a conduit between students needing academic writing assistance and qualified freelance writers.

However, EduBirdie also offers free essay writing tools such as:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Citation generator
  • Conclusion generator
  • Thesis generator
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Topic Generator
  • Words to Minutes converter
  • Words to Pages converter
  • Word Counter
  • Alphabetizer
  • Case converter
  • GPA calculator
  • Title Page Generator 
  • Writing Prompt Generator
  • Essay Rewriter

In addition to providing free essay customization, EduBirdie also lets users pay for premium services when they need expert help.

How to Use It?

To use EduBirdie, navigate to the Free Essay Writing Tools. From there, you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

For instance, when using free online summarizer, you need to:

✔️ Copy paragraphs you want to summarize

✔️ Paste the text into the designated box

✔️ Click on the "Summarize" button

Who is It Best For?

EduBirdie is an excellent resource for students who are struggling to complete their writing assignments.

3. EssayAIBot

EssayBot is a web-based application that employs AI technology to facilitate essay content creation.

Its goal is to help students quickly and easily produce high-quality essays using pre-written templates and artificial intelligence algorithms.

After entering a topic or subject, EssayBot will spit out a fully-formed paragraph to give you an easy start.

The tool uses various sources to create its content, including academic journals, websites, and other online resources.

By doing so, you can manage the content creation process and use the references of your choice to make your essay longer.

Students also can use the EssayBot suite for editing and proofreading to polish their work further.

How to Use It?

To start using EssayBot, you first need to enter a topic of your essay.

After that, EssayBot will give you two samples from which you can draw further inspiration or decide to start from scratch.

Once you continue on the next page, you will find yourself in the editor canvas where you can:

  • Tweak content manually
  • Search more on given topic
  • Insert more paragraphs
  • Find sources and citation
  • Change the title
  • Check plagiarism
  • Check grammar
  • Format your text and add visuals
  • Save & download your piece

Who is It Best For?

EssayBot can help students with generating content, brainstorming ideas, and proofreading.

However, you should still use it ethically and not rely solely on it to generate original, high-quality essays.

4. Text Inflator by Egansoft 

The online tool Text Inflator by Egansoft allows users to add words and sentences to their writing to make it longer.

If you find it challenging to meet word count requirements or simply want to expand your writing without diminishing its quality, this tool can be a quick and easy solution.

The unique algorithm behind Text Inflator examines the text at hand and suggests new phrases, clauses, and sentences to be inserted.

The tool also allows users to tweak various settings, such as the desired word count and inflation percentage.

How to Use It?

The Text Inflator tends to pad sentences with extra adjectives and verbs, substitute longer words for shorter ones, and recycle phrases and clauses.

Paragraphs with no grammatical or spelling errors will produce the best results.

To use Text Inflator, paste your text to get:

  • Current word count
  • Predicted word count
  • Desperation percentage (increases predicted word count)

Once you customize your settings, then hit the “Inflate” button to get an extended version of original text.

Who is It Best For?

Writers and students who have trouble getting started can benefit greatly from using Egansoft's Text Inflator.

As a disclaimer, however, Egansoft says that you shouldn't use their product on a formal, graded assignment because they won't be held liable for any unfavorable feedback you receive.

5. Writemyessays

Writemyessays is primarily an online service that helps students write projects like essays, research papers, term papers, and other academic assignments.

The website serves as a conduit between students needing academic writing assistance and qualified freelance writers specializing in various subjects.

However, we've included Writemyessay on this list because they offer a free Essay Extender that you can use to significantly increase the word count of your paper to meet your deadlines quickly.

In addition, it can brainstorm fresh ideas on how to expand your content and the writing styles that suit your task and personal preferences.

As a result, Essay Extender by Writemyessay is a fantastic tool for learning how to edit content and hone your writing skills.

How to Use It?

To use this easy but effective Essay Extender tool, follow these steps:

  • Copy and paste your text in the box.
  • Please specify the required length.
  • To continue, hit the "Extend" key.

The tool will provide you with several fresh ideas on how to extend your piece. 

But, of course,  it is up to you to check the final draft and make any necessary changes.

Who is It Best For?

Essay Extender by Writemyessay helps students who need ideas for expanding their content to meet the required length of content.

6. Rephraser

The Word Expander on Rephraser is an online tool that can help writers increase their vocabulary and produce better work.

The tool analyzes the user-entered text and recommends alternative words, phrases, and synonyms for the user to consider using in place of the original text.

The tool's suggestions encourage the writer to avoid repeatedly using the exact words or phrases, making for more exciting and effective writing.

Users can also select the tool's suggestion depth and the number of displayed options.

Writing tools like Word Expander can be helpful, but authors still need to use the suggested words and phrases correctly and ensure they are clear and easy to understand.

How to Use It?

To use Word Expander by Rephraser, make sure to:

  • Paste your text into the box.
  • Select the amount of words.
  • Click "Wow Me".

The extensor looks for short sentences that could be longer and one-word expressions that could be expanded.

You also have the option to select the length of the introduction and extract keywords.

Who is It Best For?

Word Expander is suitable for both students and writers.

Let’s Recap

Writing an essay can be daunting, especially when you're struggling to meet the required word count. 

However, with the help of essay extenders, you can quickly boost your writing and make your essay more compelling

The 6 essay extenders mentioned in this article are all excellent tools that can help you overcome writer's block, expand your ideas, and enhance the overall quality of your writing. 

However, you should look for more sophisticated solutions, such as the TextCortex Zeno ChatGPT, to produce a winning essay that will bring you top marks.

Benefits of Using Zeno ChatGPT Add-on

We’ll not try to convince you how good our tool actually is. 

Instead, we want to encourage you to consider the following advantages that are reported by our existing users:

👍 It supports 10 different paraphrasing techniques such as rewrite, change the tone, summarize, expand, translate, long-form post, etc.

👍 It offers a conversational AI model for generating any content form you need.

👍 It has 60+ AI templates for producing keyword-oriented copies.

👍 It has a freemium plan with 10 free daily creations.

👍 It is supported by 2000+ most popular online platforms.

👍 It is capable of speeding up your content creation up to 10x.

Tempting enough?

Claim your freemium account to discover the more exciting and productive side of writing.