7 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Should Try 

Are you ready to enhance your ChatGPT conversations and make them more engaging and personalized?

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Chatbots have become useful tools for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience on a more human level in recent years. 

OpenAI's ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art chatbot that uses a large language model to simulate human conversation in response to various questions.


However, navigating to ChatGPT can be time-consuming if you have multiple tabs open or applications to switch between. 

Google Chrome Extensions can help with that. 

This article will explore the top 7 ChatGPT Chrome extensions that can help you improve productivity and ease of use when working with ChatGPT. 

Let’s go!


  • Zeno ChatGPT offers rewriting tools, conversational AI generation, and more than 60 AI templates across 2000+ online platforms.
  • ChatGPT for Google integrates ChatGPT into Google Search.
  • The ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension lets you compose emails and messages with ChatGPT AI.
  • Web ChatGPT can improve search results.
  • Summarize, ChatGPT Chrome extension summarizes articles and text instantly using AI.
  • Promptheus lets you create prompts with your voice.
  • TweetGPT for Chrome lets you write tweets using ChatGPT.

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Consider In 2024

1. Zeno ChatGPT


The TextCortex Zeno ChatGPT is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions because it has everything a writer could want in a text editor.

It's made to give you suggestions on how to make your content feel more genuine, and it supports you throughout the entire writing process.

Velox, Aexus, Alta, GPT 3.5, GPT-4, and Sophos are just some of the 6 models on which TextCortex AI is based.

It can help with various writing styles, offer conversational outputs, and enable you to use one of 60 AI templates for specific needs across 2000+ online platforms.

Furthermore, it can generate and translate text in 25+ different languages.

The TextCortex Chrome Add-on is a fantastic tool for writers, entrepreneurs, marketers, programmers, and students.

Zeno ChatGPT Features

The Zeno ChatGPT consolidates three useful functions into a single interface:

1. Toolbar

Some of the most used paraphrasing features, such as rewriting, expanding, translating, tone changing, summarizing, and text-to-speech, are conveniently located on the rewriting Toolbar. 

Any time you select text inside of a text box, the menu will pop up automatically.

2. Zeno Chat

Zeno Chat is a conversational AI that can write about any topic you want. 

All that's required is that you craft a command that is concrete and easy to understand. Experiment with instructions such as:

  • "write a confident email about [topic]" 
  • "generate ideas about [topic]" 
  • "write a romantic letter"

3. Use Cases

To help you get started with a clean slate, a Creation Studio offers 60+ well-organized templates that you can use right away.

If you're having trouble locating the specific template you need, try one of our new categories:

🖋️ General & Daily Writing – Paraphrase, simplify, tone changer, summarize, expand, stories, autocomplete, etc.

📚 Academic Life – Pros and cons, questions from paragraph, bullet point answers, etc.

✉️ Email Writing – General email, bullet to email, cold email, customer support email, etc.

💰 E-CommerceProduct description and product description with features

📑 Blogging – Blog ideas, blog intros, blog outlines, paragraph writer, conclusion writer, etc.

📹 Youtube & Social MediaYouTube intros, YouTube hooks, Instagram caption, Tweet generator, TikTok video script, Linkedin post, etc.

📊 Ads & MarketingFacebook ads, Linkedin ads, Google ad descriptions, Ads tagline, Ads copy & more

📈 Business – Company vision, personal bios, short press release, feature to benefit & more

✏️ Website Copy – Landing page headlines, meta tags, call-to-action

New update also includes:

✔️A readability checker – Provides feedback on the overall quality of your writing and statistics such as word count, reading time, and character count.

✔️Text-to-speech feature – Helps those with low vision or reading difficulties to have a better writing experience in general.


Zeno ChatGPT, developed by TextCortex, features a freemium tier that provides you with 10 free creations per day in addition to a fantastic gamified rewards system.

There are also two premium plans available, starting from $5.59 a month.

2. ChatGPT for Google


ChatGPT for Google is a Chrome extension that adds ChatGPT's functionality to the Google Search. 

ChatGPT's response is integrated with standard search engine results for a unified user experience.

In addition to Google and Bing, ChatGPT for Google also works with DuckDuckGo and a few other search engines.

Furthermore, ChatGPT also allows you to initiate a chat immediately after receiving a response.

To use this Chrome extension, you must first sign up for a ChatGPT account. Chat.openai.com allows users to sign up for an account at no cost.


  • Initiate chat with ChatGPT within Google
  • Official GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-3 are supported
  • Supports ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4 (requires manual enablement)
  • Markdown rendering
  • Code highlights
  • Dark mode
  • Feedback to improve ChatGPT
  • Custom trigger mode
  • Copy to clipboard


ChatGPT for Google is a free Chrome extension.

3. ChatGPT Writer


The ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension is third on our list because it allows you to use ChatGPT AI to compose emails and messages.

It's compatible with every platform and has enhanced Gmail support.

ChatGPT Writer also supports all major languages for output.

All you need to do is to specify the language in the required field such as ”send an internship email in german language”.

ChatGPT Writer extension doesn’t store your correspondence on their servers, and uses email or message context only to formulate a reply.

In addition, ChatGPT Writer respects your privacy by not utilizing any external cookies, trackers, etc.


  • Provides a high-quality responses
  • Compatible with Chrome, Brave, and Edge
  • Works on all sites
  • Works with Gmail
  • All languages are supported


ChatGPT Writer is a free Chrome ChatGPT extension.

4. WebChatGPT


This ChatGPT Chrome extension, called Web ChatGPT, can help you get more relevant and up-to-date query results.

You can use it to improve the usefulness of your ChatGPT prompts by integrating relevant web results into the application's prompts.

It is a serverless extension that has no backend server, data collection, or analytics.

To use it, you first need to retrieve the text of a webpage from any URL and combine it with templates for prompts.

Then, utilize ddg bangs to obtain search results from thousands of websites.

However, the extension can only support web searches conducted with the DuckDuckGo search engine. 

To get search results from thousands of other websites, you can use the bangs function on DuckDuckGo, such as:

  • "!pm" to search on PubMed
  • "!gsc" to search on Google Scholar


  • Find answers to your questions on the web
  • Get the text of a webpage from any URL
  • Add and use templates for prompts
  • Use ddg bangs to search thousands of websites at once


Web ChatGPT is a free Chrome extension.

5. Summarize


ChatGPT Chrome extension Summarize is an AI-powered assistant that allows you to summarize articles and text instantly

It has been fine-tuned to produce summaries of the highest quality and breadth, aiding in rapid reading and lasting retention of information.

Summarize Chat GPT is convenient for reading news, articles, blogs, or research reports.

It's a handy tool for quickly skimming through content and extracting the essential points.


  • Summarize any article using OpenAI's ChatGPT
  • Get through all your open tabs faster
  • Stay up-to-date with everything your relevant content


Chat GPT Chrome extension Summarize is a free add-on.

6. Promptheus

Number #6 on our best ChatGPT Chrome extension is Promptheus, because it allows you to use your voice to create prompts for ChatGPT.

By using the spacebar you can trigger conversations with ChatGPT, instead of typing. 

This makes it possible for you to complete tasks more quickly because it takes the speed of your keyboard out of the equation.


  • Enables you to use spacebar to talk to ChatGPT (deselect the text input first)
  • Offers you to customize your language preferences
  • It works best with Chrome


Promptheus is a free ChatGPT Chrome extension

7. TweetGPT


You can use ChatGPT to write your tweets with the help of the Chrome extension TweetGPT.

It uses ChatGPT's API to generate unique tweets that appeal to your audience.

TweetGPT allows you to create the prompts by selecting the topic, language, and emotional tone you want.

Additionally, it's handy for generating thoughtful and exciting tweet replies that can help you keep up with lively conversations.


  • Leverages power of ChatGPT API
  • Generates engaging Twitter posts
  • Can create customized tweet replies


TweetGPT is a free Chrome extension.

Which ChatGPT Chrome Extension is Right For You?

Whether you are a business owner trying to boost customer engagement, or a student looking for a study buddy, utilizing these Chrome extensions will maximize your time conversing with the platform.

However, you should choose the one that works best for your writing and research needs.

Since it is well known that ChatGPT offers a quite interesting but limited user experience, I have found many of these add-ons to be quite useful.

That is to say, the same output format applies to a wide range of inputs.

To that end, we suggest Zeno ChatGPT if you need a more advanced solution that allows for customization, high-quality output, and "out-of-the-box" results.


Zeno ChatGPT extension enables you to:

🚀 Write 10x faster on 2000+ platforms 

✒️ Bring conversational AI assistance anywhere you need it

💡 Use powerful, concise language to convey your ideas.

✍️ Translate your content into 25+ languages

🎁 Our Free plan will give you 10 free creations every day - no credit card required.

💯 Refer friends to earn extra free daily creations.

Are you ready to stop overthinking your word choice?

Sign up today to learn how Zeno ChatGPT can enhance your writing style and provide more personalized outputs with the most powerful AI models.